September 12, 2016

Which official excuse for Hillary's collapse is the truth?

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Yesterday was the fifteenth anniversary of 9/11, and Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were both in New York for the memorial.

But suddenly Clinton left, in a hurry. A woman was holding her hand, as if taking her pulse.

Then NBC, which was filming Clinton on behalf of a consortium of TV stations called a pool, NBC said:

"We are told by the campaign that we are no longer allowed to shoot anything from the ceremony."

The only thing more shocking than that absurd demand is that the media complied.

But a guy named Zdenek Gazda happened to use his cell phone to film Clinton, tottering, being hoisted into her van.

Did they whisk her off to the nearest emergency room? No, they went to her daughter’s apartment. How bizarre is that?

Then the Clinton campaign doctor announced that Clinton had been diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday. But then, why was she going to public events? It’s contagious!

With the Clintons, you never know, do you?

All you know is that you can’t trust them, ever.


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commented 2016-09-13 14:00:30 -0400
I hope you get well soon and are back on the election trail. While I support Donald Trump I would like to see a fair election.

I guess I am one of, the many, deplorables you speak so fondly of. Let me see. I am University Educated. I have worked and paid taxes for over 30 years. I obey the laws of my country. I love God & my country, though I do not much care for our Socialist politicians and their “morality”.

I believe in equality for men & women. I do not agree with the practice of homosexuality, but I accept that it exists. In other words, live & let live, unlike those politicians that think Sharia law is a good thing and will only strengthen Canada & The United States.

Unlike you, I believe in National security and when information is" top secret" I would not use my own server but follow governmental guidelines or expect to go to jail.

At least your Mr. Trump is putting America first. he is concerned about the police and how they are viewed and treated. He cares about National security. He may admire certain characteristics that Putin possess, this does not mean that he supports dictatorship, but let me see, you Democrats seem to have a problem with free speech unless it agrees with your ideology. Sounds a little like Dictatorship to me.

In conclusion, get well so Donald can defeat your party and expose you for the poor leader you really are.
commented 2016-09-13 13:46:20 -0400
Drew, Trump came out doubling down that Iraq was a bad war when he should have focussed on the pull out. He basically said he was a fan of the tyrant Putin. I want Trump to win, I just think he needs to do a better job than what Romney did. As a candidate for President I am not convinced he will be any more than a place filler for a better candidate, which is fine if it stops Hilary’s pro-abortion agenda.
commented 2016-09-13 13:42:10 -0400
Bill, I just want to know how her bad health helps Trump?
commented 2016-09-13 09:17:54 -0400
As I posted to another article on this subject:

I caught a video of her being caught lying. In the tape she has a coughing fit. That was in 2008. So what was the excuse back then?

She claims to have seasonal allergies. She coughs anywhere, anytime, any season. Allergy pills do help, and bronchodilators work, too.

Anyone ever see her with a puffer? There are even puffers with steroids to strengthen the lungs and there are puffers for immediate relief. Well?

For a long time there have been questions about her health. Physical health. Going back to when she was First Lady (right behind all of Bill’s women) she was known to have fits of uncontrollable rage, resulting in supposedly Bill’s black eye and physically striking Secret Service agents assigned to her protection detail. So is she mentally healthy? We know she is a pathological liar, so what else is there?

Then she has problems on 9/11. First claimed to be from heat and dehydration. Then claimed to be pneumonia. It wasn’t very hot that morning in NYC. If she needed a drink, she had lots of people around her to get her not only a bottle of water, but a case of water at a moment’s notice.

If it was pneumonia, and even with antibiotics, how could she be out of bed? At her age its almost a death sentence, so why was she “soldiering on” as some would say? She would have been sweating bullets, face flush, feverish, raspy voice, constantly in need of liquids, and her doctor would be very close by, which apparently he wasn’t.

Miraculously, after two hours at her daughter’s apartment, she is fit as a fiddle again. Pneumonia? I can’t swallow that story.

