April 25, 2016

Here’s how Notley NDP “environmentalists” CAUSED winter fish kill in Alberta

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

The Alberta Environment Minister, Shannon Phillips, spent Earth Day praising the important work of land trusts in protecting Alberta’s environment. That's nice. Land trusts do a lot of good work. 

Let’s talk about how the people who live near Fiesta Lake, Millers Lake, Muir Lake, East Dollar Lake, Beaver Lake, Mitchell Lake, Ironside Pond and Jackfish Lake spent their Earth Day.

Those people are dealing with dead fish from a winter kill caused by bad lake aeration. Several more lakes across the province are dealing with extreme winter kill because late last year the NDP decided that they would change the method they use to aerate the lakes during Alberta’s long and gruesomely cold winters.

The government changed the method they used to aerate lakes because the old way left holes in the ice and they were concerned about liability issues. Municipalities put up signs to indicate thin or dangerous ice conditions all the time. Why isn't this something the big thinkers in government could have done on these lakes?

The new aeration method failed miserably and now businesses who rely on fishing and tourism on these Alberta lakes will lose thousands of dollars because the fish are gone and the lakes stink.

Remember, the NDP are environmentalists. They care about the earth. Sometimes it seems like that's all they can talk about; how they care about the earth and us conservatives don't. The NDP know what's best for mother nature and they'll stop global warming by taxing us to death.

But just don't let them babysit your goldfish.

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commented 2016-04-26 15:26:53 -0400
ANONYMOUS; I ran a fish farm for over 40 years and aeration is paramount for success. Sometimes wild lakes will winter fine, sometimes not. Too much decomposing weeds and algae coupled with large numbers of fish and other aquatic life vying for oxygen can cause severe winter kill.Always better safe than sorry. Now comes the job of re-stocking and waiting forever for the fish to grow, all the time making sure they survive so another crop is not wasted. The orange party of green screwing up again. No surprise

DONALD ALLAN: Nicely done. I can still remember the UN liberal lawyer bitch Allison and her dumpling daughter in Palm Springs seeing who could jam the most meatballs in their mouth at one time. And if I am ever so lucky as to meet Danielle Smith head on when I am done both of her ears would be bleeding. She would get two ear fulls and have a lot of splainin to do.
commented 2016-04-26 03:37:59 -0400
Why do these lakes in particular need to be aerated? Generally speaking, fish just don’t die out like this in the winter. Nobody aerates many lakes in the wild, and those fish are just fine.
commented 2016-04-26 00:55:42 -0400
I thought the bad smell was from the NDPiggys not dead fish !
commented 2016-04-26 00:04:19 -0400
Totally 100% right Donald and all, nutley the evil witch’s plan to bring these parasites from ontariowe to control this province along with her Saudi Arabian friends and the UN is working just fine for her. In less than one year, nutley b.. has devastated the oil and gas, gone after farmers and ranchers, lumber and transportation with her evil 1.5 cents increase to 5.5 and now the also crucial coal industry. I can’t imagine how there is no way to stop her. Why can’t we start multiple lawsuits, huge protests. How much more complacent, passive and idiots are we to just take this insanity and not do anything at all. Please let’s begin to do something before she impliments this carbon tax, windmills and more garbage.
commented 2016-04-25 21:58:10 -0400
Another day, another story & the NDP goes on.
The comments below are all priceless & I’m in agreement. Way to go Nutley, great environmental move, kill the fish that feed you. What else can you expect when the ministers went straight to cabinet after failing kindergarten.
commented 2016-04-25 20:33:46 -0400
But, but, what about the CHILDREN!!!
commented 2016-04-25 20:17:18 -0400
Can there be any doubt that we have the worst collection of female politicians the country has ever seen? Or for that matter the world? Merkel is destroying Germany. Wynne is in the process of destroying Ontario. Much to Notley and her parties credit, the NDP have actually surpassed the Ontario Liberals in deceit and fiscal mismanagement in only a year. Bravo Notley. Let’s give honourable mention to Danielle Smith for laying out the red carpet so the red communist NDP could win. And last but not least, darling Alison “turbo prop” Redford , who loved to jet around and buy hundred dollar glasses of orange juice in thousand dollar a night hotels. She started the ball rolling for sure.
The damage to Alberta is literally unfathomable , incalculable .
With the dancing prancing fool in Ottawa we are a world wide joke. We have a self contained toilet paper industry so we won’t be in quite as bad a situation as Venezuela. But we will be Third World class .
commented 2016-04-25 20:04:07 -0400
Dumb and Dumber III starring the witch Rachael and her moronic underling, Shannon. Wait till we eliminate the CO2, then no plants, no oxygen produced. We will need aerators for ourselves.
commented 2016-04-25 19:10:04 -0400
The Non Democracy Party only cares about dogma….nothing else!
commented 2016-04-25 18:35:38 -0400
I can’t wait for the day these commie scum are run out of town – literally run out of Alberta, fleeing for their lives! And I don’t even live in Alberta…
commented 2016-04-25 18:10:40 -0400
There is nothing so dumb as a socialist, especially if that socialist is an NDPee brained, socialist. Motley Notley must be the Queen of stupidity. Throw the Bitch into the lake with a ball and chain attached. She is full of hot air, let her aerate the lake, the hard way

