Tell the RCMP to keep their hands off our guns!

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The RCMP have made hundreds of thousands of Canadians into criminals overnight by changing the classification of a widely owned rifle magazine to prohibited.

The Ruger 10/22 is one of the most widely owned .22 rifle in the world and there are more than 1 million magazines for it that have been imported to Canada over the last 40 years without incident.

But now it's prohibited to have the magazine for the Ruger 10/22. 

The RCMP says it's illegal to have one and people caught with one -- even one they have owned for 30 years or more -- could face a prison time.

According to the RCMP the magazine can be put into a pistol, and therefore the magazine needs to be banned.

If one of the owners of the magazine, someone who may have had it for over 30 years, were to be caught with the magazine, they could now go to jail for a decade. 

All this was detailed in a memo from a bureaucrat:

Bureaucrats shouldn't be allowed to make unanimous decisions like this. There should be a vote that takes place and proper legislation drafted before any sort of magazine ban comes into effect.  

If you think that these magazines shouldn't be illegal, that people who have owned the magazines for decades should not have to go to jail, then please sign the petition below. 

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The Ruger 10/22 magazine should no longer be prohibited in Canada. 

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