October 31, 2017

Hillary Clinton: I'll Be President for Halloween

Kristin TateRebel Buzz Contributor

Oh Hillary, please, just stop. You lost the election. Now go away. 

In an interview on Monday, failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said she may "dress up as president" for Halloween. 

Has this woman still not accepted the fact that she lost the 2016 election?

Clinton has been on a tour promoting her new book, "What Happened." In the book, she wrote about why she lost the election to Donald Trump last November. Ironically, Clinton never blamed her own choices for her loss. Her decisions to break federal law by using an unsecured email server and lie about what happened the evening of the Benghazi attack were never discussed in "What Happened." It seems that Clinton has no concept of how she impacted her own fate.

The former Secretary of State has blamed her failure on just about everyone and everything... other than herself.

And the entitlement mentality extended far beyond Clinton herself. Democrats around the country -- from leaders in the DNC to average Democratic voters -- simply took it for granted that Trump would lose the election last year. They were completely shocked on election night as the results poured in and Trump won traditionally blue states such as Wisconsin and Michigan. 

Democrats still don't seem to realize that they have an identity crisis. After Instead doing some self-reflecting after Clinton's unexpected loss, Democrats like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer continue to blame everything and everyone other than themselves: Fox News, Republicans, the Russians, "fake news." 

Meanwhile, these left-wing leaders are doing nothing to lay out their vision for the nation. They lack any clear, defining principles or uplifting policies. 

Until the left conveys to voters how they plan to offer a better alternative than the Republicans, they will continue to lose elections. "Resisting Trump" is not enough to inspire millions of voters to go to the polls and vote for Democrats. 

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commented 2017-11-01 20:59:05 -0400
Hillary will look great in an orange jumpsuit, I hope she gets along with her cell mate!
commented 2017-11-01 13:02:54 -0400
Hillary on Halloween is about as close to a president as they’re going to get.

Not while the Russian cheetoh is stomping around, completely unironically, calling his own campaign manager a liar.
commented 2017-11-01 09:03:50 -0400
Given the investigations – why does Hillary and Bill still have valid passports to travel? When more crimes are found to be committed; these two can still leave the United States and evade prosecution.
commented 2017-11-01 08:13:54 -0400
I hope that she runs again in 2020 – Trump will not even have to campaign – her campaign will be a campaign for him and the outcome will be secure before the polls even close in Florida!
commented 2017-11-01 02:09:22 -0400
Gouls, monsters, creeps,slime balls rapists, traitors and pedophiles are dressing up and going out as Hillary Clinton..
commented 2017-11-01 01:07:47 -0400
As John Zealand suggested, I wonder how she felt tonight dressing up as Donald Trump.
She certainly is consistent at embarrassing herself.
How sad indeed.
commented 2017-11-01 01:00:03 -0400
Maurice Potvin good call, dressing as something she is not sure fits the lefts definition.

How much more pathetic and sad can she get? A lot more i hope.
commented 2017-11-01 00:53:23 -0400
A Rebel Fan… A more probable reason for her rantings is that she is in deep doo-doo with the Democrats who saw her blow hundreds of millions of “old money” campaign dollars in a stupid, stupid and arrogant campaign.. It’s once again the old Chinese proverb at play – “The most dangerous part of riding the tiger is getting off its back..” She is now looking over her shoulder every hour of every day and trying to keep having to account for her innate arrogance… But “a reckoning” is coming, and she knows it…
commented 2017-10-31 20:27:05 -0400
I believe her dressing up as president would be cultural appropriation.
commented 2017-10-31 20:16:09 -0400
She’s going to dress as a delusionist.
commented 2017-10-31 19:52:12 -0400
Hillary is just not going to get over losing. She doesn’t seem to be going away either.
commented 2017-10-31 19:16:13 -0400
Just blame it on the Harper government.
That’s what works for our male feminist version of Hillary.
commented 2017-10-31 19:11:03 -0400
So, Hillary is going to dress up as Donald Trump for Halloween?
commented 2017-10-31 18:21:55 -0400
Go for it Hillary a pretend president is as close as your ever gonna get.
commented 2017-10-31 18:17:41 -0400
I wish she would just go away.
commented 2017-10-31 17:18:34 -0400
Maybe she should dress up like one of Bill’s victims of sexual assault.
commented 2017-10-31 16:41:18 -0400
If Hillary’s doubles-up on her Depends, and wears one over her pants; she will finally convince her cult members she is nothing but a big baby!
commented 2017-10-31 16:23:44 -0400
Now that would be scary!

I will be having nightmares tonight…