September 13, 2016

Hillary’s health: How does the Democratic Party dump Clinton?

Oliver MackenzieRebel Columnist

Hillary Clinton’s health is in jeopardy, and party insiders are already calling for her to resign. If Clinton’s health or poll numbers continue to decline, how do the Democrats get rid of her?

There’s no formal mechanism for the Democratic Party to choose a new presidential candidate, but precedents and party rules guide what would take place.

In the event of a candidate dropping out of the race, or otherwise becoming incapacitated, that candidate’s nominating party decides on a new candidate. In the Democratic Party’s case, that would mean a vote on a new candidate by the four hundred forty seven members of the Democratic National Committee.

In the history of the United States, a major-party presidential candidate has never dropped out, and for good reason. Even if Clinton’s health issues lead to a precipitous slide in her support, the nomination of another candidate would be a PR disaster for the Democrats.

Barring a truly severe health episode, Clinton is very likely to remain at the top of the ticket.

There are also legal issues to contend with. Most states’ presidential registration deadlines have already passed, deadlines that would require a court order to overturn. Early voting has already started in some states, and it’s not clear how (or if) early ballots could be reassigned. Any attempt to replace Clinton would be fraught with thorny legal challenges.

(On the other hand, the leadership of the Democratic Party is apparently already hard at work working out the logistics of a Clinton dropout. Major Clinton backers have already started to tout that Clinton’s VP is ready to “take over” from her. A switch may be more likely than it would seem.)

And if there was a switch, Joe Biden would probably be Clinton’s replacement. There’s precedent for high-level elected officials to replace candidates after they drop out, and Biden is the highest-ranking elected official eligible for the presidency. Internal reports also have Biden pegged as the frontrunner, and he is very popular with the American public.

If Clinton isn’t replaced, her apparent frailty (compounded by her long history of health issues) is going to put increased emphasis on Tim Kaine.

We could see more attention paid to the Republican VP pick as well: Mike Pence, after all, was pitched as someone who could “fill in” for Trump’s weaknesses.

In an election between two obese elderly people, anything can happen. American voters are going to face big choices come November.

They just might not be the choices they expect.

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commented 2016-09-14 14:51:31 -0400
Logic? What was logical about dumping a sitting PM in the midst of a good economy for the pretty boy part time drama teacher son of one of Canada’s worst PMs?
commented 2016-09-14 02:55:13 -0400
Jimmy Reece she is sick, that was not a theory. How many times has Hillary used the term vast right wing conspiracy? Or is it good for her? And sorry we do not fall for propaganda , you are the drone. And i am a Canadian moron, people like you sure make us look bad. Now go lie about Rob Ford and our troops like a good stooge.
commented 2016-09-14 01:26:58 -0400
Jimmy Reece—It took you over a year to come to your conclusions; your brain must run in slow motion. You can’t hide your disappointment now that your Hillary is finished.
Don’t worry, Trump will make things better for you too.
commented 2016-09-14 01:08:31 -0400
You know I always thought that the American general public were stupid for the most part and they continue to prove me right, but I always felt Canadians on the other hand were smarter, better educated and were able to see through moronic conspiracy theories and propaganda. Canadians use logic and reason.

Until The Rebel launched and all I see constantly are comments from the dumbest fucking people that eat up the same bullshit diet of propaganda, fear mongering and propaganda.

You are an embarrassment to Canada and real Canadians that actually have a brain. I wish online betting was allowed on The Rebel – I would make a fortune with all the moronic predictions that people make here like Hillary is going to be dead soon or Trump is going to be President.
commented 2016-09-13 19:44:15 -0400
Med school professor states Hillary will be dead in a year:

Expect a Dem replacement – Kaine or Joe Drunkle – probably announced in a week or two.

Great to see that Hillary will be dead soon – she’s a foul, disgusting pig.
commented 2016-09-13 17:51:28 -0400
Bill and David, I see it somewhat similar. I would be very wary about taking the beast down if she has any dirt on you. The Democrats will be worried what happens if they attempt a failed coup – recalling what happened in Turkey; Clinton would bring hell upon them.
commented 2016-09-13 17:16:52 -0400
The Clinton’s have the whole Democrat and Republican establishment elite by the balls. They dare not do anything to Killery or Bill bar assassinating them. The Clinton’s have as much dirt on that whole house of corrupt cards as anyone has on the Clinton’s. They are all rotten to the core. The only way North America and even the world can be saved from these rotten, corrupt NWO Globalists is to put Trump in the White House.
commented 2016-09-13 17:10:09 -0400
Let’s not forget the Clinton crime family’s number one weapon that has held the DNC and Dem caucus at bay for 25 years – they are the oldest whores on the Washington stroll and they know where virtually every skeleton on both sides of the house is buried. They could bring down the core of the Dem machine if they told what they know.

Also the DNC has its eyes on that big fat Clinton trust fund which they dangle over its head like a carrot.

Still, I think the Clintons have more enemies than friends in the DNC these days and the fear they wield is at an all time impotent state and both of them are a detriment to the party’s fortunes.

I think Hillary’s going to be thrown under the bus because even Sanders or Byden have a better chance of trouncing Trump than this repulsive corpse of a hag.
commented 2016-09-13 16:42:24 -0400
What did I tell you.
Stay focussed Trump. Wish her well and keep on campaigning on issues that matter to Americans.
The media and democrats will take care if the rest. The killing of their own has begun.

As far as Clinton…
They’ll gather for the feast
They’ll stab her with their steely knives,
But they’ll never kill the beast.
commented 2016-09-13 16:25:53 -0400
Pie in sky to think they will dump Clinton. Also, I would hardly call Clinton or Trump “obese”. If they are obese, then I’m a freaking Mastodon. I would see Clinton fighting any attempt to pull her off the ticket.
commented 2016-09-13 15:48:14 -0400
Hillary’s health: How does the Democratic Party dump Clinton?

commented 2016-09-13 15:43:12 -0400
Hillary is a fake. She’s going to hand the reigns back to Obama.
commented 2016-09-13 15:16:10 -0400
They don’t dump her… This was a plan that was baked into the cake in advance so that Obama could remain in power for at least another term if not indefinitely..
Trump was correct in saying
“the system is rigged”