July 27, 2015

Guardian article on Christian persecution lists Israel among major perpetrators

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The Guardian has not one but two articles on Christian persecution: Christians under pressure: from bigotry at school to imprisonment and murder and Dying for Christianity: millions at risk amid rise in persecution across the globe.

It’s odd for the Guardian to discuss Christianity in anything near a favourable light, but if they can slag Israel while doing so it must make sense to them. Israel has issues with the Price Tag movement which has been responsible for a series of arson attacks and other acts of vandalism on Christian churches and Mosques.  

However the level of activity of what is the lunatic fringe in no way approaches in scale the routine of rape, murder and pillage perpetrated in Muslim nations or the persecution rampant in the Socialist Paradise’ of North Korea & China. Israel’s inclusion in this piece can only be described as malevolently gratuitous.

Hell I have an issue with the Price Taggers, I bought one of their sweatshirts at an event I attended in Jerusalem. What cheap crap! Shrank so bad I had to give it to my wife.

As always the Guardian’s commenters can be relied upon to keep up their usual anti-Christian vitriol:

HelenWilsonMK – “Seems to me Christianity needs to accept the genocides its committed against other faith communities (and those with none) along with those with Pagan spiritualities and the genocide/crimes in the name a Christ against indigenous peoples across the globe. Only yesterday Christian groups in America issued death threats and warnings of blowing up a temple in Detroit!”

I believe this is the Detroit “temple” she’s referring to.


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commented 2015-07-28 14:30:25 -0400
Yes, it is funny coming from a nation that has a pastime of anti-Semitism. I mean British officers and deserters fought WITH the Jordanians against Israel. The diplomatic crowd in the UK has consistently chastised Israel. They can’t even use the word “Muslim” in their press, but instead use the useless tag “Asian”.