March 05, 2018 UPDATE: Landlord taken to court by Muslims for “Islamophobia” speaks out

Rebel Staff

You might recall last year, we took up the case for John Alabi.

John is a hard-working immigrant from Nigeria, a Christian, who came to Canada to live the Canadian dream. He worked so hard — two jobs. He made a life for himself and his family. He even became a bit of a businessman — he bought a property, and he became a landlord.

What a good egg.

But John’s tenants were Muslim supremacists.

And one day they told John that he had to take off his shoes when coming into his property — and if he didn’t, it was Islamophobia.

They literally took him to the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal, claiming he discriminated against them.

And they won — $12,000.

We offered to crowdfund that fine for John — but you, our viewers had a better idea: let’s pay for John’s lawyer to appeal the case.

I met with John to talk with him about his case — and to give him a cheque, the second one we’ve given to him so far. 

What a gentle man — he was so shy. But very touching — I think the money we are giving him not only is paying his legal fees, but it’s making him feel better, morally, to know that Canadians support him, and that he’s not alone as he fights against the insane Human Rights Commission.

We’ve already paid more than $8,000 in legal fees, and the appeal hasn’t happened yet. I’m sure there will be another five or ten thousand dollars more — that’s just how expensive these things are.

But after meeting John, I just really feel like we have to be there for him, don’t you?

I think we’re going to need at least $5,000 more for his appeal, and I want to be able to cover that for him. 

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