September 16, 2015

Heard: "Justin and Mulcair want to, as cowards, retreat from a Western, democratic alliance"

Brian LilleyArchive

Is the campaign a write off for Justin Trudeau?

Trudeau was supposed to sweep to power this election. He went from leading in every poll for two years to looking like he will finish in third spot.

Is it time to write Justin off? I've covered seven federal elections and am joined by Ray Heard, who has seen many more, to talk about what is happening with everyone's favourite Liberal leader.


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commented 2015-09-17 15:40:03 -0400
In my opinion, PM Harper needs to speak out more strongly against Terrorism, Terrorists and Immigration. Even the most uninformed people are, at last, beginning to realize the dangers that Canada faces. Words of strength would tend to calm people and also gain friends. He, Harper, has to show strength. He has to show that we will not fall into the pit that Europe now finds it’s self. This would also help highlight the position of the Liberals and NDP, which is to withdraw and become an Ostrich. Let Harper attract ‘Proud Canadians’, not wishey washy cowards.
commented 2015-09-17 11:55:56 -0400
The interesting thing about Tommy Spider Eyes and Justy, weaseling on this issue, is that not even their own people support their nonsense.

I live in a heavy dipper riding and the local lefties want nothing to do with the invasion of these people and are swearing about it. The common theme I’m getting is, that they won’t vote or support Harper, but they sure as heck ain’t voting for either of the other two.
commented 2015-09-16 23:41:18 -0400
I always feel ‘comforted’ after listening to Ray Heard. Is he referred to as a Blue Liberal because he’s a liberal from South Africa, or because he’s a right leaning Liberal in Canada?
I ask because he definitely doesn’t sound like a Trudeau Liberal, but could you compare Ray or a Blue Liberal to a Classical Liberal? Given the following definition:
“…”Classical liberalism" is the term used to designate the ideology advocating private property, an unhampered market economy, the rule of law, constitutional guarantees of freedom of religion and of the press, and international peace based on free trade. Up until around 1900, this ideology was generally known simply as liberalism. The qualifying “classical” is now usually necessary, in English-speaking countries at least (but not, for instance, in France), because liberalism has come to be associated with wide-ranging interferences with private property and the market on behalf of egalitarian goals. This version of liberalism — if such it can still be called — is sometimes designated as “social,” or (erroneously) “modern” or the “new,” liberalism"…"
Because there’s nothing ‘classical’ or classy about today’s Liberals…and certainly not their ‘leader’, Justin’s Hair.
commented 2015-09-16 22:41:23 -0400
Oh I’ve missed listening to Ray Heard on Sun Tv and although he’s a Liberal I do respect his vision and opinions. But to this particular video, great listening to Ray and I appreciate his opinion on Trudeau’s and Mulcair’s on the war with ISIS. Both of which I disagree with.
commented 2015-09-16 22:18:43 -0400
Ray might be the only liberal with some common sense. However, I don’t think he could knock any into JT no matter how hard he slapped him.
commented 2015-09-16 21:44:57 -0400
Regarding Ray’s repeated foreboding of a domestic terrorist attack in September, he is not alone.

Prophecy/endtimes/conspiracy media is all abuzz about the signs of the Shemitah.

Here’s is a brief rundown of what it all means:
commented 2015-09-16 21:31:08 -0400
Always love hearing from Ray.

Trudeau is down 7 points in PEI and if that slide continues, PEI could go orange.

While I agree with Ray that Trudeau lacks substantive gravitas, his pretense of authority has improved. Those drama lessons are paying off and may explain his gains in the 905.

We still have four weeks and more to go and a few more debates, plus all the local debates where constituents sometimes vote in whoever they think will best represent them regardless of party. The polls taken after the debate tomorrow will be telling. Be sure and watch everyone. You can pick it up on the Globe and Mail youtube channel at 6:00 pm in the west or 8:00 pm ET.

While the undecided vote has decreased, it still represents about 30% of voters. Those voters who are either really undecided or who just don’t want to say can tilt the scale.
commented 2015-09-16 19:56:57 -0400
Charleton said, "Love Ray but can’t get my head around him being a Liberal. "

I like him too, even though I am a solid Conservative and ai don’t always agree with Ray, but he is part of the older Liberal regime whereas the Liberals now seem to be trying to out “left” the NDP, or out “progressive” the NDP. These new Liberals since Justie Pufftie took over leadership have become real weird.
commented 2015-09-16 19:30:53 -0400
I know a few “blue” Liberals, and they are not happy at all. I still find it frustrating that the CBC, CTV, and so on, are so bloody biased. They are guilty of journalistic malpractice!
commented 2015-09-16 17:29:24 -0400
One thing is certain, the media consortium hasn’t given up on their “boy”. I think one of the most accurate polls of how the Liberals are doing is measured by the actions of the media consortium. Judging by the ratcheted up bias of the State Broadcaster, CTV Liberal-vision, and Goobal TV, their “boy” is floundering.
commented 2015-09-16 16:38:51 -0400
FACT: Da’ash (ISIS) is using chlorine and mustard gas. They are using it on civilians, people (including babies and elderly) are dying by gruesome asphyxiation and massive blisters and boils all over their body.
Let’s say that a Syrian ‘refugee’ provided Canada with intel on where Da’ash was making or storing the chemical agents.
We could.. do nothing, or bomb the warehouse, or share the intel and hope somebody else deals with it.
NDP and Liberal stated position, doing nothing (cowardly abandoning our moral obligations), would be partnering with crimes against humanity & war crimes… IF they prefer to share the intel, then in essence, they do support C-51 and are lying for votes in their claim to be against it.
No, the cowards cannot be elected.
commented 2015-09-16 16:35:31 -0400
Love Ray but can’t get my head around him being a Liberal. Harper has to pound those points hard over the. Next month.
commented 2015-09-16 16:24:50 -0400
The MSM created the polls that put stupid fk troodo out front. Now the MSM is sucking off mulcair.

The hatestream media aka the media party aka the MSM is a fringe racket and the majority of Canadians have known this for a very long time.