March 03, 2016

Here's what time House of Cards season 4 will be live on Netflix

StaffRebel Columnist

If you're excited for the next season of House of Cards, you won't have much longer to wait.

After speaking to Netflix to confirm, the season will go live starting at midnight pacific time and 3am eastern on March 4.

Season three's brilliant ending has set the stage for what is sure to be one hell of an awesome season.

For fans of Netflix's crown jewel of programming, the next installment of House of Cards is under 12 hours away from the time of this posting.

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commented 2016-03-04 10:49:56 -0500
Season 1 was really good. Season 2 was tedious and boring so I stopped watching half-way through. Are the later seasons better?
commented 2016-03-03 15:33:03 -0500
March 3, 2016
Dear Diary;
I got some lovely fan mail a few days ago from Pamela Anderson.
Pamela is a Canadian, but like me she’s also a celebrity, so it’s very important that I take her seriously and pay attention to everything she has to say on any topic.
When I was a teenager, she’s the girl that I used to pretend to like watching on TV in a show called Baywatch. Now, back then, me and the boys were real rebels, not like today’s whiney right-wingers. We were a rowdy bunch; we would push the envelope by getting up to shenanigans like calling that show Babewatch instead of Baywatch and other rambunctious edgy behaviour like that. But later on I met Gerald and I discovered my true self
Anyway, Pam wrote to tell me what a great job I’m doing by fighting for equal rights for the much-persecuted BLT community, filling the country up with the much-persecuted Muslim community from the middle east, and doling out cabinet positions to the much-persecuted non-man community.
But now she wants me to do something about hunting seals. She says that hunting seals is sullying my sunny-ways thing with my worldly admirers. This could be a problem, not that I care anything about the folks that hunt seals, but I’m still waiting on Gerald to tell me where I stand on that, which isn’t like him, he’s usually pretty quick to tell me where to go.
commented 2016-03-03 15:16:14 -0500
Cut my cable connection 4 years ago – best thing I ever did.

Have an HD antenna and I barely watch legacy TV – almost all of it is pure garbage.
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