September 02, 2016

HIDDEN CAMERA: Islamic school in UK teaches children to kill gays ISIS style and reject multiculturalism

StaffRebel Columnist

A shocking video exposes a Muslim school in the UK teaching students that Europe is evil has gone viral.

The video, which originally appeared on LiveLeak, was posted on YouTube and shared by Steven Crowder.

The female teacher also tells students that homosexuals should be thrown “from the highest place”. This is exactly what ISIS does with gays.

At one point, the idea of a multi-faith and multicultural society is rejected. You have to watch this.

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commented 2016-09-05 23:36:25 -0400
Obviously I was using extreme exaggeration, but you get the idea…
commented 2016-09-05 12:44:33 -0400
@ali Abbas
We don’t care what you say, you are the enemy as are we, no matter what. The books YOU study tell you this about us. Talk all you want, you want trust? Burn a Koran, baptize yourself in pig blood and video tape it. Then you can be an ally.

If you think you can move your roach children into my country with the goal of changing our laws, you have another thing coming.
commented 2016-09-04 17:24:59 -0400
Every time a Muslim tries to promote Islam as a ‘religion of peace’, they use that same tired verse. Obviously it’s the only one they can come up with. The problem is if you read the full text it is referring to other Muslims. What about all the calls for hate and killing?
commented 2016-09-04 15:09:38 -0400
And in Canada we teach our children to be good little lefties dependent on the state…………..
commented 2016-09-04 01:25:10 -0400

You said you are originally from Jordan. Why don’t you still live there? At the very least, why didn’t you migrate to another “Islamic” country? Why did you decide to leave your Islamic homeland to seek a new life in a Christian country??

Seems to me that the middle eastern filth that practice Islam, are fleeing their homelands and seeking refuge in Christian countries! Only to bring the misery, violence and oppression of Islam with them!!!

Fuck you! And fuck Islam!
commented 2016-09-03 23:35:50 -0400
@ Ali Abbas

The evil in the world today and for the past many centuries is islam

It will lead to war as islam kills everything that stands in its way.

There is not on islamic run country that is not a schitte hole and there is not one islamic run country that is at peace. There are many islamic countries that have a lipstick front – but once you get past the lipstick you see the true pig that is islam.

You are simply a liar and a thief and a cheat.

And so is islam.
commented 2016-09-03 11:58:52 -0400
@drew Wakariuk:
“Phil Tessier tolerant Ali compares you to an ugly American then calls for you to open your mind. LMAO! I guess he does not know where you originated and does not like to open his own mind. "

Drew he says I am just angry and should take anger management. He is right in one sense. Everyday I wake up to another murderous blood bath caused by Islam. When I watched this video close to my summer home I get angry..

I watch this and that fucking fool comes on here and tells me Islam is love and that the teachings of that piece of shit Muhammad are good.
commented 2016-09-03 11:52:23 -0400
Ali…your problem is you pretend there is such a thing as a moderate Muslim. That is a joke. There are Muslim reformists like Dr Zuhdi Jasser or like Tarek Fatah who would like to bring Islam out of the 6th century. they receive death threats for their efforts because they offend main stream Muslims.

This comment of yours is hilarious..“because you can’t understand historically and socially what the Profet Mohammed (PBUH) has done for Arabs”.

Ahhh…Yes we do understand the false prophet’s contribution and may his bones rot in pig shit.. He has made his followers the most backward, war like, barbaric, misogynistic, anti-gay, two faced, murderous bastards the world has ever known. The scourge of Islam must be stopped.
commented 2016-09-03 06:10:20 -0400
“I am muslim, I am from Jordan and I have been studying in the UK since 2013.”

