June 22, 2015

Here's one simple thing concerned parents can do today to protest Ontario's new sex-ed curriculum

Marissa SemkiwArchive

Premier Wynne has told parents that she wants to be "partners" in education, yet she has been ignoring their concerns about the sexually explicit sex ed curriculum for months. 

Concerned Ontarians who come from all walks of life, have been attending protests to make their concerns known, but they are all dismissed by the Premier as homophobic and by Education Minister Sandal as "misinformed".

This disdain for parents' legitimate concerns explains why more of them are opting for alternatives to the public education system.

But meanwhile, we're all still paying for a public system anyway.

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commented 2015-06-30 10:04:53 -0400
For anyone who comes back to this story, including Marissa, first Patrick Brown and now Anthony Furey agree with me. We can’t win Ontario by calling all of us good, stalwart economic Conservatives “perverts”, “pedophiles” and “communists”.

commented 2015-06-28 09:48:54 -0400
Liza -For you, playing nice means everyone must agree with you because if they don’t agree with you, you will libel them as a pervert, a pedophile, a sex criminal, a danger to children, a crazy, etc.

From the very beginning, you and McRae and MacMaster did your vicious best to try to cut me so badly I’d never think of giving another cent to therebel.media.

But I believe in free speech too much to not post my views here. And when you, Cathy and others post libel about me to try to mobilize bias among readers to provoke them to jump on your hate train to do their best to drive me away and cleanse this site of all diversity, of course I defend myself.

What bugs you is that I am better at words than you are and win arguments with logic not hate. You are one of the most blatantly green people I’ve ever met online. You know, jealous as a snake.

Unless you think God hates everyone but you and will burn all your opponents ISIS-style, no amount of your hatred will destroy the democracy that, stupidly, gave Wynne a majority. We will have to wait until the next election for another try. And like I’ve been saying all along, we can’t win then by hating homosexuals either. We can only win by criticizing policies, not persons.

I stand with Patrick Brown who says Wynne is a good person but who critiques her policies. I hope you can find it in your hearts to abandon your bigotry so Ontario Conservatives can win next time. I know NDP leader Andrea Horwath. You do not want her to replace Wynne. Join Patrick. Take the high road.
commented 2015-06-28 00:16:33 -0400
You are on another one of your bouts Joan. Setting things on fire for your own strange entertainment. You are not playing nice, and I know you can, I have seen it, but now you are in that place again. I have said my peace. Taking my marbles and going home.

Cathy trust your instincts. I hope it can be turned around.
commented 2015-06-27 23:03:54 -0400
Cathy, more filthy, dirty sex talk. Like Liza’s children, the very thought of going anywhere near below your belt makes me want to puke. Not in your wettest dreams ever in a million years.

But boy oh boy, if you hate me for my views, you must apoplectically loathe Patrick Brown, Ontario’s newly-elected PC leader. In his latest video, he calls Kathlees Wynne “a good person”.

But hey, maybe he’s paid by the Liberals, eh Cath?

commented 2015-06-27 22:58:07 -0400
PET was wrong that the state has no place in the bedrooms of the nation.

We, the people of a free democracy, have a rule of law that prohibits rape, child sex crimes, homocide and other abuses that often happen in bedrooms.

Good honest folks don’t abide predation. We don’t turn our backs on the tortured.
commented 2015-06-27 22:53:49 -0400
Liza – I stand up for Wynne’s human rights just as I stand up for yours even though I’d never turn my back on you, so well aware I am how violently you hate me.

Like Patrick Brown does, I oppose Wynne’s policies and the crimes of her party.

We can’t win Ontario by hating homosexuals. You do more harm than good with that.
commented 2015-06-27 22:50:40 -0400
Liza, you keep saying you wouldn’t let me near your children but from what you’ve said in the past, your children are all grown up adults.

What on earth makes you think I’d want to go anywhere near your adult children with the trouble you’ve said they have? Not even in eternity.
commented 2015-06-27 22:48:06 -0400
Liza – I only called you one nsme – extremist. And it fits.

Why did you assume any of the rest of what I posted was about you?