Dog Turds have a higher IQ than the likes of Notley.
commented 2016-04-25 17:46:01 -0400
Obviously it’s going to take a lot longer to fix this province then it’s taking for the NDP to destroy it.
commented 2016-04-25 17:45:16 -0400
SHEILA, this is news to me , I live now just over the other side of the big rocks ,and don’t get the local news

BILL ELDER , i like that indept assessment

They probably thought it was like plunging the hole in the ozone, they could save the planet

I heard people are starting to call the town methbridge
commented 2016-04-25 17:10:20 -0400
LL Phillip Seymour, I hope you’re husband is alright. Try to get a hold of his old regiments association they may be able to help with the VA . As far as ANY NDP LAWS AND THEIR IMPLEMENTATION……..IGNORE THEM………..ON EVERY LEVEL……….DO NOT COMPLY. Feedlot owners are now having to pay an extra $4.00 a head tax , DONT PAY IT!!!!!!!! They want to take the surface rights away from all lease land and double the lease fees!!!!! They are systematically destroying rural Alberta. GET READY TO STAND IN LONG LINE UPS FOR YOUR BOWL OF GRUEL, you stop food production and what’s left? Disgusting uneducated pieces of dog shit. Stand up and help your neighbors, support one another if these assholes come knocking, the goons will come to seize your properties, just stay the course and hold the line……
commented 2016-04-25 16:45:51 -0400
saving the environment, saving the environment, saving the environment, its all about saving the environment; too bad that fish, birds, bats, any vegetation, humans, etc., etc., don’t quite fit into that special category (environment)
commented 2016-04-25 16:19:46 -0400
Ofay Cat: I completely agree with your assessment: “Clueless hags in charge of stuff they know nothing about. We have seen the feminization of our society over the past forty years and now there are few real men left to carry the freight. A socialist woman is one of the most dangerous things we have foisted upon us … just look at that freak of nature that runs Ontario. And now we have a vacuum head running Alberta.” What you are incorrect about, however, is that Christy Clark is one whit better than all the other “hags” or “freaks” in Provincial government (or Federal, for that matter)….she is the one purposely blocking any of the proposed pipelines through British Columbia, merely to placate her tree-loving, mentally-unstable liberal voting base.
commented 2016-04-25 16:04:56 -0400
I am looking forward to the day Shanny Phillips gets that smile removed from her face. The citizens of Lethbridge and area have their work cut out for them as Lethbridge County has increased taxes big time on farmers and producers to pay for road improvement. Blood sucking communists with smiles on their face are the worst and this Lethbridge County Reeve Lorne Hickey is one fat slob socialist punk.
commented 2016-04-25 15:30:40 -0400
I want to thank God that I’m not related to any of these immature morons, who were accidentally elected. Just keep picturing their dumb faces when they lose the next election!
commented 2016-04-25 14:55:23 -0400
What a bunch of inept idiots in this government.

