May 04, 2018

He's back! Street artist Sabo takes aim at Google exec's $380M windfall — in the heart of Silicon Valley

Katie HopkinsShillman Fellow

While you and I were sleeping, the street artist Sabo was busy at work on the streets of San Francisco waging his private war against the excesses and duplicity of Silicon Valley.

You might remember his last campaign in New York, exposing the incestuous relationship between Zuckerberg and Schumer: #ZuckSchumer.

His new target is Google boss Sundar Pichai, a man last in the headlines for firing Google engineer James Damore for airing his views on diversity inside the business in his infamous Google memo. (Essentially, if you are straight, white or male you are at the back of the queue as far as this number-one search engine is concerned.)

Pichai is $380,000,000 richer this week after cashing in a small percentage of his stock options. It’s one of the largest payouts in history.

Google and the other Silicon Valley tech giants are the new gold diggers, and we are the resource being mined.

In response, Sabo has plastered Google’s exclusive bus stops in San Francisco and around Silicon Valley with signs showing Pichai decked out in jewellery and cash...

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commented 2018-05-04 18:06:35 -0400
I wish more people could realize they do not need to be slaves to Google and the others.