Paranoid or guilty?
commented 2015-06-27 12:15:05 -0400
Liza, I’ve read your responses and I happen to agree with you. All the parents that I know of who have small children absolutely do not support this sex ed agenda and are pulling their children out of it. Maybe if this sex ed BS is passed and enough parents stay the course and keep their children out of this perverted uncalled for child sex ed the government is going to have to cancel it unless there is some jurisdiction that states if parents do not approve and the class is under attended each school board can cancel it. Or maybe enough Ontarians and/or liberal party members are going to get fed up enough with Kathleen Wynne’s gestapo politics and have her ousted with last weeks garbage. ( Joan likes to fight dirty and hit below the belt. She must be a paid representative of the liberal party’s sex ed agenda.)
commented 2015-06-27 11:01:14 -0400
Regardless of my opinion of the contents of Wynne’s sex ed, It should not be in the hands of the State. I do believe that this is forced social conditioning, and I won’t have any of it. All that makes me is someone who doesn’t want State interference. Canada is too socialist as it is. There is enough gov. interference already.
One thing P.E.T. had right was that the gov. has no place in the bedrooms of the people. OR living rooms or kitchens …or classrooms. Curriculum should not be designed by gov. to push gov.agenda and that is what this is.
commented 2015-06-27 10:29:03 -0400
What a pathetic response Joan. I thought we were having a conversation here. I don’t agree with you or your views, that makes me none of the names you called me or things you accused me of. It is rather more like projection if you ask me.

I do not agree with your idea of protecting children from harm, therefore regardless of the expertise you say you have, I would not let you near my children, under any circumstances. Why would I, since I think your views on the matter of child protection are damaging.

You certainly do stand up strongly for Wynne for a card carrying conservative.
commented 2015-06-27 06:46:58 -0400
Liza – Of course Wynne has an agenda. She is a politician. But you are wrong that “most people are not comfortable with it”. Have you forgotten she enjoys a majority?

We who oppose her policies are the in theminority and those who hate her for being a lesbian are in an even smaller minority that is getting smaller every day.

I wrote to Patrick Brown to thank him for correcting those Canadians who hate and demonize Kathleen Wynne for her gender. I said, thanks, Patrick, for correcting the haters and telling them that Wynne is “a good person”. For leading by example. For taking the high road.

Patrick Brown understands that the way to become a majority is to criticize Wynne’s policies not her gender, not her person. I sure hope the too vocal haters who keep claiming to represent all Conservatives get his message because despite any individual’s personal hatred of gay people, most Ontario voters can’t stand gay bashing and will vote against any lobby they think gay bashes.

And that will hand power to Andrea Horwath’s NDP. And you don’t want that … or do you?
commented 2015-06-27 06:21:57 -0400
Kelvin, it sounds like your boy had a unique wonderful home-schooled childhood most children never dream of. I can’t imagine how your boy must have felt when at ages 6, 12, and 14, he attended school for some reason – maybe your home school was closed for family emergency? – and heard, on the only days he attended, the same instruction that he can call police if daddy becomes violent. That experience is such an extreme statistical outlier that it would fascinate even the most skeptical researcher.

I want children to know they can call police for help if they are beaten and if their mother is beaten. Remember that 13 year-old girl beaten to death last year in Quebec allegedly because she didn’t clean the kitchen floor? The father who did it said he “spanked her”. She died from a combination of brain injury caused by the beating and a ruptured liver. I really wish that child had called police.
commented 2015-06-27 06:12:54 -0400
Cathy, correcting your lies about me is hardly stalking. I have never talked about children sticking anything up their butts. That is libel you keep telling to try to demonize me as a pedophile.

Sadly for you, the law says homosexuality is protected and that if you hurt any homosexual, it is you who breaks the law. Talking about homosexuality as normal is not a crime. Trying to criminalize anyone for their beliefs, their thoughts, their conscience, including about homosexuality, is the crime.

I get it, Cathy, you hate gay people so much that you try to demonize anyone like me who merely stands up to defend their human right to be equal to you. Which our laws say they are.
commented 2015-06-27 06:02:12 -0400
Liza, “I don’t mean it as an insult, but” … you are an extremist.

Such a nasty approach. You never, ever put away your knife. It’s always cut, cut, cut, and there is nothing worse for children than being around such an ugly, violent attitude.

Boys influenced by that sort of aggression will be accused of rape because they will be attracted to hookers and girls influenced by it will develop such self-loathing that they’ll never recover.

All children are online. All children are, at least some of the time, outside their parents’ supervision. Therefore, all kids are at risk. Anyone who doesn’t recognize that is in dangerous denial (it’ll never happen to me, my kids, my family) and poses such a danger to any children they supervise that CAS or CCAS really should be called in to rescue those poor kids from irreparable harm.

The attitude that “my children aren’t at risk” is based on the misbelief that child abuse is the child’s fault. The belief that children who are abused, including children who are sexually violated, deserve it. Hence the misbelief that “because I am righteous and have taught my children righteously, no one will touch them, because my child would never do anything to invite it”. That is a backward idea that totally misunderstands child sex crimes and puts those children at higher risk than the children of parents who understand predators especially targets children whose parents think they are invulnerable.

