September 09, 2019

How Rebel News will cover the Canadian election PLUS New book: The Libranos!

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Any day now the Liberals will formally call the election. But who’s kidding whom? It’s been on for months.

In recent weeks, Liberal MPs have been making dozens of spending announcements, totaling billions of dollars. They're doing what Liberals do: diverting taxpayer dollars to electoral districts they're worried about losing and to the few they're hoping to pick up.

And of course the most important Liberal Party hand-out is to the Media Party — Trudeau’s $600 million bail-out. Just to take the Toronto Star alone, they receive $115,000 dollars a week.

It's not just the newspapers themselves who are partisans. Thousands of journalists are part of Unifor, a giant union which has set up a third party campaign group to funnel money into anti-conservative campaigns.

By far the biggest contribution journalists make to Trudeau isn’t their own cash. It’s their embarrassing questions.

These journalists love Trudeau and Elizabeth May, but they're still trying to decide if they hate Andrew Scheer for his rising poll numbers or Maxime Bernier for his candour more.

Right now, the outcome of this volatile election looks like it will be a Trudeau minority. If you flip just one seat per province from the Liberals to the Conservatives, you'll end up with a tie between the Liberals and the Conservatives. 

So what should we do, here at Rebel News? Should we campaign against Trudeau as a registered third party?

We’re not a political party, and we’re not a campaign group. We’re not members of any party; we are independent; we criticize any party when we think they’re wrong; and we praise any party when we think they’re right.

No; our role is not to campaign as a party, or like a lobby group like Unifor. Our role is to report the news, and give you our opinion on the news. That’s what journalism is about.

So what we are going to do during this election? Well, we’ve got a plan. We’re not going to take on the Liberal Party. That’s the job of the other parties.

We’re going to take on something that’s far worse — something that’s going to be much more vicious and much less honest: We’re going to take on the Media Party.

It means we’re going to do actual journalism. In-the-field journalism. On-the-street asking questions, like the time Keean Bexte confronted Anne McGrath about her communist past before losing by just a few hundred votes. We’re going to cover up to 100 different ridings over the course of the next seven weeks.

We’re going to provide in this election the most useful thing you can imagine — balanced coverage. I expect we will make up to 100 flights, from Newfoundland to Vancouver Island, from Whitehorse to Montreal, and everywhere in between to ask politicians the tough questions they've never been asked before. Do you remember when Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen ran away from David Menzies asking questions about the UN Global Compact on Migration? Or when Sheila Gunn Reid followed Chrystia Freeland to London?

Yeah. That’s the stuff.

I want to keep the conversation going, and I want to vet our Prime Minister. And I have. Him and his whole team.

And so I’m pleased to announce to you, my friends, my new book, called:

The Libranos: What the media won’t tell you about Justin Trudeau’s corruption.

It’s a quick read — it’s a paperback of 138 pages, or you can get the e-book too if you prefer. But it has the collected facts about Trudeau and his corrupt team, from Bill Morneau to Gerald Butts to Dominic Leblanc. All the crooks — the Libranos. All the facts that the CBC doesn’t want to tell you, because they’re worried they’ll have their subsidy cut off if they do.

There are a bunch of Trudeau books out there. Mine is the only one not subsidized by Trudeau himself.

I bet we can sell more than the love-letters by the media party.

That’s the Rebel’s campaign plan. Our budget is just over 100,000 dollars — and we’ve quietly raised half of that over the summer from Canadians who want to help us. We still need to raise the other half — for the lawn signs, for the Jumbotron trucks, but mainly to help cover the cost of criss-crossing Canada.

We can’t give you a political party tax receipt — but we can promise you we’ll make more of a difference, dollar for dollar, than any other group out there. Because we’re 100% independent.

If you can voluntarily help us out, I’d be grateful — and in return, I promise you the best journalism in Canada.

NEXT: Edmonton Sun senior political columnist Lorne Gunter joins me to talk about how political correctness is helping to spur the rise of populism.

FINALLY: Your messages to me!

