September 01, 2019

“Our country cannot be bought,” Trump's offer to buy Greenland “pretty rude”

Jessica SwietoniowskiRebel Correspondent

Donald Trump offered to buy the island of Greenland from Denmark, but it may not be a popular option on the streets of Nuuk.

To see more from Greenland, and to help support the modest cost of this trip, please check out!

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commented 2019-09-03 07:41:56 -0400
Maybe Trump should offer to buy Canada given that Trudeau and Butts are selling our country out to the Globalist United Nations.
commented 2019-09-03 02:24:32 -0400
I love how lefties are fine with being FOR SALE!
commented 2019-09-03 02:23:46 -0400
John Wick the US is booming while Canada is stagnant but you are too blind to understand that.
commented 2019-09-03 02:23:04 -0400
John Wick my tax money gets flushed constantly by the Libs handing out to the DYING LYING media.
commented 2019-09-03 02:22:11 -0400
John Wick you’re jealous of the Rebel like the other lefties. The Rebel actually reports on REALITY while your lying paid off media does not. But you probably cannot handle reality very well anyway so keep on attacking. How about you show me the massive media reports on the latest shooting, or did they stop for a specific reason and now want to ignore it? Alas you will be too ignorant to understand why. Now go be a good mindless drone.
commented 2019-09-02 13:11:21 -0400

Yes, I am jealous that I didn’t also flush my money down the toilet by donating to bullshit like this at The Rebel like you do. You certainly know how to spend your money wisely.
commented 2019-09-02 03:40:11 -0400
Hey the Media that John Wick thinks is better is not reporting much on the most recent shooting. I wonder why they stopped???
commented 2019-09-02 03:18:07 -0400
John Wick yeah the Rebel should only report on Trump like the MSM so they can ignore Justins crimes and gaffes.
commented 2019-09-02 03:13:57 -0400
commented 2019-09-02 02:51:29 -0400
John Wick go cover Justins socks that is cutting edge. LMAO!
commented 2019-09-02 02:50:22 -0400
Meanwhile Justin sells Canada to China and the left wing commenters are criticizing Trump.
commented 2019-09-02 00:34:05 -0400
Wait a minute all.. maybe there is a climate emergency and…and.. Sean…. and… and.. Kyle.. and climate Barbie… like need to take a trip on Trudeau’s magical mystery space craft that doesn’t spew out bad air… What do you say Johnny peoplekind?
commented 2019-09-01 23:38:22 -0400
Sean Penson is on a quota system.Multiple anal comments earns him/her extra peanuts….
Look…!!! Kyle James crawled out from under his rock to join his three clones and prove that consuming oxygen is definitely not an indication of IQ being present.
commented 2019-09-01 23:29:27 -0400
Sean Penson said, Had Ezra been more moderate, he would have a much bigger audience.
Sean, do you mean if Ezra said nice things about Trudeau, he would get a Government check like the MSM?
commented 2019-09-01 23:20:09 -0400
To donate to Jessica’s vacation, go to!
commented 2019-09-01 23:11:09 -0400
Well….this is unusual….The Three Stooges have all shown up on the same thread.Only Kyle James is missing……
commented 2019-09-01 22:50:41 -0400
With Trolls like this who needs Traitors.
commented 2019-09-01 22:33:05 -0400
What a waste of money to cover this idiocy from Trump. It’s good knowing that those who donate to The Rebel are paying for bullshit like this.
commented 2019-09-01 22:18:35 -0400
President Trump mentioned Greenland for a reason… Remember.. President Trump does not telegraph his/the USA’s next play. That’s why he’s a great Leader of a great Nation.

Canada could be a great Nation.. if only we had a great Leader. October can’t come soon enough!
commented 2019-09-01 21:03:50 -0400
Andrew Stephenson,

It wouldn’t surprise me if the whole issue was an accidental Trump tweet that Rebel Media is glomming onto.

This weird Greenland issue, Tommy Robinson, Islamiphobia, rabid anti-Trudeauism, and a staunch Alberta petrochemical industry is what the Rebel stands for.

Had Ezra been more moderate, he would have a much bigger audience
commented 2019-09-01 20:45:00 -0400
SEAN PENSON commented 1 hour ago
How many Levant fans are going to contribute to fund this waste of an issue? 😂

Two journalists, and they send one off on the most frivolous investigative reporting trip I’ve seen in a while. She hasn’t even found anything you could’t get by reading Wikipedia.

I’m still waiting for someone to realize that Trump actually meant some golf course with a name like “Green Hill” or something, and confused his words as he’s been doing lately. Covfefe!
commented 2019-09-01 20:30:23 -0400
Sean Penson:
I would contribute to ship you to…..say…..Pluto….or beyond.
commented 2019-09-01 20:13:58 -0400
How many Levant fans are going to contribute to fund this waste of an issue? 😂