June 23, 2015

Grassroots HarperPAC aims to challenge big union money

Brian LilleyArchive

It's the right's answer to big union money.

HarperPAC was unveiled this week, a group of former political operatives say they will fundraise and put out advertising to sell Canadians on why Stephen Harper should be re-elected.

The goal is to counter the propaganda being put out by the new "progressive" group, Engage Canada.


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commented 2015-06-26 08:50:13 -0400
So when you characterized this as “the right’s answer to big union money”, Brian, I guess you failed to actually talk to anyone from the Conservative party about whether they wanted to be associated with this dubious initiative? More stellar journalism from our wowdy webbels.
Poor Harper – kicking off his campaign with a jail sentence for his former BFF Del Mastro, and this wonderful reminder of Conservative funding shenanigans in the 2008 election.
commented 2015-06-26 03:38:36 -0400
Ouch! HarperPAC was certainly short-lived. It’s demise would not be so bad except that its stated purpose was “to sell Canadians on why Harper should be red-elected.” It makes it look as though it took less than a week to exhaust the reasons.
commented 2015-06-26 01:23:11 -0400
Apparently the Conservative Party itself is extremely upset at the existence of this group, due to the misleading nature of it and the misappropriation of the Prime Minister’s name. Further, it’s probably illegal and with the misleading appearance of being affiliated with the Prime Minister … giving meat to his opponents.

This is probably going to backfire pretty badly. My guess is the cease and desist order is already on its way. Frankly, you can’t complain about union donations then go and do exactly the same thing, particularly without asking permission.
commented 2015-06-25 11:59:33 -0400
Bottom line for me, is that you can’t go into the mass media and mislead the public. I see it as a form of Public Mischief, and journalists have a Fiduciary Duty, a Duty of Care, and for the Lefty’s to “leave out half the facts” (as they always do) is a Breach of Trust – also a chargeable offense. Imagine a world where we had a culture of truth? Charging even just one organization would bring about such a culture.
commented 2015-06-25 09:08:30 -0400
Notice that the establishment media (Andrew Coyne of the National Post; the Globe and Mail; CBC News) came out with a spate of stories and editorials just after the HarperPAC was formed a week or so ago. Yet these same liberal, establishment media stayed silent during the barrage of leftwing, union ads during the last Ontario campaign, and during the spring as the anti-Harper union ads popped up. This is known as fair play by our pro-Liberal media cartel.
commented 2015-06-24 21:31:53 -0400
The gloves are off.
commented 2015-06-24 16:59:40 -0400
I pledged to donate $400 (not much but will still help if many of us Canadians who believed in true Leader. We have to sacrifice for the betterment of the many!
commented 2015-06-24 16:13:21 -0400
I’m all for the Americanization of our system. Maybe then we would get a “real” Conservative party rather than the Lib-Lite we have now. Don’t know how that would play out between the existing Socialist party & Commie party, but then who cares.
commented 2015-06-24 16:00:38 -0400
Hi, Peter and Joan! Missed you guys.
commented 2015-06-24 13:47:51 -0400
I agree with Rick that this election just keeps getting more and more interesting.

I’m not sure what conservatives (as differentiated from the CPC party) can do when union-funded third party mud slinging is so effective. During the Ontario election, Fire Fighters, paramedics, police, nurses, teachers unions all menaced voters with denial of service if we didn’t vote Liberal. It felt very much like voter intimidation, as I am quite certain was intended byt at least some.

What are any of those running to do when dirty politics is so effective to win votes?
commented 2015-06-24 13:39:41 -0400
Heeeeeeeee’s baaaaaack! Cheers, TR!
commented 2015-06-24 10:26:46 -0400
Unions were implemented, in their inception, to protect the workers from becoming virtual slaves to a company. They were created to ensure fair wages and safe® working conditions. Of course, by now the unions have taken that to the other extreme, where they’re now dictating to companies how the companies should spend their money… I don’t know of one union that is fiscally responsible; why, otherwise, would they be fighting to keep their books hidden? Moreover, by what right/authority/precedent do the unions have in going political? These same unions that claim to protect the worker (have any of the union leaders actually spent significant time at the grunt level?) and who don’t even open their books to their memberships are now attempting to influence federal politics? They’ve crossed the line this time. Any respect I ever had for unions (and it was damned small to begin with) is erased. The unions’ authority should be severely curtailed, and the leaders should be shown where their boundaries truly are.
commented 2015-06-24 08:31:17 -0400
Terry! Good to see you!

