October 15, 2015

Here's how CBC is making Palestinians look like victims, not terrorists

Igal HechtIsrael Correspondent

Palestinian President Abbas' Wednesday speech did not include calls to de-escalate terror attacks on Israelis.

Israeli authorities called Abbas' claims that a 13 year old Palestinian boy had been executed a lie -- in fact he is receiving treatment in an Israeli hospital, as seen in the video report, above.

During all this, taxpayer-funded CBC continues to minimize the recent terror attacks, through their biased choice of words and images that depict Palestinians as victims rather than perpetrators.

Unlike The Rebel, CBC also hasn't aired any of the widely available footage of Israelis being randomly attacked by knife-wielding Muslim terrorists.

I look at different examples of bias, especially reports by CBC journalist Margaret Evans. Her reports on the scene in Israel have been singled out for criticism in a new investigation by Honest Reporting Canada.


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commented 2015-10-15 16:01:29 -0400
Another reason to defund and sell the CBC
commented 2015-10-15 15:46:41 -0400
Actually, I am surprised by the restraint the Israelis police have when confronting the knife wielding Palestinian attacker. They always shot for the legs or arms so as not to kill the Palestinian.

The CBC makes me sick to my stomach. The way those at the CBC act, I would not call them true Canadians. Canadians traditionally acted with a sense of fairness, but the CBC has turned into extremists. The CBC has to be stopped before they completely destroy Canada’s reputation.
commented 2015-10-15 15:06:51 -0400
@briankelly – you forgot to direct these comments to CBC executive:

FUCK YOU Hubert T. Lacroix, president, FUCK YOU Heather Conway, Executive Vice President, English Networks
FUCK YOU Louis Lalande, Executive Vice President, French Networks YOU COMMUNIST PIGS.

There. Fixed it.
commented 2015-10-15 15:00:49 -0400
The mid-east is smoldering nicely. This thing is going to blow and soon!!! Hang on to your sombreros folks!!!
commented 2015-10-15 14:56:58 -0400
CBC has been, and will be the propaganda machine for terrorists, CBC continually condemns Israel which is a democratic country that treats their citizens like we do in Canada. But yet the CBC continues to side with terrorists which their main objective is the destruction of Israel. These terrorists have no regard for human life, murders gays, rapes woman and also treats them as second class citizens, but yet the CBC supports them, why? My gut feeling is that the CBC hates anything conservative, therefore when we have a PM that’s supports Israel then the CBC has no alternative but to support the opposite, which happens to be terrorists. The CBC has no shame and that is why this snake head needs to be cut off, remove tax dollars now.