Suuuuure you are, ALI. We believe you.
commented 2016-09-03 05:09:19 -0400
Phil Tessier tolerant Ali compares you to an ugly American then calls for you to open your mind. LMAO! I guess he does not know where you originated and does not like to open his own mind.
commented 2016-09-03 05:07:09 -0400
Ali will you come lecture a man with a burka clad woman in public, i see them in the store i work at and on the streets. Where are you then?
commented 2016-09-03 05:06:23 -0400
Ali the genocide in some of the countries is not ISIS by the way. They are not the only group.
commented 2016-09-03 05:04:44 -0400
Ali sorry but we know quite well what is happening in the world.
commented 2016-09-03 05:03:22 -0400
ALi let me see you at the next al-quds rally if you are so outspoken.
commented 2016-09-03 05:02:56 -0400
Ali one facebook video is hardly a billion Muslims. I only see a few brave enough to stand up and be seen. And the MSM is so pro Muslim it is pathetic, so spare me the crap that they are hiding it. They lie and deflect and ignore stories of Muslims doing bad things, not the other way around. And sorry but drawing him is not the same thing as calling my mom a whore. I understand history quite well. The middle east is a fine example of it. ANd sorry but i see Muslims destroy statues and paintings of Jesus and attack churches.
commented 2016-09-03 02:52:33 -0400
@drew Makariuk: The moderate muslims silence is defeaning? Or is it just because the media don’t talk about this, because it’s not convenient for them to show Islam like any other religion?. I will answer to you with a video as many people here like to do:

About joking. No muslims joke about Jesus. And joking about the Profet (PBUH) or any profet in general is stupid. You cannot understand this point, because you can’t understand historically and socially what the Profet Mohammed (PBUH) has done for Arabs. The Times magazine voted the Prophet (PBUH) as the most influencial man in history and whoever wrote thos list were not a muslim. For many of muslims it is if you would joke and be disrespectful aout your mum. If I say to you your mum is a prostitute who goes and have sex with dogs would you be happy and accept the joke because you are modern and moderate? I don’t think so.

@phil Tessier. I won’t even try to answer to you. I imagine you like one of those ugly americans who goes to other cities only talking in english and looking for MacDonalds around. I can only pray for you that you will find peace in your heart to open to the world and to different people and cultures.
You are the one who talks rubbish here because you talk without knowing things. Islam is all about making the world Islam. Says who? Daesh? I told you already I think that all the world will be Islam. That’s true for me, as you (if you are a true Christian) should think that all the world will be Christian, because when you read in the Bible the Kingdom of Jesus will come, that’s exactly what it means. We all be servants of Jesus because he will be king.
But even then, there will be discussions to do about the interpretation of what does it mean that all the world will be Islamic. It simply means that all the world will be submitted to God. Not much different to say that we will be all servants of God. Isn’t it? But that’s the max I ill tell you and I am tired to waste time. So I will go on with my life and try to deceive people I am a good guy while I am trying to kill them all. Sure, right. Goodbye.

@lennard Maillet : You are another one who doesn’t know things. Ask a “Middle Eastern”. He will tell you that in most “Arab” countries we say that the real muslims live outside. What is happening in most of the Islamic countries is disgusting. No one says no. And it’s disgusting that no Islamic countries like Saudi or EAU, etc, are accepting refugees, although they could have means and money to support them BUt the ideal world is different from the real world. Again: Saudi Arabia is distroying the image of Islam with their wahabis hate preaching. Everybody knows it. However the president of the other western countries bowls in front of the Saudi King. Because they need his money and oil. And they can’t simply goes and invade them as Americans do when they need something.
commented 2016-09-03 01:49:11 -0400
Ali a lot of priests are not pedophiles and Westboro is not killing anyone and other Christians crap on them openly. And someone made a piss Christ , that person is doing fine, if it were a piss Muhammed you know damn well they would be dead.
commented 2016-09-03 01:45:26 -0400
Ali Abbas this happens everywhere. Sorry to burst your bubble. And i have no problem with decent honest Muslims. But the moderate silence is deafening.
commented 2016-09-02 23:27:26 -0400
You cannot compare the Westboro Church with the teachings being advocated in mosques. As reprehensible as the behaviour of the Westoboro church is no one is calling on anyone to kill anyone and you cannot say that anything Jesus said or did promoted harm towards anyone.
commented 2016-09-02 23:11:43 -0400
Those of us with brains already knew this.
commented 2016-09-02 21:56:29 -0400
@billy Howard:
“Islam is a belief, and like any belief, one can wholly believe in it or not, and I dare say, many Muslims choose not to wholly believe and follow everything in the Quran, just as I do not follow every rule in the bible either.”

