September 02, 2016

HIDDEN CAMERA: Islamic school in UK teaches children to kill gays ISIS style and reject multiculturalism

StaffRebel Columnist

A shocking video exposes a Muslim school in the UK teaching students that Europe is evil has gone viral.

The video, which originally appeared on LiveLeak, was posted on YouTube and shared by Steven Crowder.

The female teacher also tells students that homosexuals should be thrown “from the highest place”. This is exactly what ISIS does with gays.

At one point, the idea of a multi-faith and multicultural society is rejected. You have to watch this.

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commented 2016-09-02 19:36:54 -0400
@dan Mancuso:
“Show the beauty of Islam”
You mean like the way they treat animals:
WARNING: graphic violence"

It would appear that they are easier on their goats then they are on their women after they catch them having sex with another Jihadist.
commented 2016-09-02 19:36:54 -0400
@dan Mancuso:
“Show the beauty of Islam”
You mean like the way they treat animals:
WARNING: graphic violence"

It would appear that they are easier on their goats then they are on their women after they catch them having sex with another Jihadist.
commented 2016-09-02 19:35:34 -0400
Ali Abbas,

Hopefully you will wade through the garbage comments here and listen to a sane person.

To suggest that Christians hate homosexuals is not correct. Fundamentalist Christians abhor homosexual BEHAVIOUR for the sin that it is, and, since we are all sinners in many ways, we cannot hate the person but should abhor the act. God did not put us here to simply seek pleasure from our bodies but expects us to propagate and respect all lives, including the unborn. To do so is to please God. Even Darwinists who deny God understand that every species is designed to reproduce and that this is the norm. Should everyone practice LGBTQ behaviour then mankind would quickly destroy itself. Therefore it is immoral, and abhorrent. It is not necessary or pleasing to God to kill or torment homosexuals yet some facets of Islam encourage this . You cannot deny it. The evidence is everywhere and not simply found in acts carried out by extremist Jihadists.
commented 2016-09-02 18:56:01 -0400
Your argument only falls apart in 3): Monitoring.
As a person who regularly attends church, I have no qualms about the service being monitored, in fact, it’s a great idea. The sermon is always about goodness, forgiveness, love thy neighbour, etc., so having that publicly viewed would be great. I would think Muslims, Jews, etc. should also be happy to allow their teachings to be simulcast. It would be so simple to set up web-cams for this.
Monitoring would be a great way to spread the good word and good values of God, or Allah, or Jehovah, etc. Islam talks about converting, so why not allow live streaming of the sermons and classes?
I’ve had Muslim friends and I know they can have western values, but these days, because of ISIS, the public is becoming fearful and apprehensive about those we don’t know.
commented 2016-09-02 18:20:43 -0400
“Show the beauty of Islam”
You mean like the way they treat animals:
WARNING: graphic violence

There is only Islam…it is pure evil…Take your lying BS and f**k off back to whatever sh*t-hole you and the rest of your Moslem savages slithered out of! We all know about stealth jihad, hijra and taqiyya…and that’s the straight dope!
commented 2016-09-02 16:37:48 -0400
“I am muslim, I am from Jordan and I have been studying in the UK since 2013.”

Suuuuure you are, ALI. Just like I’m the ghost of Ho Chi Minh.
commented 2016-09-02 16:19:59 -0400
@julie Martinez:
“That doesn’t sound like a religion of peace, or love or whatever it is they’re broadcasting. Unless this is all dubbed since we can’t watch the lips move with the speech.”

That training is not new and is going on en mass all over the world. Yes, we should be very concerned. Islam is an ideology that needs to be checked before it is too late. There is no room to tolerate the diversity of Islam.
commented 2016-09-02 16:14:48 -0400
That doesn’t sound like a religion of peace, or love or whatever it is they’re broadcasting. Unless this is all dubbed since we can’t watch the lips move with the speech.
commented 2016-09-02 15:43:54 -0400
@ali Abbas:
“But please don’t believe me. I am just openly lying for Allah”

That is exactly what you are doing. That was obvious when you portray those that want to kill Christians as not being Muslim. You know it and I know it.
commented 2016-09-02 15:37:29 -0400

Thanks for answering. I would be fine with all religious institutions being monitored — most have nothing to hide.
commented 2016-09-02 15:29:13 -0400
@ Philip Tessier: Congrats, if “we” think in that way, then you and your “We” friends are ready to go to Pakistan and join those groups! The tolerance, multiculturalism and respect in your words are inspiring! Well done!