And what is with those sunglasses? Other than some of the Secret Service agents, no one else was wearing sunglasses because it was slightly overcast and not bright enough to need them. Would it be to prevent photo flashes from triggering a fit? Black eye? Red eye? Channelling Roy Orbison?

If she was so sick, why did she stand in the midst of people her age? To spread the joy of her illness around and infect one and all? None of the images of her showed her coughing, which is something associated with pneumonia. And yes, passing along her alleged disease to a child (no reports on that child becoming sick, as is wont the press to report or follow up).

The coughing fits seem to be triggered when she is asked questions or making a speech (and sometimes zoning out). Perhaps it is a device to keep her focused and allowing her brain to reboot? Quite possible.

But the US networks, lead by CNN, have turned this into a Trump issue. HE needs to give out HIS medical report and make public HIS tax return (something of a more or less recent action by candidates but not a requirement). Yes, the tax return. And poor but hard working Hillary. Sad, sad for her. Evil, evil Trump.

That Trump has taken the high road and said that he wishes her a speedy recovery is somehow taken as a shrewd deception. Nothing at face value, unless it is Hillary or her minions. CNN has wall to wall Clinton supporters giving fee reign to attack even more as poor Hillary is sick.

So, unless the population of the US wakes up, we will have another Baby Doc Trudeau type as the US president. Then Western society and Western strength will be completely subservient to the rest of the world; our culture will be completely redone into something we would never recognise. Then Russia will become the world’s leading superpower with Putin at the helm.

Anyone remember “The President’s Analyst”? The government tries to kill him when he wants to quit because he knows too much. Sort of what has coincidently happened to close confidents who leave Hillary. In the end it turns out that the president had been replaced by a robot and controlled by the telephone company. Who knows how close this may be to today’s reality.
commented 2016-09-13 06:36:50 -0400
Hillary is dead, of course she can’t be president. ROFL!
commented 2016-09-13 02:54:02 -0400
To all the left wing fools now whining that her health doe snot matter, i ask , if your doctor was showing these signs, would you still use that doctor?
commented 2016-09-13 02:52:05 -0400
Jack Pallance you are so sure Hillary will win , yet you criticize others for doing the same for someone else. And sorry ,not once have i ever claimed he will win for sure, I want him to win ,have never said anything else. I doubt you will show up here if she loses.
commented 2016-09-13 02:50:18 -0400
Jack Reagan was one of the best presidents ever.
commented 2016-09-13 02:48:40 -0400
Jack Pallance Trump did not screw up the last debate, he kicked her ass. You are spouting left wing BS.
commented 2016-09-13 02:47:13 -0400
Jack Pallance sorry one website is not a lot, and they were probably wanting him to win. I doubt they said he would win for sure. And what makes you think Trump is unhealthy? The assumptions on Hillary have a basis.
commented 2016-09-13 01:44:01 -0400
The Rebel reporter Gavin McInnes has been having some health problems and as he a result he looks quite unwell.

What is our response? Of course we are supportive.

Donald Trump was diagnosed with some mental weakness, and Hillary Clinton has pneumonia.

Let them get on with their jobs. If they have to bow out so be it.
commented 2016-09-13 01:30:41 -0400
No Jay, let’s not… You may be wiling to play the “move along, nothing to see here” game but I’m not… I want the truth to come out and witness her bad karma make her final days full of the misery she deserves…
commented 2016-09-13 00:09:23 -0400
The Rebel claims that pneumonia is contagious.

The Rebel is obsessed with the United States’ presidential candidates.

Hillary Clinton is 68 years old for crying out loud! Donald Trump is 70!

Should we Canadians be so preoccupied with this?