Now, down to my question for you … To what other layer of political funding are you referring? This group, HarperPAC is not at all connected to the Conservative party. It is independent. None of the money collected goes to the Conservative party, so I fail to see how this makes the political parties less accountable. If the unions can advertise against Harper and for the left wing parties, then why can’t an independent third party advertise for the Conservative party and against the left wing parties?
commented 2015-06-24 08:08:54 -0400
commented 2015-06-24 07:48:21 -0400
And so the Americanization of Canadian politics continues. We will discover, as the Americans have, that adding yet another layer of astroturf to the political funding process makes political parties LESS accountable, and obscures actual funding flow and sources. Which is, of course the point – brought to you by the party that invented the In-And-Out cheat.
commented 2015-06-24 00:37:49 -0400
It is something that unfortunately has to happen. I do question why Mr. Denis is on the Board of Directors as he is marred by scandal and has more negatives than positives when it comes to providing legitimacy to the group.
commented 2015-06-23 22:41:57 -0400
Agreed Rick & Peter. Time to put up.
commented 2015-06-23 19:31:42 -0400
Well, I just did my part. Donated to this organization. Was easy….credit cards or PayPal (my preferred). I encourage everyone to put their money where their mouth is folks. Every dollar counts in these things! No amount is too small or large.
commented 2015-06-23 19:23:15 -0400
This upcoming election is getting more and more interesting every day!
commented 2015-06-23 19:20:19 -0400
It’s about time we fought back. The left has been calling the shots for far too long. I’ve given to HarperPAC and I hope more will too.
commented 2015-06-23 18:58:57 -0400
Unions collect money through forced donations that are legalized extortion. Union pigs spend $3-5M for ads plus unions own expenses – all this money from forced donations through labor – sounds like “almost slavery”.

Conservatives collect their cash through asking.

Decades of liberal/communist/socialist/marxist pigs and this is the sh*t system that we now have.
commented 2015-06-23 18:48:46 -0400
The difference between the “Communist countries who have slave labor” and “the Crony Corporate Oligarch system” is that you get a better wage and a lifestyle of freedom from the “Crony Corporate Oligarchs”. Corporations don’t care to control their employees whereas Communist governments do.

The capitalist system run by “Crony Corporate Oligarchs” is by far a preferred place to live than a socialist slave labour run by the Communists.
commented 2015-06-23 18:16:28 -0400
I am not a fan of Unions throwing their weight around to run the country either – they have in a sense caused a lot of the dire straits we are in now as they have been a force that has caused our manufacturing and resources to not be competitive in the world – I know it is hard to be competitive to Communist countries who have slave labor – but possibly if we wouldn’t have been forced on the high end of wages from the late 60’s to the 2000’s maybe this Globalism wouldn’t be as advanced as it is today and our battle to stay alive, and not become slaves’ to the Crony Corporate Oligarch system wouldn’t be as forceful as it is today!
commented 2015-06-23 18:11:21 -0400
I did not become a jaded cynic through age and experience…..I popped out of my mother and hit the ground a full fledged jaded cynic and I was nearly six years old before they persuaded me to stop smoking cigars…..:-)

Many rejected leaders have blamed their rejection on a lack of enlightenment of their disinterested followers.

Now since this seems to be a campaign of funded advertisement and the funding is a scarce resource might I suggest that the directors of this campaign get more flexible in their priorities. At the moment you do not need to kick Trudeau when he is down….focus on Mulchair….the troops who are deserting Trudeau are flocking to Mulchair…..stay current and relevant on the battlefield….the unions do not actually have the political clout they pretend to….Tim Hudac lost because he ran on a "let them eat cake " campaign……not a winning platform.

Harper should be stealing the thunder of his opponents and offer …not more of the same….but better than what his opponents are offering.
commented 2015-06-23 17:43:57 -0400
Save Canada…
Vote Conservative