September 06, 2018

Homeless vet saga highlights GoFundMe perils

Amanda HeadRebel Contributor

After a homeless veteran helped a woman stranded on the highway, she and her husband decided to show their gratitude by starting a campaign for the man on GoFundMe.

The campaign has raised more than US$400,000, and now the man and the couple are arguing about who should have complete control of the cash.

This sad saga illustrates a bigger problem: Many GoFundMe campaigns are set up for pretty dubious reasons...

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commented 2018-09-06 16:21:28 -0400
How about a third party with an addiction specialist work with Veteran’s Affairs to get him treatment for his addiction. Release the rest of the money upon completion of an intensive treatment program & long-term recovery home. In the meantime, his living expenses while attending treatment etc…can be drawn from the fund. IMO, the couple who started the GoFundMe page should not have any more to do with it.
commented 2018-09-06 14:00:25 -0400
Money dos’e strange things, to certain people. The couple who organized the funding for this Soldier have, sadly, become strange,
The bottom line is that the Government should be looking after this Veteran. He put his life on the line for his Country, he should at least be given a chance to live a normal life, with a little help from the taxpayer’s.