June 02, 2018

Horwath employs racism of low expectations to defend NDP candidate’s use of racial slur

David MenziesMission Specialist


The original Saturday Night Live ensemble was called The Not Ready For Primetime Players, and now in 2018, I think that descriptor is best suited for the Ontario NDP.

In the past week, almost on a daily basis, some very embarrassing skeletons have been revealed in one NDP candidate after another’s social media closet.

The latest to make one question the NDP’s vetting process is someone who we at The Rebel have featured, not once, but twice.

The first time we talked about Jill “the Thrill” Andrew was when she went on a tirade against a Toronto Transit Commission ad accusing them of “body shaming” and the second was when she did a Ted Talk railing about what she calls the ongoing “thin epidemic,” and equated “blackness” with “fatness”.

These days, even obesity is about race and on that note, it seems Jill really put her foot in her mouth a couple of years ago in a Facebook post announcing that she would give her “2016 Coon Award” to Toronto’s then black Police Chief, Mark Sanders.

But don’t worry. NDP Leader Andrea Horwath says she has no problem with Jill’s odious language.

How very fitting that Horwath is the leader of Ontario’s Not Ready For Primetime Players!

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commented 2018-06-04 06:45:38 -0400
Hey Peter, something to brighten your morning, a Forum poll, taken after Whinny’s concession, shows that Whinny’s pre-election concession has made no difference to Ford’s lead in their polls. This in a story in the Toronto Sun today. If this is correct, Tories take a 69 seat majority government with the NDP at 49 seats and the Liberals with 6 seats.
commented 2018-06-03 19:04:21 -0400
Suddenly John Spartan is fine with racist comments. LMAO!
commented 2018-06-03 19:04:00 -0400
Thanks Peter, another thing I have been thinking about is that the naysayers would have you believe that the majority of Liberal voters will stampede to the polls because Ford is just so scary. Well, he really just isn’t that scary at all. It was Horwath who was the bully in the final leaders debate, not Ford.
commented 2018-06-03 18:35:11 -0400
Robert, you have some really goo points, and I hope you are right!
commented 2018-06-03 13:39:13 -0400
Yes Peter, Toronto does have lots of leftists and yes the unions will smear Ford, taking advantage of their unlimited budgets.
Here is the thing, Ford Nation has taken on the fully engaged and outraged forces of the left before and won.
Right now, compared with the past, the attacks on Ford are pretty lame.
Further, Ford does not have to win the majority of Toronto seats, he simply needs to take most of the areas he won in his mayoral race against John Tory. Rural Ontario will take care of the rest.
I think this is a change election. Not just conservatives are angry. Wynne hit her base by placing them in energy poverty. Horwath is Wynne 2.0 on steroids. No change there.
So, I am optimistic, but plan for the worst.
commented 2018-06-03 09:57:59 -0400
Robert, you are right that the Conservative base is pissed off. And I have no doubt that even if they do not really like Doug Ford they will vote for him anyway, but there are two factors that are not trivial that go in favor of the left.

1) Any Neimers said it well, Toronto steers the direction of the politics in Ontario because of the sheer number of seats there, and Toronto has more than enough leftists to win those seats.

2) The unions, bought and paid for by the left will smear and outright attack the Conservatives with near unlimited budgets.

I think the NDP will win at least a minority with the Liberal to prop them up., and I hope I am wrong. I want to be wrong.

Ontario is finished if the either the NDP or the Liberals win.

As a former Albertan who left because Notley destroyed Alberta, I hope Ontario votes in the Conservative for at a minimum of three terms, more if possible.
commented 2018-06-03 08:31:48 -0400
Okay, so Whinny has admitted that she is toast (cue the song “Ding Dong the Witch is Dead”).
Now factor in we have one highly motivated and pissed off rural conservative base teamed up with one highly motivated and pissed off Ford Nation in Toronto.
So as the naysayers would have it, all the Liberal support is going to flock to Horwath and her merry band of fugitives from an insane asylum.
Well, for this scenario to work, one has to be able to portray Ford as a really scary guy.
Guess what? Ford ain’t all that scary.
As Conrad Black has pointed out he is a decent man. In the final debate, it was Horwath who was the bully. As our Alberta friends would indicate, Ford is no hard right conservative and seems to be a bit of a flip flopper. He is not a Trump style wrecking ball seeking to reverse 15 years of Liberal rule overnight. His platform is a modest one seeking to lower prices for consumers and promoting fiscal restraint. Ford also has a bunch of CINOs on his team to ease the concerns of those Liberals who still traditional left-centre types, albeit they may be few in number.
PCs scary? Nope, don’t think so.
Conclusion: Some Liberals may even vote Ford, most will stay at home rather than vote NDP. There is a good chance Ford will win a majority and he will be much better than the alternative.
commented 2018-06-03 03:52:14 -0400
Maybe so Bravo Zulu… But if so, it once again demonstrates that a whole province, stretching up to James Bay, can be held captive to the nuts living, and farting, and smoking dope, and burping, within sight of the “stupid rays” emanating from the CN Tower.. What a wonderful comment on “democracy”… I very much doubt that “the boys” having a beer together in North Bay or Gogama – been there – share those hippy-dippy family-degraded values…
commented 2018-06-02 22:22:33 -0400
commented 2018-06-02 22:13:41 -0400
commented 2018-06-02 21:38:56 -0400
commented 2018-06-02 20:38:46 -0400
This one is for our VET’S…
commented 2018-06-02 20:36:34 -0400
commented 2018-06-02 19:28:09 -0400
I suspect Ontario will have an ndp government backed by the lieberals.

Hope I am wrong but it is what I think at this time.

Ontario is in serious trouble.

And DO NOT blame the leaders and the parties.

Blame the VOTERS!!

People get the government they deserve.
commented 2018-06-02 19:20:58 -0400
My real estate agent is praying Horwath wins so he can list my property because there is no way I will live in a communist Ontario.
commented 2018-06-02 16:04:17 -0400
But, but, that’s the way we all talk in Hamilton Centre don’t you know???
commented 2018-06-02 15:33:35 -0400
IF Doug Ford wins the Ontario election … and
IF Doug Ford does not go spineless and jellyfish over to the left … then
It will take a minimum of 3 full terms to reverse the damage done to Ontario by the Liberals, and that is assuming it can be reversed at all.
commented 2018-06-02 15:11:23 -0400
Bigotry of low expectations; low energy & low IQ NDP Leader is giving all of Ontario a preview of what she has to offer….no thanks Champagne Socialist!!!
commented 2018-06-02 14:41:46 -0400
David Menzies nails it, with his critique of Andrea Horwath and her ‘Not Ready for Prime Time Players’; whom she is constantly making excuses for. Excuses made within a cultural context based upon Horwath’s racism of lowered expectations. We ignored a similar warning about Justin ‘the globalist traitor’ Trudeau and his Liberal amateurs and we are currently seeing the Left-handed dismantling of Canada going on before our eyes. Are we going to tolerate the same nonsense provincially in Ontario when we still have the opportunity to elect a sane PC government?