May 12, 2016

His house destroyed in Fort Mac fire, Wildrose leader Brian Jean living in a tent “because he didn't want to take a bed from an evacuee”

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Our Alberta Bureau Chief Sheila Gunn Reid has done it again. You won't believe the story she's uncovered.

While thousands of Albertans were fighting the Fort McMurray fire and helping evacuees, NDP Premier Rachel Notley and her gang were at a bar called the Red Star (!) celebrating the one year anniversary of their election!

Meanwhile, opposition leader Brian Jean is spending his time in a very different way...

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commented 2016-05-13 20:41:01 -0400
Why isn’t he staying in his residence in Edmonton that we as taxpayers are paying for?

I don’t wish the losses he has suffered on anyone. This is blatant, abuse of his position and this disaster by Jean.
commented 2016-05-13 17:21:30 -0400
So he spending his time in a tent??? What no friends with a house?
commented 2016-05-13 02:25:41 -0400
Drew, you have to realize that to an NDPer, ruining the province is doing a good job. Hence Notley…
commented 2016-05-13 01:50:10 -0400
Deacon Frost how is she doing a good job , the province is being ruined. Or should i say Gordo.
commented 2016-05-12 22:15:14 -0400
“You won’t believe the story she’s uncovered” – Yes we will since we read it on here yesterday.
commented 2016-05-12 21:24:13 -0400
She is a deadbeat union premier, with a marxist ideology. She works against the people, by destroying their livelihoods, and sticking her socialist nose in everything. She is incredibly arrogant, and possesses a selfish and controlling nature. Hands down the worst premier AB has ever had!
commented 2016-05-12 20:55:46 -0400
I think overall, Notely is doing a good job, bar trip not withstanding.
commented 2016-05-12 20:52:21 -0400
Deacon Frost~I didn’t hear anyone say that Rachel Notley should be living in a tent. The sad part was that rather than offering the services and support of the governing party, NDP, at Fort Mac, they were celebrating their first year in office. As Ezra said, could they not have put that on hold or (my words) high five each other and give their assistance to Fort Mac evacuees. No doubt, Fort Mac and all Albertans will remember Rachel Notley and the NDP come next election. It would be interesting to see how many, if any, offered to house some evacuues. Just remembered, she cried on Mother’s Day~did she party before or after?
commented 2016-05-12 20:31:28 -0400
Sorry I don’t know Jay K.
commented 2016-05-12 20:31:02 -0400
Wait, it’s not Bill?
commented 2016-05-12 20:07:27 -0400
Deacon Frost commented – “You sound like a great guy David.”

This isn’t a gay hook up site.
commented 2016-05-12 18:55:00 -0400
Good example. If you are a person of authority always put subordinate persons first- eg. employees – even if it means you have to be without a paycheck.
commented 2016-05-12 18:50:12 -0400
The best bosses that I’ve worked for, always helped out in busy times. Brian Jean is leading by example, and he is generous with his time. He will be a very good premier, when we elect him in the next election. He has integrity and wants to make a difference. Rachel lacks integrity, and hates those of us who do not bow down and worship her highness, which is why she partied on, instead of acting like a real leader. Her distain for Albertan’s is what is going to get her the boot, and the fact that she is working against the private sector, at every opportunity. I wish we could give her the steel-toed boot now, but I’ll just have to settle for imagining this action, until it really does happen.
commented 2016-05-12 18:39:39 -0400
Multiple personality trolls – who knew?
commented 2016-05-12 18:27:53 -0400
Deacon and Jay K sound like members of the same Leftard institute of mindless comments. In fact, their comments sound like the same person.
commented 2016-05-12 18:11:21 -0400
You sound like a great guy David.
commented 2016-05-12 18:08:53 -0400
DUMP JUSTIN BIN TRUDEAU and the menstrual minstrel, Sophie the overworked
commented 2016-05-12 18:03:38 -0400
Deacon, What do you expect if you come on this site? If I had a laps in judgement and had accidentally gone to the CBC, I would still know what to expect, and consequently would leave. You seem far more suited to the Supreme Leader’s propaganda machine, aka the CBC. If you feel that Sub Commander Nuthouse is doing a bang up job here, good for you. Before you depart to a safer space, a little ditty for you to ponder. Many on this site have a pent up anger for both our federal and provincial governMENTAL situation. Don’t expect a lot of friendly discourse if you get in a sniping match on this site. Mr. Netterville restrained himself nicely but others may not. Put up with it or fuck off, Commy Broadcast Corp. is calling!
commented 2016-05-12 17:50:53 -0400
Since taking office, Rachel has been a real embarrassment to all Albertan’s. She’s trying to destroy capitalism, and wealth, for the UN’s Agenda 21 Plan. She has shown us over and over again, that she was the worst possible person for the job. I have absolutely no respect for her. Just like she has no respect for those of us paying for her keep. I can’t wait to go to the polls, and vote against her, again. Only this time, I hope that most Albertan’s that voted for this travesty, see the error of their ways, and give her the boot!
commented 2016-05-12 17:27:42 -0400
Lloyd you seem like a great guy.
commented 2016-05-12 17:19:38 -0400
Face it! Notley is actually glad to see Ft. Mac Burn to the ground. She’s most likely sad it didn’t. Trudeau is another one that could care less, and would have sooner seen it go up it smoke. The two of them are to incompetent to hold the Jobs they were elected to do. They should be held accountable.
commented 2016-05-12 17:16:32 -0400
deecon— all people on the RIGHT are all morally superior to all people on the left
It’s just inherent—-something you could not understand
Some of us right wingers have been talking about doing an intervention on you , you know kidnap you for a year and put you some rigorous right wing courses , course we’d let your mom know so she could rent out the basement for a year or so
There would be a MARG THATCHER course ,plus GEORGE W BUSH ,STEVEN HARPER courses, topped off by the EZRA LEVANT finishing school, and questioned by a panel of REBEL commenters before you are let out into the public, for a trial run
commented 2016-05-12 17:14:57 -0400
Oh I can’t comment on the fear mongering, I have not seen any of the footage.

