December 05, 2015

Gun registry or not? What the Throne Speech said (or didn’t say) about gun ownership

Brian LilleyArchive

During the election, the Liberals promised to take action to get handguns and assault weapons off the street. 

That promise sort of made it into the Throne Speech though the reference was vague and didn’t seem to mean much.

We know from Quebec’s Interim Public Security Minister Pierre Moreau, that there will be a gun registry in Quebec but nothing from the federal Liberals about a federal gun registry.

They did talk about handguns and assault rifles but rational people understand that when crimes are committed with these types of weapons, they’re usually committed by criminals who don’t register their weapons.

So what did the Throne Speech tell us about law-abiding gun owners who use those types of guns for perfectly legal past-times?

The short answer is, nothing, because the Liberals still haven’t told us.

We’ll continue to cover this issue, taking care to use proper terminology. We’ll keep searching for clarity from the Liberals and report back to you. And we’ll do it without the anti-gun bias you get from the media party.


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commented 2015-12-05 18:01:59 -0500
I wonder where all the Somalian Muslim criminals get their 9mm handguns ?
commented 2015-12-05 18:01:47 -0500
“A disarmed populace is an obedient populace.”
“The takeover of any country has to be preceded by disarming the general public. In order to do that, the location of all legally acquired and legally owned guns have to be known. That requires total registration of all firearms.
After the location and number of legally acquired and legally owned guns is known, they can be confiscated. With a disarmed citizenry, the only ones with guns will be the police, the government, the military and the criminals who can do what they wish with the population. Ask the citizens of the former Soviet Union, the citizens of China, the citizens of the Cambodians under Pol-Pot, the Kosovars under the Serbs if being disarmed saved them from tyranny.”

“People say, “It can’t happen in this day and age.” “We don’t need guns.” “Our government would never resort to tyranny against the people.” I submit it can happen in this day and age. How do you think Hitler, Stalin, Pol-Pot, Mao and other dictators took control of their countries? They were leaders without character and without morals who disarmed the citizenry guaranteeing practically no opposition. The rest is history."