How Christians view the word of the Bible versus how Muslims view the Quran is a completely different beast. Muslims pride themselves on using Muhammad as a role model. Muslims pride themselves on believing the Quran word for word as the true word of God. But Islam is much more then the “I pray to god stuff” that the Christians do in church. Islam is an ideology. A way of life that is all about making the world Islam. Their prayers, their religious studies, the Quran and the Hadiths are all about accomplishing that.

Sure there are Muslim Reformists like Zuhdi Jasser but they are a small minority. So in Christianity a small minority follow the Bible word for word. In Islam a small majority do not.
commented 2016-09-02 21:51:40 -0400
Islam is a religion of peace! That’s why thousands of northern and western europeans die every year drowning trying to cross the mediterranean in flimsy boats to reach the promised lands in africa, the middle east, afghanistan, pakistan etc.
commented 2016-09-02 21:41:51 -0400
Philip: You’re right. We (western society) cannot live in a world where Islam rules, that’s why we live here and not in Saudi Arabia. Islam is a belief, and like any belief, one can wholly believe in it or not, and I dare say, many Muslims choose not to wholly believe and follow everything in the Quran, just as I do not follow every rule in the bible either.
Do we whole-heartedly follow other belief systems? Like democracy (union members don’t: no secret ballot)? Like capitalism (rules against monopolization)? Like equal rights (are we demanding gender equality for firemen or nurses)? You see my point?
Also, I don’t consider myself naïve or stupid, but if my good Muslim friends were all about deceiving me and wishing me death (as an infidel), then I guess I am the dupe you suggest.
commented 2016-09-02 21:20:37 -0400
@billy Howard:
“People have to come to the decision that living together in peace on this earth means accepting peoples’ differences while at the same time embracing the values that are the norm, based on geography.”

Billy you can not live together in peace with Islam. That is the illusion. Islam is all about making the world Islam…full stop. A Muslim sounding like a reasonable guy is just to dupe you into a false sense of security.
commented 2016-09-02 21:09:15 -0400
Ali, you’ve let the provocations get to you.
You sound like a reasonable guy when speaking with reasonable people. But there are some, let’s just say “undiplomatic” speakers in the room, just as there are rabid SJWs spewing disgraceful rhetoric in other places on the www. But I digress.
People have to come to the decision that living together in peace on this earth means accepting peoples’ differences while at the same time embracing the values that are the norm, based on geography.
Whether you believe in Islam, Catholicism, Buddhism, Sikhism, atheism or whatever, the afterlife is just that — it’s after we’re gone. As they say, God will sort ‘em out, but in the meantime, can’t we all just get along?
And if we can’t get along, for whatever reason, then we either change or move on. If I don’t want to accept the lifestyle and culture of say, Botswana, then I won’t live there. The same goes for people moving to Canada or Iran.
But back to the point I believe we can both agree on: Radicalism is wrong and doesn’t belong in any society. And preaching radical non-conformist ideas is especially repugnant in societies that try to be tolerant.
commented 2016-09-02 20:50:17 -0400
Ali:… Look at the poison being spouted by these Islamic teachers. Just look at these disgusting videos. Pure poison. You cannot spin that poison into goodness no matter what you do. There is nothing good about Islam. Any love portrayed by Islam is for your fellow Islamsts. It id death to the rest of of. It is the destruction of Western democracy. Just look at the videos. This is the real Islam. There is no sucj thing as moderate or extreme Islam. There is just Islam.
commented 2016-09-02 20:35:34 -0400
Billy Howard and Terry Roberts. I will reply to you only because you are the only two sane and constructive people in here. I will leave the angry ones go back to their angry management course.