@bugs Poster:

1) Of course not. Not just in the West world, but EVERYWHERE.
2) If I had the answer to that I would be rich. An educated guess: for example arresting people like A. CHoudari who keeps spreading hate around and no one in the UK thinks to arrest him (maybe it’s the case to ask yourself WHY the UK government has not arrested him yet. Maybe they need him to act like that…?"
3) You mean to check if the big bad evil muslims are doing right? Would you allow the gov to check churches and sinagogues? Because there are good christians who go to church but rape women on the week ends…There are almost 2 billion muslims around the world, so what’s next? The fingerprint for all muslims? A tattoo on their arms or a signs on their chest? Where did I see this before? Mmmmmmhhhh….
4) Again there are 2 bill muslims. Those videos are 2…

But please don’t believe me. I am just openly lying for Allah (SWT)…(What does it even mean..)?
commented 2016-09-02 15:27:54 -0400

I tend to agree with you. Monitoring mosques would go a long way to proving (or disproving) what he’s saying. I think it needs to be done across the board for our own safety, before the radicalization process goes any further.

In the cities, you can see the radicalization right before our eyes as more and more Muslims women are “choosing” to wear the burka… Yesterday, I saw two little girls in burkas. This would not have happened even 5 years ago…
commented 2016-09-02 15:25:08 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM: 31,658 Attacks, 201,425 Killed, 282,270 Injured…. that we know of.
commented 2016-09-02 15:23:33 -0400
Ali Abbas
You make some valid arguments about different countries practising Islam in different ways. I think you might be naïve to think that this situation will remain that countries such as Jordan will be peaceful while other Islamic countries are brutal violent extremists.

Iran was secular before Ayatollah Khomeini took control of Iran and now they are a radical Islamic regime exporting violent jihad. Turkey was also a secular country and is quickly turning into an islamic dictatorship under Erdogan. Syria was fairly peaceful before Assad decided to attack his own people. Iraq could not transform itself into a peaceful country after trillions of dollars were spent to stabilize the country.

Jordan, Lebanon and maybe a few others are fairly peaceful now. How long will this last? How quickly can they be changed into a radical Islamic regime?
commented 2016-09-02 15:18:45 -0400
@bugs Potter:
ALI ABBAS: Good post, interesting perspective.”

The very second he tried to declare that those teaching young Muslims to kill Christian were not Muslims you knew that ALI ABBAS was completely full of shit. He is simply pushing the lie that Muslims don’t act like that. Well they do act like that and they are taught to do it in the Quran and by the Islamic leaders that follow the Quran. Guys like ALI ABBAS are very dangerous because they come off as being somewhat plausible to some. Don’t buy into his bullshit.
commented 2016-09-02 14:53:41 -0400
ALI ABBAS: Good post, interesting perspective. I have a couple questions for you, if you have the time to answer them:

1.Should mosques be permitted to preach these things in western countries?

2. If not, what is the best way to prevent it?

3. Would your mosque and others permit monitoring, so that dangerous mosques can be closed and ones likes yours could continue?

More examples what Muslims in western nations are preaching/teaching: (hidden camera in U.K. Islamic school) (Danish convention of Muslim organization)
commented 2016-09-02 14:27:13 -0400
Ali Abbas…

What we think is that all Muslims read and believe the writings of the Quran.

What we think is that anyone that follows the disgusting teaching of Muhammad and wishes to use him as a role model (that is most Muslims) do not integrate well with Western democracy.

What we think is that Sharia Law, honour killings, FGM, misogyny, polygamy, anti-gay and such bullshit does not belong in any civilized country.

What we think is that good Muslims come on these forums and openly lie for Allah trying to present a false narrative as they are encouraged to do in the Quran.

What we think, in studying Islam ourselves, is that ISIS follows the doctrine of Muhammad very closely.

