October 04, 2018

Here Comes Chequers 2.0

Jack BuckbyRebel Contributor

Reuters reports that a source close to the Brexit talks have said that new plans are coming from Britain, which take a “step in the right direction” and “make finding a compromise possible.”

So Mrs. May told the EU to break the deadlock, the EU said no, and now Mrs. May is backing down. That’s not quite what some people have been predicting. I even thought for a while that May might be heading towards No Deal if the EU refused to compromise, but if these claims by Reuters are true, it shows just how spineless she just might be.

EU diplomats claim that the new proposal would involve Britain agreeing to an indefinite backstop solution for Ireland – but that if a backstop is triggered post Brexit, then the entirety of the UK would remain in the customs union and not just Northern Ireland.

That means we’ll have the same trade situation as NI, and we’ll be united in that way…but we’ll essentially be in the EU. This is a terrible plan. It’s also not Brexit.

According to EU sources, the proposal would mean that there would be no need for customs checks on goods in Ireland – but again, I must reiterate…it’s not Brexit.

This isn’t just a compromise. It’s a concession made on an existing, terrible compromise. This is even worse than what Boris Johnson predicted when he says Chequers makes the UK a vassal state.

Today, the Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar will be meeting with Donald Tusk, Michel Barnier and Guy Verhofstadt in hope that a deal can be made over the next couple of months.

November is getting closer, and we appear to be no closer to a deal.

If he’s meeting Verhofstadt, then I expect nothing but stalling, delays, and manipulation. This is a man who has railed against Brexit from the beginning, mocked Boris Johnson, and said explicitly that he refuses to compromise EU “principles” to rescue the Tories from Brexit.

This isn’t looking good people. Mrs. May acted tough, the EU called her bluff, and now she’s backing down.

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commented 2018-10-04 10:59:05 -0400
Theresa May is a spineless gutless Marxist.
Boris Johnson and the rest of the PC Breiteers need to start the actions needed to dump this Traitor in to the garbage from where she was spawned. Let her be part of the history occupied by Guy Fawks and Lord Haw Haw, both of whom were Executed.