First of all there are already a lot of sermons by imams online on Youtube for example. Don’t look for the shit of Daesh, look for the preaching of respectful imams. I bet £1000 you won’t distinguish them from any preaching of priests or rabbins.
The funny thing is that once I sent a video by an imam to Christian friends of mine (yes, I have a Christian friends and no, I won’t try to convert or revert them to Islam and I won’t try to kill them) and they were shocked by the idea that we think that all the world will be unified by Islam at the end of time and those who don’t believe won’t be saved. That’s pretty much like saying that a Christian believes that at the end of time will come the Kingdom of Jesus and all the people who don’t believe in Jesus will not be saved (that’s what Christians believe, right?). So, my friends why calling me a fanatic if I believe that and calling a Christian a “moderate” pacifist if he believes that? Isn’t it a huge example of double standard?
Jews even say worst things about Jesus. Watch Youtube and you will find jews calling Jesus an impostor, a thief or even worst. We believe and respect Jesus, but still we are the bad ones. This is pretty amazing to think.
I am not against the control of the Mosques, if this would make you feel safer, but as you can have the perfect example in this forum that won’t be enough for people who can’t go beyond the ideas that media had put in their mind already. A westerner who goes in a cinema and kills 40 people when they watch Batman is a “psychokiller”. A middle eastern who does that is a “terrorist”, even if he has nothing to do with Islam, a part shouting maybe the name of Allah (SWT) invain, before killing innocent people. So if the westerner psychokiller shouts the name of jesus will that make him a Christian terrorist?
Anyway you said something good at the end. You got fearful of things you don’t know. Exactly that. Have you ever been to Kuwait? Or to Lebanon? Or to Jordan? One of my dad best friend is a Christian in Jordan. In Lebanon people of different faiths get along very well. So in Turkey. You don’t know muslims. You believe things, you get convinced of things, but you don’t know things. I have lived in the west and in the east. I know life here and there. Most of the people who write here probably have never left their Texas. @terry Roberts now. I haven’t say that Christians hate gay. I was doing a statement like the one westerners do on muslims. Muslims = Terrorists. So, again, because a lot of Christian priests are pedophiles, then I should say Christians= Pedophiles. Of course I am just provoking you to let you understand what I mean.

Having said that, of course true muslims cannot accept homosexuality and I find it disgusting and against morality and humanity, but that’s my opinion. If you are gay, I don’t care, it’s not my business, just don’t try to convince me that you are right and I am wrong. Everything that disrespect Allah (SWT) is of course forbidden in Islam, but that’s another thing. About Islam allowing the killing of gays, again you don’t know things. Have you ever read the words of Profet Mohammed (PBUH) that he who kills a single man kills all humanity? So if you have only read this phrase, how can you think that for a true muslim is possible to kill just even 1 man. But of course you will never find this phrase around. It’s “more convenient” for people to think Islam is an evil plan of mass-destruction. Your US media are filling you with shit and you don’t even try to see beyond. Little huge example: The killing of Osama Bin Ladin. US Magazines wrote that the body of this allegedly uncatchable terrorist, who went younger and younger with years was killed and then throw in the Ocean, accordingly to the Islamic rhite. I have two magazines here in my room with that shit. Hahah, sure, which Islamic rhyte exactly says that corpse need to be throw in the sea? Please let me know because I am curious. I think I am a muslim, but maybe some US journalist knows more than me and I am curious to know more.
And after a few weeks the helicopter of all the hero soldiers who killed the monster gets destroyed by an accident and everybody died. Everybody died except one, who luckily for him writes a book confirming that he has killed Bin Ladin…
Seriously. And US people believe this shit.
commented 2016-09-02 19:54:15 -0400
@ali Abbas:
“But then again, sure 2 billion people in the world went suddenly crazy and wants to kill everybody who doesn’t think alike. "

99.9% of those 2 billion live in shit holes ruled by Muhammad’s uneducated brain dead followers. Why are they shit holes…because of Islam. That is why. We just don’t need and don’t want that poisonous ideology in the West.
commented 2016-09-02 19:38:12 -0400
Exactly as I said before my post would have made many idiots angry, because it easy to stay still fixed in your narrow-minded opinions rather than thinking with your own head.
I asked you a question: Why a guy like Anjeem Choudary who openly preaches hate is still free to go around the UK? How come everybody Knows that Saudi are financing international terrorism, but when the Saudi king goes to other countries all the presidents of the other countries bowls like servants in front of him? Think, idiots, before you talk.
But then again, sure 2 billion people in the world went suddenly crazy and wants to kill everybody who doesn’t think alike. Go USA, vote your Trump and make America great again, a bright future is waiting…