March 05, 2015

In case you missed it: Highlights from Netanyahu's speech to congress

Rebel Staff

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's speech to congress was filled warnings and praise.

From dealing with Iran's nuclear ambitions to stability in the Middle East, The Rebel breaks down the top 10 moments from Netanyahu's speech.  

Click here to watch and read Marissa Semkiw's take on Netanyahu's speech.


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commented 2015-03-09 12:36:21 -0400
Alas, America currently has a president who believes that life actually is a John Lennon song. The next two years are going to be very tenuous, especially for Isreal. The Ukrainian experiance is not very reassuring.
commented 2015-03-06 22:23:12 -0500
Bibi needs to retire. He’s doing the same thing as last election: hyping war to get votes.

His little Ukraine mission failed and anyone familiar with intel knows he’s lying about Iran having nukes. Every read Sy Hersh’s The Samson Option? Israel is more than able to defend itself.
commented 2015-03-06 15:14:23 -0500
Netanyahu is a clear thinking, direct and honest politician who tells it like it is, much like Giuliani. We can’t say as much for Obama and Biden, also known as Nut and Yahoo
commented 2015-03-06 11:35:20 -0500
Netanyahu’s speech to both houses and the speech itself, should have been the dividing line between people’s willfully blind somnambulance down the slippery slope to hell, and the waking up and smelling of the coffee. But somehow I don’t think it will be and all the evil and nastiness to come, should be expected…
God save us from ourselves!
commented 2015-03-05 21:06:16 -0500
Bibi my kind of leader, not the demorats wimp, there’s no typo on democrats, my new way of spelling them rats.
commented 2015-03-05 20:18:46 -0500
It’s as simple as this…..a new President means a renewed and re-invigorated America. She will come back, stronger than ever.
commented 2015-03-05 18:00:38 -0500
I’m not a Bible Scholar, just a Bible reader. But I’m wondering why America, even under another other name, doesn’t seem to be mentioned in end-time eschatology. Could it be because the Obama Presidency has made America an anathema to all of it’s friends and allies, that is all other liberal democracies, and kissed the butts of all the world’s tyrants and dictators? In so doing, he has made America completely irrelevant in end-time eschatology. America’s friends know that, under the Obama administration, America can’t be depended upon, so why bother? And with Obama constantly sucking up to America’s enemies, they have figured out how to get what they want on the world stage. So, America has become irrelevant. Can the next President turn that around? I sure hope so, but I’m not holding my breath.