I’ve been reading what I can about the contracts etc and I’m trying to figure why they did what they did, I agree it looks like a poor choice.

But I will say using such silly names for notely and trudeau are just pointless.
commented 2016-05-12 17:06:31 -0400
In regards to the requirement of additional water bombers, The Guardian system which I am trying to have Canada Adopt only requires regular cargo planes with rollers. The impact the guardian system has on fires is far more efficient and costs a third of the current bombers that are used. If we had this system in place that the cargo planes could have used , the fire could possibly been controlled and the damage a lot less severe. Please pass this article on as its not just Alberta that needs this system it is all of Canada because it is predicted that future years are going to be even dryer thus causing even more dangerous fires to come. Please see the article on The Guardian system here.
commented 2016-05-12 16:59:16 -0400
The C130 was offered early on when it would have made a difference. As you say, other smaller aircraft were being used, which means they thought they could help. The cost would of course be higher because the contracts were cancelled, no contract, higher costs. The NDP was slow to take the situation seriously, as was the Feds. As you recall, Notley, when Jean explained the dire need in the legislature was told he was fear mongering, a few hours before his home also burnt to the ground. Do you think these facts show the NDP to be competent? Do you have a problem with the Rebel reporting them and yet main stream media not?
commented 2016-05-12 16:56:50 -0400
I don’t think this is news to show that Notley is doing a bad job – more like her poor judgment and bad timing considering what is going on in Ft. Mac. It is the effect the NDP’s job killing, punitive, extreme left wing policies are having on the Province that showcase what a bad job Notley is doing. I don’t begrudge her a drink, after all, the best Premier Alberta, & arguably Canada has ever had, liked to suck back a few at the “Louie”, but unlike Notley, King Ralph always put Alberta first.
commented 2016-05-12 16:56:05 -0400
Nutley is showing her “true colours” and exactly where her allegiance lies! And it is NOT with the people of Alberta! Partying in any way, shape, or form when thousands of her constituents are fleeing for their lives seems heartless and trivial! The mark of a real leader is to “roll up your sleeves” and pitch in to help in any way you can. Just being their in body is the first step! There is plenty of time for partying later.

The same applies to Emperor Justpoleon! As pseudo leader of this great country of ours, he should have been front and center offering sympathy, etc. to the evacuees. But, I can only surmise that there may not have been sufficient “photo ops” for him! And, anyhow, he is on record as showing his dislike of anyone or anything that is not from “La Belle Province”!
commented 2016-05-12 16:47:18 -0400
I had read in other comments here that the gov’s turning down the c130 support is not as clear cut as it seems. Some have mentioned that the cost that was offered for the c130 was crazy high and that the fire conditions were such that more planes were not going to be of more help.
commented 2016-05-12 16:46:40 -0400
“Well I guess we are going to have to agree to disagree then.”

Yup, I guess so.
commented 2016-05-12 16:41:35 -0400
Well I guess we are going to have to agree to disagree then.