May 22, 2016

Here’s who REALLY has veto power on Trans-Mountain expansion — Trudeau’s Liberals gave it to them

Holly NicholasRebel Commentator

The National Energy Board has approved the Kinder Morgan Trans-Mountain pipeline with 157 conditions, but the most-asked question is - will the Liberals approve it

The exact route isn’t known yet, though expansions are proposed on already existing pipeline. But the Liberals might have an out if they don’t okay the project. Even if they approve it and the project doesn’t go through, they could have someone else to blame for the fallout.

That’s because earlier this month, the Liberals adopted the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People, which includes rights to land and the stipulation that land can’t be used without consent.

The Declaration isn’t legally binding but Minister of Indigenous Affairs Carolyn Bennett says there are plans to implement it with the Constitution, meaning that aboriginals will have veto power to stop projects under the law if applied. Aboriginal groups have already brought legal challenges on oil and gas infrastructure projects. We need only to look to Northern Gateway to see they’re effective in stalling projects.

Many First Nations communities oppose the building of pipelines and oil and gas infrastructure, while 30 First Nations communities support the Trans-Mountain expansion. Justin Trudeau and the Liberals promised First Nations they’d have more say in resource development matters.

Is this what accepting the UN Declaration was all about? Under those circumstances, it would only take a few communities to oppose pipeline infrastructure to cause a commotion.

We all know how most of the Liberal caucus oppose pipelines. Giving First Nations’ veto power under the law may actually be the key to granting their wishes without the backlash.

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commented 2016-05-24 01:09:46 -0400
Lawrence O, Darryl H. & David W. Thank you for not being politically correct. You spoke from the heart & with passion. I have to tell you that I agree with everything you stated, plus a god belly laugh on some of the descriptions you made……priceless.

As for KM, they have been working on that project for years now, all the while consulting with the aboriginals. The NEB has come up with 157 conditions (somebody had to be sitting in a room dreaming & inventing this BS), because Trudeau said he would make sure that the NEB be more stringent in their nay or yea approval standards. As if that’s not enough, Trudeau has formed another committee……for what? Who are the experts here anyways. Then even if Trudeau approves, the Chiefs will have the last say. How come in this case no problem going to them for approval but nothing of the kind for electoral reform.
commented 2016-05-23 23:55:04 -0400
Lawrence: At some point between now and fall I plan to invade Lotusland to visit my kids. Would be pleased to buy you a coffee on the way through. I’m in Rona Ambrose riding, and she is about to be summoned by one of her employers, yours truly. There is some splainin I’d like to hear.

DJBT and the others
commented 2016-05-23 23:34:29 -0400
david,,,chilliwack were we still have a conservative MP
commented 2016-05-23 23:25:24 -0400
Sean P you are wrong you have been brainwashed , and I bet you don’t drive anyware , fly anyware , take a bus anyware take a ferry anyware , and I bet you don’t use natural gas to heat you’re home and I bet you don’t use propane to light you’re BQ and I bet you don’t need to go to the grocery store for food that is brought in by trucks or ships , I could go on and on but you are to stupid to realize there is almost nothing you use every day that has some type of patrolium base in it .
commented 2016-05-23 20:29:28 -0400
Save Canada !!!!! Dump the U.N. and all their minion GLOBALIST politicians hell bent on the destruction of SOVEREIGNTY. They are TRAITORS.
commented 2016-05-23 20:05:44 -0400
Lawrence I know. We have here in Alberta some of the cleanest coal on the planet,with modern power plants that have good management and good employees,and all the Nag can see is windmill after windmill. Not to mention the cancelled contracts, and restitution to all these coal people. The cost is so stupid I can’t believe the voters won’t revolt over this fiasco. Add to that her plan won’t work. Something far more sinister than we could ever imagine seems to be taking place. It almost seems to be a contest between the three amigos, Imam Justin and the two wretched nags, Wynne and Notley, as to which one can inflict the most damage on our country. A good legacy for those three would be to strap them each to a blade of one of these bird choppers. It could be their GEEZUS moment, sort of their “cross” to bear. We could let them spin forever and the mural below could read," This is the consequence of being a lying, deceiving and or traitorous politician in Canada".

Where in BC Lawrence?

commented 2016-05-23 17:48:00 -0400
david all these coal fired plants have scrubbers on them, it is clean , efficient and cheaper to operate and as for WW 3 good idea but since turdo is never at work if they nuke ottawa they won’t blow his ugly guts to hell where he belongs
commented 2016-05-23 17:00:48 -0400
Lawrence, Not to mention clean burning coal burnt in modern “cleaner” functioning facilities. We could literally have heaven on earth if really smart people were running the world. Better chance for a longer, healthier, wealthier life for all. Instead we have despots and wannabe kings and queens, the church of false climatology,and a myriad of other dark forces pulling in exactly the wrong direction. I wish a benevolent alien force would show up and set the human race in the right direction. Beyond that I think the only hope would be the RAPTURE, or World War 3.