They came into office with arrogance and bluster that they knew it all.

“This is the way a province is really supposed to be done!” was their attitude then in May 2015 and still is now in April 2016, but what have we seen as a result of the belief in their superior ways?

Everything they touch dies is the same way those fish died.

Alberta has the wort government that Canada has ever seen provincial or federal.

Alberta is screwed. Thank a lot Alberta NDP voters. Now look what you have done!
commented 2016-04-25 14:44:57 -0400
Change Alberta’s name to Venezuela.

You can’t make this shit up – Notley at war with Alberta and chief idiot – more stupid that Bernie Trudeau.
commented 2016-04-25 13:57:42 -0400
Slight correction in your assessment of NDP motivations, Shiela. Dippers are NOT environmentalists, they are not conservationists or even preservationists – they are prohibitionists.

Environmentalism is simply managing an environment for viable continuity. Conservation is the regulating and management of renewable natural resources. These two discaplines/ideologies involve managing a natural resource to ic can be harvested and replenished, by people. Preservation is saving a scarce resource by by removing public utilization. But, prohibition is the banning of any human interaction with a resource.

We all know if the Dips had their way, hunting, fishing, land development, logging and mining would be banned, along with private property – no ifs about it. So they are like fish out of water (forgive the pun) when it comes to actually scripting policies which enhance human interaction with the natural environment.
commented 2016-04-25 13:50:40 -0400
Here’s a little story of how ndp is killing the people. My husband just got kicked out of the Lethbridge hospital. It seems that until he has an MRI no Dr.‘s will touch him. He was told that he is on a 3 month waiting list. He went into the Lethbridge Regional hospital this morning at 8:10am. There was no one at triage to intake him, there was no one in the waiting room, so why did he have to wait an hour to be helped. He laid on the floor in pain until a security guard came over and helped him into a wheelchair. The security guard then went back and got a nurse. My husband still had to wait an hour to see a Dr.. There were no other patients in the Emergency, so why that wait? The Dr. gave I’m 2 shots of morphine and a shot of Toridol and an Adivan (sp). Then told him to see his family Dr. He just phoned his family Dr. to get in today and they tried to tell him that he couldn’t see anyone until the 28 April.
So he is on camera at the Lethbridge Regional hospital laying on the floor crying. There is your record of the ndp helping people.
Mr. Trudeau you had no business bringing in refugees that take up health care when you won’t even help Canadians. My husband fought for this country and YOU treat him like shit. How much money went into health care for all those refugees? How much more money are you going to waist on refugees before you help Canadians.
You and your sick government have no problem using the Military to fight your Oil War but you sure have a problem when it comes time to help those Veterans.
commented 2016-04-25 13:43:34 -0400
Clueless hags in charge of stuff they know nothing about. We have seen the feminization of our society over the past forty years and now there are few real men left to carry the freight. A socialist woman is one of the most dangerous things we have foisted upon us … just look at that freak of nature that runs Ontario. And now we have a vacuum head running Alberta. The woman who runs BC is much better … she is more conservative and knows where wealth comes from … and it’s not a printing press, nor higher taxation.
commented 2016-04-25 13:37:45 -0400
I can see a lawsuit coming on from those who make their living from the lakes mentioned.
Let’s say in 2015 you made a dollar and in 2016 you made 50 cents then the NDP government is responsible so let them pay.
commented 2016-04-25 13:08:38 -0400
The NDP is toxic. Everything they touch turns to shit. Excuse my French.
commented 2016-04-25 13:07:02 -0400
Hello Sheila, this is very old news. I would have thought you would have been on the weekend to discuss this.

Yes I still agree with everything you said, but this news is three days old.
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