Rename YYC "The Stephen Harper International Airport"

Rebel Staff

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Toronto’s main airport is named after a Liberal Prime Minister, Lester Pearson. Montreal’s main airport is named a Liberal Prime Minister, Pierre Elliot Trudeau. And Saskatoon’s airport is named after Conservative Prime Minister, John Diefenbaker. 

Calgary's airport is the third busiest airport in Canada -- but it doesn't have a name. It's called the Calgary International Airport or YYC, its letter name. 

So why not rename it the Stephen Harper International Airport?

Harper's been a major figure in Calgary for more than 20 years. First elected as an MP in 1993. United the right; beat the Liberals three times. Helped change the country. 

Let's rename the Calgary International Airport, the Stephen Harper International Airport. It wouldn’t be Harper’s style — he’s not a show-off, he’s not about selfies, and an airport named after you is the ultimate selfie.

But he deserves it. 

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The Calgary International Airport should be renamed The Stephen Harper International Airport

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