I love your imagery of Wynne “shoving it down the throat of the entire population” – such filthy, dirty, sexual innuendo. You rogue deviant, you!! :-)
commented 2015-06-27 02:32:12 -0400
Joan, maybe there is nothing gay about the color pink, but discussing gay lifestyles as being normal behind parents backs with children in school by a teacher is gay, coercive and uncalled for and there must be some law that this behaviour is breaking. And for pointing out your rude, vile explicit sexual content regarding children which included shoving things in their ass was all you pervert, not me. Stop lying in a public forum and quit stalking me.
commented 2015-06-27 00:40:05 -0400
Nobody can convince me that Wynne does not have an agenda. And most people are not comfortable with it.
commented 2015-06-27 00:28:49 -0400
Kevin there was nothing trivial about that comment at all. If a kid comes home saying what your son said, alarm bells should go off. Your instincts as a parent trump the State. Joan’s advice about having a discussion with the teacher and Principal would logically be the next step,What I would do next isn’t what everyone would do. I would not have it. If we allow the government to take control of our children we will lose them, and all society will be lost. Especially now , there is something sour in the air.

Joan I do not believe for one millisecond that the majority of children are at risk. I don’t mean this as an insult , but I would not let you 10 miles anywhere near any of my offspring. I don’t care what experience you say you have.

Ian, I maintain this instruction is not the business of the State. There is no place for it in public schools, other than the basics, maybe not even that. Wynne , Sandal and their pals idea of sex- ed is not acceptable to me and many others, never will be. There are other routes to help those at risk. Shoving Wynne’s version down the throats of the entire population is State interference.
commented 2015-06-26 20:32:38 -0400
Joan, thanks. I may have over stated my concerns , but. The comments my son made, was just that a passing comment I’m quite sure he wasn’t trying to pull the wool over my eyes, I guess it’s one of those things " ya just had to be there moments " we also home schooled just because the 5 hr. bus ride was to hard on the kids. We did that from grades 2-9 which I think gave us as parents a wonderful insight with our children and plus growing up on ranches made for a great classroom
commented 2015-06-26 19:57:21 -0400
Cathy – there is nothing gay about the colour pink! It’s a colour God made.

Please stop talking about children sticking things up their anus, Cathy. It makes you look obsessed with sex.
commented 2015-06-26 19:53:40 -0400
Kelvin. Hmmm. Sounds to me like your child was teasing you. Had he been a child at risk of harm, he would never dare say such a thing to an abusive parent.

I worked in children’s psychiatric where more often than I can remember, kids counselled by well-intending counsellors would confront an abusive parent and show up at school the next day covered in cigarette burns and unwilling to talk ever again.

I fail to see how your boy was harmed. It seems you were far more alarmed than he was. If I had a problem with a child trying to control me like that, I’d contact the school, arrange a meet, take the boy with me, and have a nice, friendly three-way chat so the child understands both teacher and parent are on the same side. Who knows, if you don’t do that, some mischievous children will also use such a power ploy at school and tell the teacher, “Daddy says I am to csll 911 if you give me quiet time when I misbehave”.

Parents need to put away the scary teacher meme. If a teacher pulls a “you’re a bad parent” routine, go straight above their heads to the principal, the board, the trustee, the press. Teachers and parents need to work together. Otherwise, kids will play one against the other every time and learn only that dividing authority gives them power. That’s a lesson for grad school, not elementary.
commented 2015-06-26 19:35:36 -0400
Liza – of course there is nothing to stop abusive parents taking their kids out of school. Lots already home school their kids and, as we know, that group pf parents is growing who don’t want their children educated because they don’t want them learning what abuse means.

Thanks for making my point.
commented 2015-06-26 19:31:43 -0400
Liza, sadly it isn’t just “a few” children who are at risk. It is the majority.

But the curriculum is a template teachers can apply to whatever their student demographic is. Teachers enjoy a wide discretion to teach what parents want, using the guidelines.

Using the guidelines, the Catholic Board has assured parents, the sex-ed changes will be taught from a Catholic perspective.

I don’t know why so many of the anti-sex-ed lobby are so resistant to actually meeting with teachers, principals, trustees and boards to voice their concerns. Why is it always “shoot the premier”? That is an entirely unrealistic goal given she has a majority.

