November 15, 2017

Hi-end “swag” at UN climate conference “could buy a lot of mosquito nets”

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

The UN Climate Change Conference in Bonn, Germany is in full swing, and I've been seeing a lot of reasons why politicians and NGO's trip over each other to get to these things.

It's a really big homecoming party for environmentalists and bureaucrats with a really big price tag.

Basically, it’s hippy prom.

WATCH to see some of the opulent perks and parties we found around Bonn for the UN delegates. They spared no expense.

You won’t hear about any of this in mainstream media — because the journalists are enjoying the perks and swag too!

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commented 2017-11-15 16:56:56 -0500
I am going to take this opportunity to blow the lid off the mosquito nets thing. My spouse was an AIDS activist, her twin brother’s partner was amoung the first casualties in Canada.

Many millenials are not old enough to remember when the MSM hyped that HIV would depopulate the world , particularly in Africa.

Nor would they remember the controversy over wether or not the virus that destroyed T helper cells in the immune system was the culprit, or if it was just another opportunistic infection in a collapsing immune system.

Nor would they remember the controversial assertions of Dr Henry Heimlich who died last December….famous for the first aid intervention which has saved many people who were choking on food…the Heimlich manouever.

Dr Henry Heimlich was among those who thought that the HIV had been misidentified as the culprit…and rough fair he had his reasons and his work was not entirely unscientific.

But he also had another hypothesis….it was his observation that patients with immune systems that were collapsed by AIDS could be given a reprieve by infecting them deliberately with malaria.

Now wether or not this is quackery, it is still widely believed in Africa…besides….death by malaria does not carry the stigma of death by AIDS.

Mosquito nets are not going to save people who are actually dying of HIV.

There are much better uses of money….either eradicate the mosquitos or declare where they live a no-go zone for human habitation….sort of like the Mosquito Coast in Central America…a beautifull but uninhabitable beach.
commented 2017-11-15 15:37:37 -0500
Next time book the rainforests in south America . Climate thieves more like it . I think they should fired period . What a bunch of a-holes.
commented 2017-11-15 13:22:24 -0500
Ah, the Left which is also the UN, some of the biggest and best liars this world has ever seen.
Only the very best liars and deceivers are allowed at these parties called ‘Climate Change Conferences’ or some such thing. The evidence of this fact is seen by their refusal to allow The Rebel into their midst. Why? Because The Rebel doesn’t lie or try to deceive.
Watching the Ezra show last night showed another stark bit of evidence to support this claim. Ezra had Marc Marano of Climate Depot on as a guest, and Marc claimed that the only way he could be allowed to attend the the conference was to say and tell the UN everything they wanted to hear, he also apologized for any ‘Bad’ behavior in the past and promised to be very good and respectful so that they would give him the entry pass to attend. In other words (he admitted this) he had to lie and deceive the UN to gain access.
The UN – the Left – the very best LIARS in the world, every one of them. Trudeau and the LIEBERALS fit right in like a glove.
commented 2017-11-15 12:27:02 -0500
Great report Sheila.
Climate alarmists don’t value lives over the “evils of CO2”, the fact the money spent on water bottles could have been used to purchase mosquito nets that save lives is completely lost on them. Dismantle capitalism via Ponzi schemes and prop up fake research to create energy poverty in the West & shut down oil and gas industry in Canada.
The river cruises on the Rhine were no doubt powered by rowers were they?!!!
Thousands of these hypocrites book their annual climate retreat and reap the freebies at the expense of the taxpayer.

I hope officials in Poland cancel next year’s event.