Help pay John Alabi's legal bill in his fight against Sharia fines!

Do you remember John Alabi, the Christian landlord who was sued by his Muslim tenants for not taking off his shoes?

Of course, they didn’t sue him in a real court. They took him to a kangaroo court — the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario. 

They claimed that by not taking off his shoes, John violated their human rights as Muslims.

If that sounds like a joke or a scam or a con, well you don’t know these kangaroo courts. They agreed with the Muslim tenants and hit John with a massive, $12,000 fine.

We offered to help John pay his fine — but then our viewers came up with a better idea: let’s crowdfund the money to appeal the case, not to submit! So John appealed. 

But unfortunately, he lost — the three-judge panel didn’t say that the Human Rights Tribunal made the “right” decision. They just said that they followed their own procedures. And so the ruling stands. 

You helped us crowdfund his lawyer to appeal the case. And we kept fighting and fighting. But the courts upheld the outrageous claim against him. 

A great injustice has been done to John; he has suffered three times — first at the hands of his litigious Muslim tenants; second, through the personal crises this “human rights” complaint has had on him; and now, the stress and cost of litigation.

No-one should have to go through that.

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