November 20, 2015

Harper's "climate change" compromise was "a disaster": Here's what he should have done instead

Tim BallRebel Columnist

The Heartland Climate Conference in New York in 2008 was one of the first that presented the skeptics view.

I was privileged to hear the keynote by Vaclav Klaus, former President of the Czech Republic. He opened by saying, “We have just gone through 70 years of communism, why the hell would you want to go back to that?”

Klaus was the only world leader to speak out against the use of environmentalism and global warming for a political agenda.

He set out what was happening in his book, Blue Planet In Green Shackles. The subtitle asks, “What is Endangered: Climate or Freedom?”

Klaus used a 2003 quote from the medical doctor and author Michael Crichton as the basis of his book:

The greatest challenge facing mankind is the challenge of distinguishing reality from fantasy, truth from propaganda. Perceiving the truth has always been a challenge to mankind, but in the information age (or as I think of it, the disinformation age) it takes on a special urgency and importance.”

The problem is aggravated and ultimately leads to the collapse of societies when leadership can’t or won’t distinguish truth from propaganda. Leadership failure creates a vacuum quickly filled by demagogues and political exploiters with nothing but raw ambition. They purchase control with the people’s money.

The following quote from 1857 is attributed to British historian Lord Macaulay and possibly Alexis de Tocqueville but is more likely the work of Alexander Tytler.  Regardless, it is appropriate for what is happening in Canada and the world through what is planned for the Paris Climate Conference.

A democracy cannot survive as a permanent form of government. It can last only until its citizens discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority who vote will vote for the candidates promising the greatest benefits from the public purse, with the result that a democracy will always collapse from loose fiscal policies, always followed with a dictatorship.

My climate interest involved the impact of climate change on the human condition. A particular interest included the rise and fall of civilizations. This involved studying the works of Will and Ariel Durant but especially British historian Arnold Toynbee and French historian Fernand Braudel.

Generally the pattern from birth to decline is 300 years. The trigger is usually a climate-induced ability to produce surplus food.

Tytler reached a somewhat similar conclusion when he said, "The average age of the world's greatest democratic nations has been 200 years."

Canada is already strapped with the socialist control and redistribution of wealth between the provinces by the federal government through equalization payments. Harper didn’t run a perfect government, partly because he didn’t explain the problems fully or what conservative action was or why it was necessary. A majority will accept even unpalatable actions if they are clearly explained and evenly and openly applied.

Harper failed in most cases because he was unconvincing and acted surreptitiously with actions that were then easily used against him.

For example, he knew the climate science that Environment Canada pushed was incorrect. He said so before his first election. After the 2008 election, he took a very insipid position that made it appear Canada was doing something. As with so much of what he did it was a compromise and satisfied nobody while annoying almost everybody.  Instead of getting the details and support required and explaining what he was doing, he chose what he thought was a more palatable and politically less damaging route. Predictably, it was a disaster.

Amazingly, the evidence supporting an independent investigation of climate science was produced as an internal investigation of Environment Canada known as “The Impact Group.”  Instead, Harper decided to go through the back door by cutting funding to Environment Canada without explanation.

The headlines were predictable, inevitable, and appeared quickly accompanied by a fully orchestrated campaign, claiming Harper was trying to muzzle scientists. The details of mismanagement at Environment Canada for a political agenda were well documented, but Harper failed to explain it to people to justify his actions.

Environment Canada was deeply involved with the IPCC from the start. Gordon McBean, Assistant Deputy Minister of Environment Canada, chaired the foundation meeting of the IPCC at a1985 meeting in Villach Austria. It took a massive diversion of funds within EC to pursue their goal. The Auditor General said EC spent $6.8 billion from 1997 to 2005 on climate change. Almost all of this went to people and programs supporting the government position. This diversion of funding to climate change left other legislated requirements incomplete. To cover these diversions they took money from other programs.

Environment Canada failures caused public protest. They commissioned an internal study and report titled “Action Plan for Climate Science Research at Meteorological Service of Canada (MSC)” prepared by a private agency called The Impact Group. Their report identified all the failures but was suppressed and only revealed through Canada’s Access to Information (ATI). Ken Green wrote an article in the National Post on December 12, 2003, identifying some of the issues.

They show why Environment Canada did not want the Impact Report disclosed.

Elements of an “Action Plan for Climate Science Research at MSC” (obtained through an Access to Information request) indicate that Canada’s climate change science program is being driven by a predetermined political agenda with a clear disregard of scientific needs.

The Impact Group observes for example, that Canada collects “less climate science data per-square-kilometer of any other major country.” It observes that “the archiving of climate data is so highly fragmented that it is difficult to find out what datasets are available, let alone how to access them.”

Yet the report shows that our (EC) resources are not being directed to remedy those information gaps. Rather, our climate resources are being directed toward finding ways to “mitigate” climate change before it’s even adequately measured.

The Impact Group also points out that we are only just beginning “to unravel the complexity of the physical, chemical, and biological interactions that determine climate” and suggests that the manmade component of climate change is still to be discerned.

Coming from a contractor to Environment Canada, that’s a pretty sharp divergence from the claims by Environment Minister David Anderson that the science of climate change is “solid” and “settled.”

That’s why Harper was cutting funds from Environment Canada.

All this information was available to him. Too bad he didn’t use it to explain what he was doing.

As a result of this and many other failures, Canada lost an opportunity to confront and possibly delay the Tytler projection. Harper created the vacuum now filled by a demagogue who promises salvation with the people’s money. Sound familiar?

