May 16, 2016

Here's how cheap the Atlanta Falcons will sell hotdogs and beer for after moving to a stadium not run by the state

StaffRebel Columnist

Who is ready for a road trip?

The Atlanta Falcons NFL team has just announced that food at their new Mercedes-Benz Stadium , opening in 2017, will have 'game changing' concession prices.

According to the official press release, non-alcoholic beverage products with unlimited free refills, hotdogs, popcorn and pretzels will be only $2. Pizza, nachos and waffle fries will retail for $3. And domestic beer will be priced at $5.

An annual survey by Team Marketing Report found that the average lowest price for a hot dog at an NFL stadium last season was $5.29.

“We focused from the beginning on building a unique fan experience at Mercedes-Benz Stadium with a goal of helping those who visit to leave the stadium with great memories shared with family and friends, not aggravation and frustration about their experience,” Falcons and Atlanta United owner, Arthur M. Blank said.

Not only will these prices be for Falcons game, but every event, including concerts at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium will offer the same prices.

Blank added during a press conference that the big difference between the new stadium and the Georgia Dome is that it's not run by the state.

Isn't that the truth!

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commented 2016-05-17 11:55:52 -0400
This is great.
By this company doing the right thing – for whatever reason – they will have started a trend and will force, eventually, all the rest of the greedy owners of the same kind of businesses to adopt the same pricing. They will all eventually do this because THE PEOPLE will make them!
Now how can we apply this to JustinButts Liberals?