August 07, 2015

Harper played against a loaded deck at biased Maclean’s debate

Sid CamusRebel Blogger

For any conservative, watching the National Leader’s Debate was enough to make you want to vomit because it was a venue conceived and run by the enemy; Maclean’s is a hardcore leftist magazine (pro-pot legalization opinions, etc.), and Trudeau, Mulcair and May are all lefties.

To his credit, Harper held his own well though he had to frequently and relentlessly fend off partisan attacks from Trudeau, Mulcair and May. (Who’s actually American by birth and only started living in Canada from 18 on!)

For most of the debate, it didn’t even seem like a debate at all, at least not in the sense of an intelligent discussion on vital issues important to Canadian voters. It seemed instead like a thee-on-one gang-up that you’d see in a WWE handicap match. It was characterized by frequent and childish attacks from the three lefties against Harper that smacked of desperation. Sure, you’d expect that to some extent in a debate where opponents are gunning for the PM’s job, but this debate was particularly vitriolic as the three lefties often reinforced each other’s Harper bashing in the most shameless ways.

The way the three lefties got so revved up talking about the environment and insanely blaming Harper for killing it (and because of that causing shame against all of Canada on the international stage) - you’d think that environmental issues were actually very important to Canadians, but they’re actually not at all. According to a recent Ipsos poll, Canadians only put the environment at a distant fifth place as an election issue. Another classic example of lefty pathological dishonesty; no wonder lefties can’t get traction with Canadian voters for the past decade…because they’re insanely out of touch with the electorate.

The same poll also showed that economic issues by far outweigh any environmental concerns some Canadians may have, and on that issue alone, the lefties in the debate are on the wrong side of history, as usual. You could’ve knocked me over with a feather! The Liberals and the NDP both want to destroy Harper’s income splitting for parents, which in itself is insane and outrageous since who could use more money in their pockets than people with kids? Lefties don’t care, of course.

Instead, another focal point of phony outrage for lame political points by the three lefties in the debate was directed at Harper’s Fair Elections Act, which nobly tightened up voter ID requirements, so, you know, liberals who want to commit voter fraud at the polls can’t do so with such great ease. This occurred during the democratic reform or renewal part of the debate.

Again, the way the three lefties were going after Harper, you’d think that this was a huge deal to Canadians in the election, but the polls say otherwise…as usual. According to a recent Ekos Politics survey, just a laughable 14% of Canadians care about democratic renewal, so there goes that point of contention for the three lefties, too. Pathetic.

All in all, the debate was a teachable moment regarding the annoyances of holding a national leader’s debate in lefty enemy territory. For Cripes sake, even the CPAC panel “analyzing” the debate was stocked full of lefties, from the Maclean’s guy to the ever-irritating Justin Ling of Vice, who’s insultingly passed off as a “parliamentary correspondent,” when he’s really a hyper-partisan, lefty bomb-thrower whose poorly written “articles” are nothing but anti-conservative opinion (and full of vulgarity as well.)

You needed a beer or two to sit through that debate, lemme tell ya.


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commented 2015-08-10 02:51:34 -0400
The U.S. Republican Debates were on the same day as our Canadian debate. I watched all 3 hours, all 17 candidates. It had my attention the whole time, I was glued to the tv screen. Very professional, very interesting, Informative. My picks would be Fiorina/Carson/Rubio/Christie. They were great!
So far I have tried twice to watch our Canadian debate. The first time, I didn’t even make the 10 minute mark. Justin gets on my bloody nerves and Mulcair and May are almost as bad. I tried to watch more later, only got through maybe another 15 minutes, if that. So, So unprofessional, petty, with too much interrupting when another is talking. (I think Trudeau does it before he forgets what point he is trying to make!) I really will try and get through watching the whole debate but it is all so biased against the Conservatives….what is the point?
commented 2015-08-08 16:33:45 -0400
So let’s see: Mulcair is a Citizen of France, May is a Citizen of the United States of America……leaving only baby boy Trudeau…..and Prime Minister Harper… CANADIAN. Great political line-up here. Does no one else think that this is WRONG? And what’s May doing in this debate anyway, aside from her shrill screaming and interruptions of the Prime Minister…..she doesn’t HAVE a “legal political party”….as Greens….DON’T QUALIFY as a Political Party in Parliament.
commented 2015-08-07 17:03:18 -0400
If it quacks, it’s definitely not an owl. I’m always amazed how people can redefine descriptive terms so they mean the opposite of previously accepted definitions. Calling this magazine THEREBEL is just an example. As for this article, the less said the better; might be a great case study for undergraduate creative-writing majors, though.
commented 2015-08-07 16:06:47 -0400
Paul Wells at 824 Pm when on the envrionment segment, opened his question ( paraphrasing) Mr, Harper, in 2008 i asked you about XWY energy policy we are 2105, hows it coming along……if that time context does not present and show a BIAS, I don;t know what does. It will go down as the FIRST political Debate where the Moderator gets out a Zinger on the Incumbant…… WELLS BAZINGA moment where he showed his TRUE colors and they are not BLue or any 50 shade there of
commented 2015-08-07 14:58:00 -0400
whaat? bias? the moderator held his own for most of the time but his colors came through when he could not bite his lip and joined in with the others on pushing an issue with PM Harper..