Oh, by the way, Canada is 148 years old this year.

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commented 2015-11-25 20:56:29 -0500
I agree Andrew, but it’s to the point of extreme psychosis!!
commented 2015-11-24 10:51:32 -0500
They celebrated NDP,Libs,Greens while taxing a lie! Crimes against humanity and the political party memberships are recorded on the web. Treason Period.
commented 2015-11-23 10:18:11 -0500
Tree huggers can’t handle the truth!
(tree bark hurts? but they keep rubbin)
commented 2015-11-22 21:23:48 -0500
I worked as a meteorologist in Environment Canada and realized early on that the IPCC was a political left wing tool to support the Global warming/ Climate Change agenda. I did not like it. I did not realize the huge amount of money that was wasted on this global UN agenda (agenda 21). Thanks Dr. Ball
commented 2015-11-22 18:05:55 -0500
tim, how can we cloud science with fact and truth. pie in the sky thinking buddy. more fun to think the sky is falling soon, close, could be anytime now, lookout we are wrong again with our latest lying prediction, but next one look out. expect stupid from suzuki, but when bill nye the lying guy spews his garbage the fight i am afraid is going to take a long time thankfully our planet will survive without the interference from homo sapians[or ding dongs]. they can make you laugh. bees have shorter tongues because of the non-existent global warming. always good for a laugh.
commented 2015-11-22 17:46:16 -0500
Climate change believers are idiots. It’s just a socialist agenda for global taxation and redistribution via Europe and their political allies.

This means that $100 comes in as taxes. Kickback distribution occurs next. And then the 3rd world gets their $1.95.

Europe up to old tricks again as their economy collapses. Socialism fails.
commented 2015-11-22 09:27:32 -0500
Harper wouldn’t be able to get a message out. The MSM would have suppressed it or spun it to make him look like an id*ot. It has become obvious to me that any politician or government that digresses from the standard progressive dogmas will not be allowed to govern successfully. If a government fails to enact cherished policies direct by the UN, there is now enough NGO’s, charities, academics and media to bring that government down by throwing a collective hissy fit.
commented 2015-11-22 08:48:13 -0500
Harper should have stood up, fought and exposed these neo Marxist Leninist, and their man global warming scam for what it is. In stead he stayed silent and appeased them. The major fail of his time in government.
commented 2015-11-21 17:29:22 -0500
I watch news a lot and have never came across this. It should be a must watch in Universities. That was 2008. I think the lefties are confused between CO & C02. Climate Alarmist will, and have, a detrimental effect on the economies of the world. I would like to see Tim Ball and Trudeau in a debate. ( Not likely to happen….. Gerry Butts would step in )
commented 2015-11-20 23:52:50 -0500
This should be published and shown by all the MSM. One can only hope that one day they see the light.
commented 2015-11-20 18:25:09 -0500
Thank you for the info.
I must read " Blue Planet in Green Shackles"
commented 2015-11-20 17:46:57 -0500
I’ve forwarded this on to
A Montreal based climate change propaganda organization. Perhaps you could help to enlighten them as well
commented 2015-11-20 17:43:07 -0500
Tim, I am so pleased to hear some truth in this subject for a change. Thank you and keep up your good work. Intelligent voices like yours need to be heard to oppose the fanatical,uneducated, idealistic socialist alarmists. I’ve forwarded this on to
commented 2015-11-20 16:21:48 -0500
Tim, thank you I always enjoy your commentary and lectures. However, I think you fail to grasp the political climate in which Harper navigated. Had Harper come out clearly against CAGW early on, we never would have seen a majority conservative government for the time that we did. Even this most recent election saw Harper labeled as “anti-science” which gave his opponents plenty of political hay. In 2008, climate alarmism was even greater than today; very few people openly dissented from this view, it seems only recently that people are becoming more informed, and even that is a small percentage.

Climate change skepticism is a political football, and Harper must have known this hence his tepid responses to any accusations put forth. He did remove us from the Kyoto Protocol and for that I am grateful. Politics is a nasty game, and an increasingly more difficult arena in Canada, where left-wing views are prevalent not only in the cafe’s but through almost every media outlet out there—the success of the Rebel is largely due to a conservative news vacuum in this country. Regardless, it’s painfully obvious that Harper’s loss wasn’t helped in anyway by the mainstream media; what’s worse that some outlets were shameless in not even trying to hide it (e.g. CBC). In hindsight, had Harper known he was going to lose, he may have used his last days as PM to be honest and irreverent in his beleifs: perhaps if we mandate limited terms as Prime Minister we might see such ‘kamikaze’ efforts, but not when trying to keep you and your party alive in a largely left-wing political sea.

I do hope the record is set straight on Harper’s so-called “muzzling” of scientists when the time comes that this climate hysteria is finally put to bed, though we as Canadians will have suffered socially and economically by the time this finally happens. I just hope those who are accountable for this abrogation of the scientific method in favour of currying political points are held to their responsibility in this fiasco. I’m looking at you Gerald Butts.
commented 2015-11-20 14:45:18 -0500
I agree that Harper should have tried harder to inform the public, about what and why he made certain decisions, but given that conservatives are constantly fighting the MSM, to get their message out, he didn’t pursue this avenue, to the detriment of our nation. Though I still think that he was the best PM, that Canada has ever had, thought he wasn’t perfect, nobody is.
I really look forward to reading your articles, as they are very informative, and I am glad that we have your voice of knowledge and reason, in these confusing times!