July 28, 2015

Hamas "summer camps," the new Suez Canal and more Middle East news

Igal HechtIsrael Correspondent

In my weekly report from Israel, I cover the group of armed Muslims who briefly took control of the Al Aqsa Mosque, aiming to disturb Jews visiting the Temple Mount to commemorate Tisha B'Av.

* Egypt opens its new $8 billion waterway, which runs parallel to the original Suez Canal

* Hamas has started its annual military training "summer camps" for Gaza children, despite protests by human rights groups

As well as other stories from the region this week.

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commented 2015-07-28 22:35:01 -0400
Great report Igal, although mostly sad. I think your reporting from Israel is a terrific addition to The Rebel. I look forward to your next. It doesn’t have to be heavy. I would be interested in some “travel logs” of Israel; the hot spots, every day Israelis and what their lives are like. Maybe a report from Sderot and what their living conditions are like considering that they are so close to Gaza. The economy, the unemployment rate, the welfare benefits. I’m actually interested in pretty much everything!
Here’s an idea; how about you tell us about “Pizza IDF.” I have contributed to them several times and I would love to see an on the ground report.
commented 2015-07-28 22:01:11 -0400
These islamic killers will kill anyone and destroy anything in their way


Sounds like every other ’slamic
commented 2015-07-28 20:28:02 -0400
Thanks Igal, very much appreciated.
commented 2015-07-28 19:32:31 -0400
Just Muslims being Muslims, whats new.
commented 2015-07-28 13:17:45 -0400
Great reporting Igal Hecht we don’t get this news from our media party. We’re looking forward to your next report. Igal if you read this post could you do a report on Israel’s tourist industry mentioning the many restaurants and beaches and other less known sites in Israel
Enlightened Conservative 1948
commented 2015-07-28 12:27:21 -0400
Common theme through that whole report? Muslims committing violence!
commented 2015-07-28 11:42:25 -0400
what a different reality to ours!