What we think is that those Muslims that declare these terrorists are not Muslims are full of shit.
commented 2016-09-02 14:01:18 -0400
I am sure some people will not like my comment, because it will challenge their islamophobic attitude.
I am muslim, I am from Jordan and I have been studying in the UK since 2013.
First of all, these idiots are not muslim. They don’t speak in my name, neither in the name of all my muslim friends. They are probably Pakistani or Saudi. The latter is the worst scum you would find on earth. They are bending Islam to their own filthy secret agendas. The first are not middle eastern. They want to be Middle Eastern, but they are Indian, although my indian friends don’t consider them indian neither, so what are they? I don’t know.
You said “muslims” and you think that all the muslims think alike. You are so wrong. Which muslims? Jordan muslims, Lebanon muslims, Kuwaiti muslims, EAU muslims, Yemeni muslims, Morocco muslims ? They are different way to live Islam, such as there are many different countries, cultures, tradtions and way of living life in what you label “Middle East”.
In the same way, those idiots Ultra-orthodox US christians who go around with board signs: “God hates gays” are not probably speaking for any of you “Westerner”. Otherwise I would have to think all christians hate gays, just because a few idiots do and bend religion to their own homophobic way.
Talk to any non Pakistani and non Saudi muslim about multiculturalism, respect interfaith and freedom and see what they would tell you.
Of course though, the latter won’t go on the news. The idiots will, otherwise the newspaper won’t be sold.
Next time you meet a muslim instead of giving him the evil eye or run for your life, try speak to him nicely, you might be surprise.

To Stephen E. : I assumed you have read all the original version of the Koran, the hadiths of the Profet (PBUH) and so you know what you are talking about, right? You didn’t just read 2 lines in the Koran and think to know it all, right? Because I can read the Bible and find awful things too inside it…
commented 2016-09-02 14:00:44 -0400
Fraser Mcburney: if people want to fund religious schools they can. It is the law however what we cannot do allow people to teach people to murder and to play the judge jury and executioner which are also against the law. I have no problem accepting the fact that others have different beliefs than myself except when it violates other people’s rights to life and safety. I also find it annoying that the governments, media and police don’t mind giving warnings about hate language even if people are just being stupid but when it comes to cases of real hate by Islamists they far too often look the other way and after a serious attack put on this act like why didn’t they see this coming. In a recent interview Tarek Fatah warned all the mosques are teaching their flock to pray for victory over the Jews, Christians and atheists. Even he is wondering what it will take to wake us out of our dream. I hope it isn’t an event like breaching a nuclear power plant because then things could get really ugly.
commented 2016-09-02 13:44:36 -0400
They are only repeating what is written in the Koran. Nothing radical. Its just part of the socio-political teachings of Islam.
commented 2016-09-02 13:14:09 -0400
Damn they’re peaceful. sarcasm
commented 2016-09-02 13:12:38 -0400
I would hope to see an investigation into Canadian schools and mosques and if similar teachings are going on — not that JT would do anything to stop it.
But then again, the MSM wouldn’t report it anyways…nevermind.
As John Kerry would say,“It’s better we not know these things”.
commented 2016-09-02 12:35:40 -0400
Just another reason to end religious schools. If you want to teach religion teach them in your church temple (you notice I did not mention mosque it is because a mosque is not a religious building)
Schools are for educating and integrating our children into proper social behavior
commented 2016-09-02 12:27:26 -0400
What would Trump do? Monitor, wire tap, surveillance, prosecute, deport, track financial support to mosques, shut down mosques, quietly threaten Saudi Arabia, .

What would Killary do? Import more muslims, defend the religion of peace, institute UN resolution 16/18, attack first amendment to constitution freedom of speech, attack vast right wing conspiracy theorists, take a nap.
commented 2016-09-02 12:03:19 -0400
This teaching is taking place in Saudi funded Mosques all over the world. You need to be a complete fool if you do not understand how young Muslims re being radicalised and if you are still looking for the root cause of terrorism in the West. Anyone watching this doubt what the Islamic end game is?
commented 2016-09-02 11:45:57 -0400
Well, her days as a teacher in a British school are over……she’ll be a principal or superintendent of education in no time.