Help Fund Our HUGE Fire Cameron Billboard

Why did Alberta Premier Jason Kenney just hire a pro-carbon tax advisor named Mark Cameron to be his Deputy Minister in his Policy Office? 

Cameron’s ideas about carbon taxes are no different to Catherine McKenna’s or former Alberta NDP Environment Minister Shannon Phillips’ — he likes them a lot! 

In fact, Cameron is so in love with carbon taxes that he spent the last five years working to impose them on all Canadians through a lobbying group, Canadians For Clean Prosperity.  

He even lobbied the Alberta government under Notley and advocated for increases to Notley’s carbon tax — the one Jason Kenney promised to repeal! 

If we don’t keep Jason Kenney’s feet to the fire and call out problems like this, no-one will. 

So, we’ve unveiled a HUGE billboard just south of Edmonton along Highway 2 to share this message as widely as possible. (It’s going to get 1.3 million views each month!) 

If you can, please consider chipping in to help us cover the cost of the billboard. The total cost for one month is expected to be $2600. You can donate by using the form below.