June 30, 2015

High River UPDATE: RCMP to review rifle classification -- but #HandsOffOurGuns still needs your support

Brian LilleyArchive

RCMP are rightly being told to do their firearms classification job properly.

The "Hands off Our Guns" petition appears to be working as Minister Blaney's office confirmed that the "RCMP has been asked to review the prohibited classification for the Mossberg Blaze 47 22 LR rifle to determine whether it was made in error." We need your continued assistance in spreading and sharing the message so perhaps we can be spared another massive violation of our civil liberties as happened in High River. 


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The High River gun grab violated every Canadian's civil liberties, and must never be repeated.
SIGN OUR PETITION at HandsOffOurGuns.ca

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commented 2015-07-04 16:25:02 -0400
How about hands off our AR-15, big mistake with restricting these.
commented 2015-07-03 23:43:20 -0400
Excellent comments especially from Bill Elder. Proof that a National Police Force (RCMP) should never be given full control of any law or Act of Parliament, hasn’t happened since the Yukon Gold Ruch. Imagine the RCMP can take whatever action they want to (reclassifying the firearms) and the elected MP that they supposedly work for cannot reverse that decision without an Act of Parliement. Bill C-42 fixed the classification problem but what about all the other articles in Bill C-68?
The RCMP procide oversight to others, who provides it when they are in total control. RCMP are supposed to protect our Charter of Rights not abuse it. They (RCMP) are now desperate to retain the extra funding.
This is a giant step towards a police state.
commented 2015-07-01 21:31:02 -0400
Bill Elder awesome post. Out of my cold dead hands
commented 2015-07-01 20:21:36 -0400
Bill Elder, nicely said.
commented 2015-07-01 10:42:03 -0400
What the heck, Brian, I’ll sign another petition even though I feel these are a feeble weapon against the type of dystopian administration we see from federal agencies gone rogue.

For instance – I have to ask where the RCMP got the idea that they have the authority to make these arbitrary reclassifications in the first place, it is not stated so in the statute, or the regs or the CCC – they “just did it” Legal or not – same as the High River break ins – arbitrary presumption of authority and expertise under color of law violations of constitutional/charter/Code law protocol. And who made the RCMP forensics Dudleys “experts” on firearms and firearms classifications anyway? I would think this is a job for either professional military armourers or firearms design engineers – not cops with political agendas hostile to civil liberty. Again. They just did it with no authorization from parliament.

And the RCMP are not alone – there is a litany of Federal alphabet agencies evading accountability and arbitrarily redefining their purpose and jurisdiction under color of law presumption – as well as RCMP flipping the middle finger to the law, public and government accountability,
  • we see the CBC following suit. In a parliamentary accountability hearing CBC responded in a way that can only be described as an infantile tantrum purple snit over being accountable that would embarrass a Hollywood princess.
  • We see civil service unions forming political pressure groups and engaging in lobbying activities so openly in conflict of interest it would make Bernie Madoff blush.
  • We have a judiciary who have wandered so far from their constitutional confines in redefining their rolls and jurisdictions that their brazen law-making by decree from the bench openly undermines the constitutional authority and purpose of parliament. When called to account for this they issue a indignant screed which resembles an epic megalomanic meltdown which would shame Napoleon B.

Before that it was the CRTC saving the world from parliamentary accountability, and the CHRC defining Canadian culture through network bias – what’s next , the CCRA playing partisan politics like the IRS??
What we really need Brian is a government with a set of stones in their pants to put this creepy crawly bureaucratic pestilence back in the box and under control of our elected representatives. Otherwise you can sign all the petitions on earth and not a thing will be done to stop bureaucratic tyranny, particularly the above-the-law attitudes and agendas that come with it. With so much of the government administrative apparatus displaying such contempt for constitutional and legal constraint why the heck should the over regulated public act any different?
commented 2015-06-30 20:48:33 -0400
Sorry, there is one more question. Why does Paulsen still have a job?
commented 2015-06-30 20:40:26 -0400
Brian, thanks for keeping these RCMP gun reclassification issues and High River in the public eye. As a minor historian, I find the incidences in High River, and it was said there were perhaps 3 other such incidences, hush, hush, still under investigation, whatever became of them? I find these events disturbing. Until the Bills/Acts which give the RCMP the powers for such shenanigans are rescinded, I expect more of the same. Maybe I’ve forgotten, why has Harper not rescinded Bill C-68?
commented 2015-06-30 20:34:27 -0400
That RCMP run office should have all of its “empire building initiatives” revoked, be permanently shut down, and have its presently wasted bureaucratic financial resources diverted to the fight against terrorism and organized crime.
commented 2015-06-30 18:05:40 -0400
Great work, Brian. Banning a .22 rifle because it has a wood instead of a plastic frame is stupid to the point of being embarrassing. I hope the RCMP recognizes this.