March 31, 2015

His sister died in the Montreal Massacre, but here's why Claude Colgan opposes the gun registry

Brian LilleyArchive

The mainstream media would have you believe that everyone touched by the Montreal massacre, indeed everyone in Quebec, wants more gun control.

Moments after the Supreme Court ruled the Quebec data from the gun registry could be destroyed, I spoke to Claude Colgan, a man who proves both statements to be lies.

Colgan lost his sister Helene in the 1989 mass shooting yet remains an avid gun owner and shooter.

Colgan says punishing law abiding gun owners for what happened to his family and others a quarter century ago makes no sense and is not based on facts but rather emotional arguments.

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commented 2015-03-31 10:17:03 -0400
And yes, his sister might very well be alive if she had been allowed to carry a pistol in her purse. She, and a lot of other women and elderly and weak who have been required in this country to exercise their “right” of self-defence using only their bare hands.
commented 2015-03-31 10:14:21 -0400
He is correct. It is all about emotions – fear mongering by statists who see private gun ownership as an obstacle to their grand vision.

Handgun registration was first required in the 1930’s as a defence as a perceived threat of Bolshevik revolution here in Canada. I haven’t seen a Bolshevik in……..ever. Why do we still have the law? Fear.
commented 2015-03-31 09:32:28 -0400
Scott, the 38 snub nose is a hand gun. This Supreme Court decision was about the long gun registry. Your example and this are unrelated.
- – - – - -

I am glad to see the long gun registry gone. Finally completely gone.

Odd thing about gun registries, only law abiding gun owners register their guns. Criminals for some unusual and inexplicable reason don’t. Go figure.

I still wonder how the Alberta RCMP knew which homes to illegally break in to in the High River incident. It had to be with the long gun registry data … well, unless there is an RCMP officer that read the registry also has an eidetic memory, which would make their actions even more illegal that just breaking into homes.
commented 2015-03-31 09:04:37 -0400
I rather expect Claude believes, like many Canadians, that if his sister had been allowed to have a 38 snub nose in her purse, the Montreal story would have been a lot different.