November 07, 2016

Highlights from “The Campus War on Free Speech” special: Jordan Peterson, Janice Fiamengo, Ann Coulter

Gavin McInnesArchive

Last Friday, I hosted a very special episode of my show "How's It Goin', Eh?" The theme was the crackdown on free speech on college campuses, which affects students, faculty and guest speakers.

My guests were professors Jordan B. Peterson and Janice Fiamengo, two Canadian academics facing punishment for being politically incorrect.

Then Ann Coulter joined me to talk about her experiences with censorship and university campuses (including one incident in Canada.)

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commented 2016-11-08 02:29:16 -0500

This is a newsletter I have subscribed to for some time….this sort of thing is daily controversy in the USA.

I supported Peter March when he got trashed for insisting that the mohammed cartoons were a legitamit subject to be discussed in his philosophy class…they ended up golden parachuting him.

University administrations are not bastions of the defence of free speach….at best they get dragged into tollerating it kicking and screaming.

SPOILER ALERT!!!!! If you have never read Stephen King’s Dark Tower series…his lifetime writing career opus and masterpiece don’t read this….The climax of the story is that Roland Duchesne figures out that the nest of evil doers who are destroying the world are a university campus harnessing the power of the best and the brightest to destroy the “beams” which make the world possible….and the only solution is to ruthlessly gun down the administration and faculty of that university…because there is just no reasoning with them.

This is a reflection of the contempt Stephen King aquired for academia in his own experience of working as a literature professor.
commented 2016-11-07 21:29:29 -0500
PC is a refuge for lazy intellects and moral cripples – it provides a dangerously simple explanation of the world and an outlet for malignant rage/revenge under moral pretense.

It is a religion practiced by the morally and intellectually handicapped in a vain attempt to be virtuous by creating new injustices
commented 2016-11-07 20:27:47 -0500
I’ll retire to Bedlam.
commented 2016-11-07 19:55:59 -0500
Maybe Jordan Peterson is being directed by a higher being to leave the university scene and speak on a larger scale, say TV, radio, the circuit, where he can reach more and more and more people, rather than being strangled in the confines of a university campus. His videos are doing quite well, why does he need a campus?

Not to make light of this subject, the following ‘Politically Correct Christmas’ kinda puts it all in perspective.
I wonder if this kind of humour could be used now. Aired in 2002, John Abbott, Cdn. Air Farce.