DJBT and STPC and NN
commented 2016-05-23 15:53:38 -0400
good post David , it boggles my mind where these weirdos get these weird ideas we can exist without oil , gas and pipelines , they are an embarrassment to themselves and any logical thinking person
commented 2016-05-23 15:02:01 -0400
Andrew Mirlach: Without the Kinder Morgans etc etc you will have NO future you moronic fool. One millisecond without fossil fuels and Gregor’s nest would implode. How long do you misled lemmings think you would last without fossil fuels, how would your hospitals function, how would about 99% of your existence carry on. Mr. Big Cheese in Ottawa flaps his pouty penis nibblin lips, it’s 2015 bla bla and Myriam Monsef, "oh, its the 21st century. If that’s the case, why do so many of you want to dive back into the 8th century. Turn off the fossil fuel industry worldwide tomorrow. WHAT WOULD YOU IMBECILES DO THEN??? It is so laughable, and the survival rate of the libtards if such was the case would be minimal. In fact extinction would likely be the case.

Catherine Campbell: Could you please come to Alberta and I will take you on a tour of a couple of our Indian reserves. Give x amont of $ this year, double it the next, and the following year add to that, and in 10 years nothing has changed on the reserve except its time for the tax payers to build a bunch of new houses whose shelf life is about 5 years. As far as offering jobs, some aboriginals would jump at the opportunity, many would not. I think if you looked objectively at the aboriginal situation’it goes as such. The ones who leave the reserve for advancement seize the trappings of the modern world’ become business men or solid employees’ and enjoy success. Back on the reserve you have the non transparent chiefs and higher ups hording the largess of tax payer money foisted upon them the Imperial Wizard, Justin the 1st. As for the rest of the populace on said reserves" TAKE A GUESS" what happens to them. Catherine, I’m sorry but you obviously fall into the cunned stunt category. I for one are sick of the green and aboriginal blackmail game.

Penson: Not sure what your shift is at the Knob Gobblin Cafe on East Hastings, so I’ll spare you for the moment.

