January 22, 2016

HILARIOUS: Sophie Trudeau sings 'Smile Back At Me' during American Idol audition

StaffRebel Columnist

A new video has cut together Sophie Trudeau's embarrassing song she sang on MLK day with American Idol.

The video cuts between Trudeau and the panel of judges perfectly with their reactions being on point.

It's obvious a lot of work went into creating this. It was uploaded to RobMerica's YouTube account and is sure to be a smash hit.

Check it out, share it and laugh. It's awesome.

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commented 2016-01-28 12:19:59 -0500
This spoof is HILARIOUS!! However, the fact that Sophie Turdo chose to sing this (and sounded like a dying cow while doing so) at the Martin Luther King, Jr. tribute and it should NEVER have been performed THEN (or for that matter ever) adds further evidence (as if more were needed) that Sophie Turdo is nothing more than one VERY stupid, egotistical, narcissistic bee-atch!! Her an her useless hubby make a grrrrreat pair!!!
commented 2016-01-27 00:10:55 -0500
South Park’s Terrance (Terrance and Phillip) has married one of the Quief Sisters. This is the proof. Now the Prince and Princess of Canada will dip their hands in the giant bowl of butterscotch pudding, which of course is tradition.
commented 2016-01-26 00:29:20 -0500
Yeah, she kinda sucked. How long ago was this? Anyhoo, maybe we should lay off. I can’t honestly criticize anyone for trying that, it’s gotta be tough to do. Especially an original song. It wasn’t in bad taste, only a little embarrassing, as it has been for so many others who have bombed in a public performance. We here on theRebel have other, more serious rocks to throw at our first lady, check out a recent exposé by Ms. Reid. I was wondering, though, how did she qualify, isn’t that only open to American citizens?
commented 2016-01-24 11:50:24 -0500
One word to describe her antics, “awkward”!
commented 2016-01-23 15:48:31 -0500
how the hell did she possibly think this sad little tune has anything to do with MLK . day she might as well have sung pop goes the weasel. what a self indulgent putz !!
commented 2016-01-23 14:20:11 -0500
That’s what slaves used to do. Smile back at their masters while they lay naked on the cold floor to allow their masters to warm up their feet so they didn’t get Ricketts. The slaves smiled to show their love to their masters. Completely appropriate.
commented 2016-01-23 02:28:04 -0500
Nailed it!
commented 2016-01-23 00:35:30 -0500
Hope she keeps her day job—whatever that is….
commented 2016-01-22 19:36:25 -0500
Well looks like the Trudopes JR. Family is just like senior. Pierre Trudeau was a nut job. And Justine mom was getting gangbanged by the Rolling Stones and heraldo Looks like Justine is a nut job and Sophie is going to be gangbanged by One Direction. God knows she would enjoy it more, since they don’t go around saying they are feminists. Since they know that having a package downstairs means it’s impossible to be a feminist. But guess Justine is confused maybe he/she can have a transgender bathroom in parliament so that if you think your Justine and you feel female that day Justine you can use the female bathroom. Way to go Canada. Way to vote in a failure in life. Can anyone tell me what Justine has been successful at in life. Other then a rich he/she feminist? Oh by the way since many don’t know Justine dropped out of school. And the transcript can be made available to see he/she is a failure in life.
commented 2016-01-22 18:26:10 -0500
Our lady of the limelight
commented 2016-01-22 15:33:08 -0500
ahhh…she missed a few notes, but she had the emotion, put her through…
commented 2016-01-22 15:31:09 -0500
JM KEYNES commented 28 mins ago
You gotta admit she is beautiful. I see why JT smiles all the time.

Yes – the photo of Sophie on the “aggregate view” with her mouth wide open gets me right where it counts.
commented 2016-01-22 15:24:52 -0500
Thank God the kids are being raised by the nannies that we the taxpayers of Canada are paying for!
commented 2016-01-22 15:15:01 -0500
Chacun à son goût.
commented 2016-01-22 15:01:36 -0500
You gotta admit she is beautiful. I see why JT smiles all the time.
commented 2016-01-22 14:34:38 -0500
I really didn’t think she could top her behavior on election night when Justin made his victory speech. It was so sad to see her looking up at the stage while she genuflected on the verge of tears, mouthing the words “beautiful, beautiful” after every cliché her husband spewed, I thought she looked as if she was about to cross herself before an immortal being in thanks for the saving graces about to be bestowed upon the unwashed. It was enough to make a sane man kvetch !
If her husband wasn’t so dangerous, I would welcome her presence as a good source of comedic relief.
commented 2016-01-22 13:30:00 -0500
Sophie, a word of advice. Stick to washing Justin’s diapers.
commented 2016-01-22 13:00:23 -0500
Looks like she has given birth through her nostrils, the reason why I think that is because her nostrils are big!
commented 2016-01-22 12:58:52 -0500
Where’s your wedding band twit?! Canadians have a right to know.
commented 2016-01-22 12:48:21 -0500
One wack job married to another wack job. My, my, my, Canada is back alright, back as the laughing stock of the world.
F^cking idiot.
commented 2016-01-22 11:56:49 -0500
Bring your brass pole next time SOAFY.

Now tell us SOAFY, before you sing, does a bout of bulimia kick in and do you throw up beforehand to clear the pipes??

Such an embarrassment. As whacked as that bipolar Margaret Trudeau – Canada’s gangbang queen to the Rolling Stones.

Nice family Justin. How’s camp counselling these days?
commented 2016-01-22 11:42:08 -0500
Did Justin or Sophie have anything to say about John A. Macdonalds birthday a couple of weeks ago?

He’s worth celebrating too and probably more relevant to Canadians.
commented 2016-01-22 11:40:45 -0500
I had no intentions of watching the video when it first came out but like a train wreck I couldn’t resist this one. This video is hilarious but the original is also embarrassing to Canada! Not just her being awful but how she comes off as being very phony and the drama is sickening. Hey Sophie,,,your husband is an ASSHOLE! That is all :)
commented 2016-01-22 11:30:42 -0500
Yes hilarious! Sounds worse everytime I hear it.
commented 2016-01-22 11:11:25 -0500
January 22, 2016
Dear Diary;
My political antenna is so finely tuned that I’m picking up the faint hint that there may be a handful of far right warmongering extremists who think that I should be just a tad more stern with ISIS but, while the nannies are watching the kids, Sophie, who surfs the information super roadway to shop on the interweb, has just reminded me that ISIS stands for “Interweb Shopping Is Safe” and that’s why I shouldn’t bomb them. I don’t know why B.O. doesn’t understand that, I mean, I love him like a brother and all, but sometimes he seems a bit dim.
Just lately it seems that my media pals aren’t being as nice to me as they should to be, which is strange since Gerald’s supposed to be on top of them. I know what I’ll do, there’s a luncheon scheduled for today here in Davos, naturally I’m the host (of course) so I’ll close it off to Canadian reporters. If reporters have nothing to report then that’ll teach them a lesson they won’t soon forget, after all, it’s not like they can make things up. Also, if Gerald lets me sit next to you-know-who then I won’t be worrying about some snoopy reporter catching us playing footsy under the table with her.
Gerald has just told me that I’ve to do something else too. He said it’s a new beginning for Canada. I’ve been saying that all along Gerry. Try to keep up. Oh, that’s the name of the event, sorry Gerry. What the heck, I’ll close that one off to them as well. There’s no point in coming across as being too transparent.
commented 2016-01-22 11:04:25 -0500
One pop star in the family is enough
commented 2016-01-22 10:59:02 -0500