February 28, 2018

High profile critic of BC’s “sex activist” agenda speaks out (Guest: Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson)

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show


Comprehensive sex-ed programs across the country have one recurring theme: Intrusiveness by the state into the sanctity of the family.

Parents often feel left out of the formal sex-ed discussion altogether. They feel the government is imposing the state’s values, with the state’s timeline, onto other people’s kids without the parent’s consent or consultation.

But a rising tide of people are fighting back.

Donna Trimble of Parents for Choice in Education in Alberta, Tanya Granic-Allen of Parents as First Educators in Ontario and Chilliwack school board trustee Barry Neufeld are the new public faces in the fight for parents rights in Canada.

These folks aren’t scared of being called a bigot by politicians and activists just because they oppose the introduction of gender theory to younger and younger children.

And more people from some high profile places, are stepping forward to oppose comprehensive sex-ed.

My guest tonight is an author and Christian broadcaster living in British Columbia. Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson is the host of the 700 Club and Laura-Lynn and Friends. She is one of the most vocal and visible opponents of BC’s new SOGI 123 sex-ed curriculum.

Tonight she explains her opposition to what she calls the “sex activist” agenda in BC and now she joins the list of people whose careers are under attack because they spoke up.

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commented 2018-02-28 22:21:48 -0500
Absolutely. Come September keep your kids out of school en masse. I forget how many consecutive days it takes for them to lose their funding, but if enough parents did, they would pay attention. Your kids are depending on you to protect them. There has never been a time in history when it was more important to protect your children from this brainwashing, sexualization, and government control.

Regarding Christianity, how is it that Oprah can get away with talking about being a Christian but a conservative is ridiculed?
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