February 23, 2019

Halifax cartoonist caves to outrage mob over “edgy” Wilson-Raybould sketch

David MenziesMission Specialist

As the SNC-Lavalin saga continues to take more twists and turns than a pretzel, an interesting sidebar story has developed regarding an editorial cartoon of ex-Justice Minister Jody Wilson Raybould penned by Halifax cartoonist, Michael De Adder.

The cartoon depicts Wilson-Raybould and Justin Trudeau on opposite sides of a boxing ring. In his corner Trudeau is being advised by someone, who appears to be Gerald Butts, to “keep beating her up, solicitor-client privilege has tied her hands.”

Wilson-Raybould is bound and gagged to represent the legalistic position she’s found herself in, but you know what happens next, of course.

Social media goes into meltdown-mode with accusations that the cartoonist is making light of violence against women, particularly Indigenous women.

Lost on the snowflakes is the idea of satire and symbolism with one commenter even demanding that the RCMP criminally charge the cartoonist!

Unfortunately, De Adder waved the white flag of surrender rather than show the bravery and principled stand demonstrated by cartoonist Graeme MacKay who drew a very similar cartoon yet refused to take a knee.

By the way, remind me again why we’re collectively coughing-up $595 million to bailout a bunch of mainstream media cowards?

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commented 2019-02-23 16:26:59 -0500
This cartoon was actually quite sympathetic JWR. Sings like a bird is portrayed as the victim of Junior and Butts, who have bound and gagged her in the most cowardly fashion, in an effort to avoid a fair fight. I rather suspect the real reason the offended SJW’s engaged in their faux liberal outrage was that this cartoon way too close to the truth.
commented 2019-02-23 16:21:37 -0500
Spot on Liza, I remember some protests against the establishment back in the 60s and 70s, but now through marxist indoctrination they are against freedom of speech (unless it is in lockstep with theirs) and totally for the establishment ruling with a heavy hand.

Lengthy read (3 pages) but worth the read.
commented 2019-02-23 16:19:58 -0500
Why is it so many people initially make a great and honest statement…and then back up and apologize for it?!
Are they just milk-toast, panty-waist, soy-boy, beta-male girly men and spineless pussies, reacting to some misplaced criticism, or do a couple of 6’4", 300 pound guerillas in black suits and brass knuckles come in and make them apologize?
commented 2019-02-23 16:12:35 -0500
The younger generation used to push against the establishment, now they join antifa, and cry about mean cartoons when given the nod by the establishment attack dogs. Literally everything is inverted.
commented 2019-02-23 15:56:01 -0500
I think liberals are corrupt communist losers and I will never change my mind !!!!!
commented 2019-02-23 15:11:17 -0500
Ron Joseph commented
“I believe Women in certain high Political and Media positions are ruining our Democracies as a result of them having stronger feelings than men. (More touchy) …. I will admit that Women are much better than men in many portfolios like Health and Childcare, however they are terrible in Education. Look at what is coming out of our Schools and Universities. "

Ron Joseph wins the award for the most recent stupid post that even surpasses that of the resident leftwing troll, that sure is an accomplishment, congratulations.

How do you explain this? HE cries at the drop of a hat.

How do you explain the total ineptitude of Health Minister Deb Matthews Children and Youth Services Minister Teresa Piruzza (past Liberal Ontario government now at no party status)?

Never mind answering Ron, the questions are rhetorical in nature only. Stick to political affiliations not gender as examples – i.e.: Liberals keep screwing up.
commented 2019-02-23 15:04:01 -0500
It’s so refreshing to hear people on this site speaking freely and uninhibited kinda reminds me of the good ole days!!! Keep it up Rebels and to you cupcakes out there that can’t handle the truth-go pound salt!!!
commented 2019-02-23 14:27:21 -0500
Oopsie, I just said, “That cartoonist should have his ass kicked”
Do I have to apologise for inciting violence?
The triggered world can go jump off a bridge.
How about take a flying leap?
How about just screw right off. Nobody cares and you can’t make me.
commented 2019-02-23 14:26:10 -0500
See Dave, this is why I call it the Black Death of Political Correctness. This pandemic is every bit as ghastly, perhaps even more so, than the bubonic plague was back in the Middle Ages.

Because at least those people KNEW they were sick.
commented 2019-02-23 14:23:19 -0500
Of course they are triggered by the depiction. It was too close to what the left does behind their own closed doors.

So much for political cartoons. That cartoonist should have his ass kicked for apologising. Does De Adder even fathom the damage he has done by apologising? Oh the stupidity. Thanks for nothing De Adder. Graeme MacKay, is a ROCK STAR!
commented 2019-02-23 14:09:24 -0500
MSM want to kiss Trudeau’s butt, they have their mind on a share of all that tax payers money that Flake Brain promised them, if he wins the next election. They must trust the bars-turd……..Suckers.
commented 2019-02-23 14:07:34 -0500
I believe Women in certain high Political and Media positions are ruining our Democracies as a result of them having stronger feelings than men. (More touchy)

Dangerous ground to fight on especially when your side deserts you, but let me give an example.
All the Provinces were for Carbon Taxes except Sask’s Brad Wall. Remember we had 6 Female Premiers. In 3 months we won’t have any and we will have gone from only Sask. rejecting the CT to
New Brunswick
Nova Scotia and Newfoundland are undecided.

I will admit that Women are much better than men in many portfolios like Health and Childcare, however they are terrible in Education. Look at what is coming out of our Schools and Universities.
commented 2019-02-23 13:54:06 -0500
Excellent commentary. I am very familiar with the work of Michael De Adder, I have found him to be a very talented cartoonist, even if, more often than not, a tad Left wing in his satirical biases. Indeed in the past I have even engaged with him on Facebook.

Clearly, however, he was not Left wing enough in his sensibilities when drawing this particular cartoon. He managed to offend several snowflake groups on the Left. Not that concerns over violence against women and in particular violence against indigenous women should be diminished in importance, because it is a travesty of our justice system that it has been permitted to go along imperviously, for as long as it has.

That being said, De Adder’s cartoon was not remotely about violence against indigenous women in general but specifically about the pressure brought to bear on Jody Wilson-Raybould. It was a gentle enough cartoon, as cartoons go, but in these PC times, unless cartoon comedy is pure, unadulterated pablum, it no longer flies….or a least gloops.
commented 2019-02-23 13:41:07 -0500
Great cartoon funny how the truth hurts,it’s too bad the cartoonist caved into the whining little snowflakes-people if you believe in something stand up and fight don’t fold like a cheap suit!!! See what happens when everyone gets a medal for participating.
commented 2019-02-23 12:52:10 -0500
It’s impossible to be more cowardly than our MSM
There was more courage in Soviet Pravda