Let’s let it go into the “United States politics” barrel.
commented 2016-09-12 21:47:41 -0400
Possibility that Hillary is an alcoholic? Wearing sunglasses to hide bloodshot eyes. Suffering from DT’s and staggering around without having a drink in her system which might explain why she went to her daughter’s apartment instead of going to get medical attention. She was able to get some alcohol at her daughter’s which straightened her out. Or maybe she’s a drug addict? Who knows. Maybe we’ll never know.
commented 2016-09-12 21:19:07 -0400
Hillary died last night, a few hours after suffering from a severe stroke. The media is covering it up and trying to get the narrative straight. They have body doubles and voice actors to cover for dead Hillary.

If I’m right you have to kick Trudeau out and make me Prime Minister.
commented 2016-09-12 20:56:54 -0400
Jack, I wonder about the integrity of your statements concerning Clinton’s Health casting ANY dispersion on the opposition – she’s HIDING IT ferkissake! Deception is job one in that tacktic – hardly a public confidence builder. – as for Hillary’s policy, THERE IS NONE! Her record is her only policy statement and that has been investigated by the FBI and found to have been just short of criminal.
commented 2016-09-12 20:04:16 -0400
Reptillary – with a brain function like a dying reptile, still focused on either predatory acquisition or taking an enemy down with her final moments.

This woman is a wicked piece of work who taints and corrupts the political atmosphere around her – those that know the truth about her true health and personal affairs fear for their lives to say anything.
commented 2016-09-12 19:35:42 -0400

A sick person

Mentally AND physically
commented 2016-09-12 19:17:13 -0400
FWIW, I am the furthest thing from a liberal (had a discussion with my wife last night whether or not liberals should be considered our enemy). I am just puzzled as I said over the obsession over Hilary’s health instead of attacking her on policy. Not sure what we gain with questions on health. Makes us look petty. There is no way someone about to hand Trump’s ass to him come November would leave the running. No one, not even someone on death’s door, would leave the running merely 2 months off.
commented 2016-09-12 19:02:05 -0400
Drew, one, how on earth does Hilary being sick help Trump? If, and that is a big if, anyone replaces here they will get a 10 point sympathy vote jump.

Secondly, all over Free Republic, practically everyone was sure Romney would win, and didn’t take nicely to anyone suggesting otherwise. We are engaged once again in wishful thinking. Trump royally fucked up the last debate when he said he was a fan of Russia and made Clinton look like a Republican hawk.
commented 2016-09-12 18:59:56 -0400
Drew, how healthy is Trump. I bet he has no great bill of health. And Reagan was already losing his memory in the second term.
commented 2016-09-12 18:58:44 -0400
Drudge and free republic need to stop spreading these false claims that Clinton is dying. It does our side no good. She is not going to die in any time meaningful and no one is going to replace her. This election is too close.
commented 2016-09-12 18:23:41 -0400
i found it ironic that her veterinarian, hugo z quackenbush, diagnosed her with “pneumonia” on friday but she did an interview with CNN at 6pm that very same friday…..but we know have the official official diagnosis and it takes care of another problem at the same time…that wasnt an earpiece we saw during the CnC spew…it was an obama worm coming out of her ear and it has affected her balance.
commented 2016-09-12 18:22:50 -0400
I see the word KARMA in some comment sections.
commented 2016-09-12 18:22:05 -0400
JAck the left wing media are the ones hiding things, ask them that question. Oh sorry you are too biased.
commented 2016-09-12 18:21:23 -0400
Jack who was sure Romney would win? Supporting someone is not the same as saying they will win for sure.Try speaking for yourself for a change.
commented 2016-09-12 18:19:59 -0400
JAck Pallance i am not being partisan , i am concerned for legitimate reasons. Just because you are small minded does not mean i am. I did not tell her to run, she decided on her own and the dems lied and cheated for her, so if she is sick and it helps Trump win that is their own damn problem.
commented 2016-09-12 18:16:50 -0400
JAck Pallance a president needs to be able to do the damn job. what part of that don’t you get? You cannot have someone give orders when they are not lucid.