Why not act where there is an opportunity to influence? I’d think that would be the first thing concerned parents would do. Not take kids out of school and force them to hold signs that say “Math Not Masturbation”. For a group that opposes saying “penis”, that sort of actvism is just a teeny, weeny (can I say that?) bit hypocritical, don’t you think?
commented 2015-06-26 17:29:40 -0400
I know I said I was done but…. The gay sex ed has already been implemented in the public school system as pointed out in the story about pink triangles in math class where the lesbian teacher laughs about how they’re getting away with teaching kids about the gay lifestyle without the parents having any knowledge about it. This needs to be investigated for it’s underhandedness, child exploitation and proved to be associated with the sex ed. When the truth comes out about it all then these instigators need to all be fired and Wynne’s sex ed thrown out.
(Ian, lol “Once again Cathy contributes nothing to the discussion except name calling. I won’t miss your vitriol on this topic. Stay classy, Cathy.” I seen nothing but name calling in this statement and vicious sarcasm. )
commented 2015-06-26 13:22:53 -0400
Joan , thanks for the explanation but it still doesn’t answer my question. I’ll give you an example, it happened to my son, when he tended grade1 . At supper one evening he was humming the little jingle, when I asked him what that new song was , he said it was a phone number he should call if you started beating me or mommy. Oh said I , well I guess that’s good to know but you know that daddy would never do that right? He shrugged and said that’s not what the teacher said. Well maybe you misunderstood what the teacher said, maybe said he. Now at the time I just dropped it right there, not wanting to make a federal case out of it.however the subject did arise two more time once when he was 12 and again at 14 it was like he was anticipating me beating him or his mom. But now that he was older it was easier to explain the absurdity of his fears that I believe were imprinted or indoctrinated on him back in grade one. Now it is hard to say whether it was him that didn’t quite grasp the material or the way it was taught who knows. Now this all may sound very trivial but that was my point that it is the subtleties and the nuances in statements given to young children that may or may not stick with them into adulthood . This teaching curriculum seems a little overwhelming for not only the students but also the teachers, it’s almost like it should be taught by a qualified therapist not your run of the mill teachers
commented 2015-06-26 12:33:49 -0400
Liza, if sex ed is abolished in public schools, what’s to stop parents from not teaching their kids about sex? You’re advocating a world where there are absolutely no guarantees in standards on sex education. There’s no way to predict which kids will experience sexual abuse, or which ones will behave irresponsibly when it comes to sex. Support and counselling are great tools, and they help after abuse, pregnancy, and disease has occurred. A standard sex education framework will at least introduce children to standard teachings and help reduce the need for support and counselling. Abolishing sex education will accomplish none of those things.
commented 2015-06-26 10:40:36 -0400
Joan you said that if a parent chooses to take their kid out of class they are free to do so. What is to stop an abusive parent from taking their kid out of class? I guess that’s where the infiltration of this agenda into all subjects comes in.
At least call it what it is. State indoctrination.
commented 2015-06-26 10:12:41 -0400
If there is so much concern for a few at risk for sexual abuse, falling through the cracks, why aren’t THEY afforded more support, information and counselling. Something a bit more focused instead of a broad brush approach. It smells like indoctrination, it walks and talks like indoctrination, as far as I’m concerned it is indoctrination. If there was a real concern for a small minority of kids who are abused, they would be targeted for help and education to defend themselves, not the whole public school population as a whole.
commented 2015-06-26 09:13:59 -0400
I agree with Liza, that state-run education is a tool of social engineering.

I object to the homogenizing of ability, to the labelling of brilliant geeks as Aspergers and penalizing them academically to try to force them to learn how to socialize with kids who have an average IQ. Brilliance should be encouraged, not punished. If a geek lacks social skills as an adult, s/he can compensate with the millions they make.

I want students taught how to properly debate. To be required to argue the Devil’s side. To learn to listen to their opponents. To learn how to defeat argument with calm logic and semantics instead of going straight for the jugular ad homs.

To use the pen, not the sword.

And I want children taught self-discipline and self-reliance. Maybe some martial arts. They are going to compete with the Chinese and the children of ISIS, like it or not, and they must learn how to win with superior intelligence not bombs.
commented 2015-06-26 09:04:41 -0400
April – that is an interesting, although hardly novel, opinion. As he points out, however, it is an extreme minority one.

I agree that the business of gender reassignment exploits normalcy, the normal distribution across genders of traits.

I disapprove of the hysteria around a child born a girl who likes to play with trucks, why some parents insist her birth certificate be changed to “male”. Why is playing with trucks only for boys????

The same with boys. Why do too many insist a boy who likes to wear pink and play with dolls must be a girl?? What is wrong with boys wearing pink, wearing dresses for that matter, and playing with dolls??

There is nothing wrong with it. Just like there was nothing wrong with the women who studied engineering at L’Ecole Polytechnique who lost their lives because Marc Lepine thought there was something wrong with girls who play with trucks.

Just because there is nothing wrong with all those labelled homosexual by ISIS and thrown off buildings to their deaths.