commented 2016-05-23 13:18:06 -0400
andrew mirlach, every thing i wrote about penson [ see below ] ,applies to your stupidity also,and as i told him,give me the power to stop all oil and gas and food supplies delivered to Vancouver that’s using fossil fuel or pipelines for transportation and then let’s see how long your holier than thou hypocritical rants last, god you guys are stupid
commented 2016-05-23 13:06:07 -0400
Campbell, grow up, it is not the job of oil companies to pander to the natives, we already pander them enough and under turdo it is even worse. it is the job of oil companies to extract oil using existing environmental standards , have a good working environment for the workers with proper safety standards and fair wages, you want to pander to the natives after their 10 billion or so a year you pander to them along with turdo’s so called feminist social anti-justice warriors , let the natives apply for a job using qualifications for being hired like every one else
commented 2016-05-23 13:03:46 -0400
“As a Vancouverite, I am very appalled as to how many British Columbians are misled by the petrochemical industry. Those who care about our future do NOT want this or Kinder Morgan! " You only need the pipelines that dump your raw sewage into the “pristine” ocean ecosystem you think might be threatened by oil tankers?
commented 2016-05-23 11:32:37 -0400
Well, then, if that’s true, the Oil Companies need to take all the money they spend on lobbying the Federal/Provincial Governments and start spending it instead on lobbying the Aboriginal Bands, with job offers, offers of college and university courses, remedial training where required, new sports facilities….etc., etc.,!
commented 2016-05-23 02:53:47 -0400
Don’t count on the conservative government of Manitoba. Just last week, the conservatives announced that they would be introducing carbon pricing for the producers. Funny how this was not in the election platform.
commented 2016-05-23 02:51:21 -0400
Liberals + NDP + UN = Canada destroyed + human suffering on a scale not yet imagined.
commented 2016-05-23 01:39:49 -0400
penson, do you have a pot belly,do you have skinny little arms all pale and veiny with no muscles,are your hands all pink and soft like a little girls, do you mince and twitch your behind like a little girl when you walk ,do you know what calluses look like , have you ever worked [if you work ] in 25 below zero weather ,or rain running down your neck ,tell me you little fairy what have you ever accomplished , did you ask turdo if you could give him a BJ,your a nauseating little creep aren’t you
commented 2016-05-23 00:39:48 -0400
Sean Penson GET that fat wallet out you dick-wad – I need cash!! You better have a wad of it – as many of my buds need it too!
commented 2016-05-23 00:32:20 -0400
Sean Penson YOU ARE A LIAR!! Not too damn long ago you claimed to be from Toronto – so go give your IDLE TRuDope the BJ you have been pining to do for a long time now – Are you a MUslim or just a street Knob Gobbler?
commented 2016-05-23 00:25:19 -0400
Sean Penson – get your dick out of your ass! You are a stupid Vancouver dip-shit! And I know many peoples in Vancouver who would love to string your balls on their fishing line!!
FYI – idiot Libtard – Trans Mountain is going to drill a hole right through your empty space !
You still haven’t come over for coffee – so as the dipstick dick wad you are – it is quite assumable that you are one of those Vancouver Wankers who needs to get his balls slapped good & hard!
Get a grip on reality & then get on your horse & phuck right off! You go on & on about the stupidest Left wing super shit – so when you do come for coffee – I got some special Kool-Aid for you! Cougar piss mixed with TruDopes’ Mrs special blend!!
commented 2016-05-22 23:07:37 -0400
tell me penson you mental midget do you or anyone in your family own or drive a car, do you go on the bus or fly anywhere i have refrained from reacting to your posts up to now because they are so effing stupid , but when i see a way of like being wiped out by three effing retards ,nutley, turdo and wynne who have never had a real job in their whole life i can’t keep quiet , you are an utterly brain dead kool-aid drinking nut bar,all this logging and oil fields and coal mines ,copper mines is what kept Canada going for over a hundred years,you are pathetic and all you vancouverites with your elitist attitude that your shit don’t stink make me vomit ,i worked in all those places ,they are good jobs ,they have good environmental standards ,WE keep this country going but you are too effing stupid to even know what that is,let me tell you penson if my job in the resource industry was being shut down from fools like you i suggest you don’t go and protest any where near those job sites ,you holier than thou vancouverites with that brain dead mayor and his stupid bike lanes need to be taught a lesson, if it was in my power i would stop all oil and gas deliveries and electricity to vancouver and all those areas like victoria , burnaby etc etc. i would shut you down 100 % from anything to do with fossil fuels including food deliveries ,you sick bastards are not even worth one drop of sweat of one oil field worker
commented 2016-05-22 23:06:47 -0400
Don’t worry Sean the pipeline won’t go past your corner on East Hastings where you give blowjobs for a toonie. Hopefully Vancouver drops into the ocean and takes all the pedo lefties with it.
commented 2016-05-22 22:26:14 -0400
Trans Mountain is dead, get over it! As a Vancouverite, I am very appalled as to how many British Columbians are misled by the petrochemical industry. Those who care about our future do NOT want this or Kinder Morgan!
commented 2016-05-22 21:49:16 -0400
Bennett and Baby Doc Trudeau forget that the Canadian constitution will mean nothing to Provinces that are no longer part of Canada. Western alienation was long dormant but the elites Toronto East are resurrecting it, and once revived it won’t be the benign movement it was under Papa Doc but a much more active political movement aiming to leave a federation that does not want us.
commented 2016-05-22 20:40:17 -0400
We are looking this from the wrong direction. Pre-contact, first nations were a stone age society 6000 years behind. No metals, written language, domestic livestock,not even the wheel and we brought them the horse. They, in fact OWE US. Time to start paying us for roads, electricity, autos, aircraft, running water, modern medicine….all the trappings of an advanced European society. Time to pay up or go back to brush huts and stone tools.
commented 2016-05-22 20:23:01 -0400
since i live in the north western Ontario i can tell you first hand what this fool we elected is going to do to Canada. you may have heard of a small project called the ring of fire ,on crown land. the company walked away from the project because of the fact they could not get guarantees from the Ontario liberals that a group of fools in a pick up truck with some signs could not shut down a billion dollar development and that the rule of law would be sir not here . i have read for myself many treaties posted on line from legal law suits and they all have one thing in common." Aboriginals give up their land rights to the crown and government of Canada for European settlement in current-day and forever. In return for giving up these rights, they received:yah yah blah blah " or " Aboriginals give up their land rights to the government of Canada for European settlement in current-day northeastern Ontario forever. In return for giving up these rights, they received".you get the idea.
there is a bunch of other lines of law none of which allow for the crap i see going on now. i was standing in line at the drug store the other day and i watched a American women make a purchase.she pulled what i thought was a casino card only to find it was a treaty card from the u.s.a and she used it to avoid paying GST on her purchase. this only is a example of how stupid things have gotten.
i have one thought, who the hell does the son of Fuddle Duddle think is going to pay for this spending?
the liberals have killed manufacturing in ontaio ,borrowed billions of dollars this year and is working with ndp in alberta to kill canada’s last bright spot of economic activity .they are going to create a mess that is going to end badly.
commented 2016-05-22 20:11:44 -0400
I believe its time for Western Canada to say enough is enough, and hold a referendum to shed ourselves of this fiasco called a government. Alberta will have to wait until they remove the sheriff of Notelyham, but Manitoba now has a government that is open for business, so they will likely be interested, so Saskatchewan and Manitoba can step up to the plate and get the ball rolling. :-)
commented 2016-05-22 20:06:00 -0400
Let the shakedowns begin!
commented 2016-05-22 19:57:32 -0400
I asked this once before:
Is it time for Canada to separate from Ontario and Quebec yet?
I’m ready!
commented 2016-05-22 19:51:18 -0400
Normal people just can’t seem to fathom the depth of deception and blatant lies that lefty ideologues like the tag team of Trudeau, Wynne and Notley are willing to sink. When you sell your soul you no longer have one.