October 09, 2015

Here's why every Halifax Conservative should "vote for the socialist"

Damian PennyRebel Blogger

In the federal riding of Halifax, it's time for every good Conservative to do his duty and vote for the socialist. It's important.

The EKOS/iPolitics tracking poll for October 8 shows an absolutely shocking collapse in NDP support here in Atlantic Canada. They're at 12.5%, almost seven points behind a Conservative Party deeply unpopular in the East -- and getting absolutely stomped by the Liberals who sit at 66%.

That's not a misprint.

The CBC poll tracker has everyone a little closer, but "Team Trudeau" (ugh) is still comfortably ahead in Atlantic Canada with 51.8% support. while the NDP is again shown in third place.

There can be no doubt about it:

Here in the East, the anti-Harper vote has swung overwhelmingly toward the Liberals, at the New Democrats' expense.

And with national polls showing a two-horse race between the Liberals and Conservatives, it might be time for Tories in some Atlantic ridings to hold their noses and vote NDP in ridings where they have a shot at holding on.

Despite a penchant for allowing 9/11 troofers to promote themselves on her constituency website, Halifax New Democrat Megan Leslie is very well-respected in the area. But her Liberal challenger Andy Fillmore has run a strong, apparently well-financed campaign -- his ads are freaking everywhere around here -- and ThreeHundredEight shows the Liberals leading in the federal riding of Halifax, seven points ahead of the NDP.

And what about Tory candidate Irvine Carvery? He's at 11.3%, with absolutely no chance of winning -- but with enough support, if utilized properly, to keep the Liberals from winning that seat. Halifax Tories may not want Megan Leslie as their MP, but if they can keep the seat out of Justin Trudeau's hands in a tight national race, a vote for Leslie makes a lot of sense.

It's a similar story in my native riding of St. John's South-Mount Pearl, where outspoken New Democrat incumbent Ryan Cleary is fighting for his political life against Liberal Seamus O'Regan. (Yes, it's the Canada AM guy.)

ThreeHundredEight has him over twenty points behind O'Regan, a gap too wide for Conservative supporters to bridge. But when you consider that the Tory candidate is an Ontario-based reality TV star who may have never set foot in God's Country before he became a candidate there, it's probably worth turning to the incumbent to keep the seat from turning red.

Next door in St. John's East, the popular Jack Harris will probably hold his seat. Indeed, even if the NDP suffers a 1993-style wipeout (everyone forgets that they were reduced to nine seats that year) he's probably one of the safe ones. But with the Tories again having no chance in that riding, Conservative supporters might as well play it safe and support Harris.

(Or, for a laugh, they can vote for Sean Burton, the first Communist candidate in Newfoundland's political history, assuming Joey Smallwood doesn't count.)

Elsewhere in Atlantic Canada, there's either a Conservative candidate with a chance at winning, or the Liberals are so far ahead of everybody that strategic voting wouldn't make a difference. 

But in the ridings where it might make a difference, well, there's no law that says only left-of-centre voters can do it.


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commented 2015-10-10 23:07:13 -0400
This has nearly always been the case. We’re not surprised,. The federal Conservatives shouldn’t worry too much as Atlantic Canada doesn’t have the population base to really make a difference. (Sorry for being blunt, but it’s the truth.) Atlantic Canada has a history of voting in whoever will give them a handout, be it provincially or federally. So, my apologies for not being sympathetic, but I can’t support the concept of “strategically” voting. We’ve seen how well that’s done in the past in various places — it has failed, each time, and sometimes spectacularly. Shall we ask Quebec?
commented 2015-10-10 17:52:33 -0400
They will never get out of that welfare mentality out east, will they! So sad.
commented 2015-10-10 03:51:47 -0400
Sorry, that’s Highway “217”, not “214” as I should well know….
commented 2015-10-10 00:59:58 -0400
Having lived in rural Nova Scotia for six years (Digby County) let me offer some insights for what they’re worth… The essential fact is that all of rural Nova Scotia, i.e anything outside of Halifax/Dartmouth, is an economic basket case and has been so for several generations now… Unless you inherited daddy’s lobster license, and boat, you are in deep doo-doo… The rural areas of NS are a stark mirror of what once was, but now definitely is not…. Rural NS is an “old folks” home with large family houses occupied by one or two lonely grandparents… The school buses are half empty every day… You can drive every country road and see abandoned churches and graveyards speaking to a province that peaked a long time ago… You can drive Highway 214 from Digby to Westport along Digby Neck and find abandoned houses EVERY mile of that roadway… Darrell Dexter’s NDP made major mistakes in their one term reign from 2009 to 2014… They rewarded Halifax/Dartmouth but screwed south-western Nova Scotia’s tourist industry by killing the subsidies to the Portsmouth, Maine to Yarmouth high speed ferry… And they haven’t recovered yet… U-Haul agents in NS, NB and PEI during the summer months have at best one or two trucks available… Meanwhile the U-Haul dealer yards in Saskatchewan, Alberta and B.C. are chock a block full of trucks from “down East”… The welfare mentality IS strong in NS, and voters are willing to try anything and anyone that promises more of the same… For what it’s worth…
commented 2015-10-09 23:03:12 -0400
Gawd damned NDP, can’t even do an effective job of splitting the vote. Why is this happening.