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commented 2019-09-10 14:00:34 -0400
Ezra, I like the plan, it sounds great. I get calls from the CPC on a regular basis asking for money, I’ve been resisting as I’m not happy with many of the positions of the party.. This election cycle I’ll make the contribution to the Rebel where it is bound to do more good.
commented 2019-09-10 13:52:43 -0400
Wick: but you are and that’s what’s so funny!!
commented 2019-09-10 13:24:39 -0400
Muta Ween,

Why would we be worried? Even Ezra has already said how the election is going to turn out with a Trudeau minority.
commented 2019-09-10 13:20:02 -0400
CF , I have to say, Rick Boswick is hitting it out of the park these days on his youtube channel.
Good vid with Norman Traversy.
commented 2019-09-10 12:56:49 -0400
- The Liberal media buyout has been paying off for them since it was announced. They cover up every blunder & every scandal. As for polls – I’m not at all interested in what polls are saying. With the way the polls have failed over the last few years I can’t understand why people still follow them (like following the lang range weather forecast). I like the idea regarding the campaign coverage. I will be donating as it goes along.

- Populism came about as a reaction to elitism. People no longer get a say in anything as the elites get rich redistributing everyone else’s wealth & “re-engineering” society based on their extremist socialist views. Going to populist parties is stage one in fighting against that. When the elections are rigged against them to the point where their voice no longer counts you get phase two – see the ongoing yellow vest protests in France.
commented 2019-09-10 12:54:41 -0400
Ezra states " thousands of journalists are UNIFOR members".
So name names . Are these all obscure members or prominent names known to the general public"
And should they identify themselves as biased and conflicted due to their association to UNIFOR.
Absolutely no way they can be objective .
It isn’t fake news now.
Its propaganda.
commented 2019-09-10 11:58:21 -0400
Thanks, Liz Rosie. That is what I am hoping for Canada, too, even though I live south of the 49th parallel: Canada first!
commented 2019-09-10 11:42:32 -0400
@ Wick . . . one of the 39% . . . John, Mickey Moore figured it out . . . you, not so much!

Obama’s Social Media Warriors spent 9 months in Canada promoting the Drama Teacher . . . UNIFOR, Public Sector Unions, the inept far-left Canadian Media ALL promoted the feckless Justin . . .
2015 . . . the Year 39% of Canadians voted themselves Off the Island . . . . who needs Balanced Budgets and Surpluses anyway . . . when you can give Billions to the UN, the CBC, the failing Media and Despotic Regimes around the globe.

Remember when . . . .
World’s Richest Middle Class . . . NY Times
World’s Best Reputation . . . Reputation Institute
Best Wage Growth in G7 Nations . . . 2007-2012
Best Oilfield Salaries in the World . . .
Best Oilfield Enviro Regs in the World . . . Harvard Bus School
Best Country to do Business . . . . Forbes
World’s Best Debt to GDP Ratio , . . OECD

ALL of that is in the REAR VIEW Mirror today Canada . . . . as you wallow towards European Failed State Status.
commented 2019-09-10 11:09:50 -0400
Trudeau and the liberals lower the bar by mocking the middle class and the poor,that’s right Trudy bite the hand that feeds you-globalist pigs.
commented 2019-09-10 10:29:08 -0400
Mile Krchnak, thank you for that fantastic link from 2015. I hope people watch it. Lord Monckton relaying that Sir David King “the scientifically illiterate chemist”(climate change ambassador for the United Kingdom), was going around to “all the nations of the world” to persuade them to buy into the lie. The two hold outs were Canada and Australia. Sir David King said not to worry, he said. ‘we and the UN will make sure that the present government is removed’. He meant Harper of course.

More proof that the last election was a fixed one. It was fixed by the globalists. That is the foreign interference we need to be worrying about. Man, we about to get shafted!
commented 2019-09-10 10:14:49 -0400
Ezra. You have my vote! Let the show begin!
commented 2019-09-10 09:56:27 -0400
Paul Scofield, it was definitely a ‘moment’ for Michael Moore. He had that spot on. That is exactly why Donald Trump managed to get elected.
People felt frustrated and ignored, insulted and taken advantage of. The pollsters and the media propped up the lies and the people ended up trouncing those self serving elites. The result was the only guy who was for their own country first. America first, and Canadians want Canada first. We demand it.
commented 2019-09-10 09:46:25 -0400

“I want the cost of living brought down and the standard of living raised up” – Dave Macpherson

Its like Lorne intimated, globalism means bringing everyone DOWN to the same level. That is what this wealth REdistribution bullsht is meant to do and its the only result possible result. This is only the beginning. We no longer will be entitled to the fruits of our own labour…others will, not just the usual government fleecing every year at tax time but a full on milking. Once people on masse realize this…we know it will not end well.

That moral master-baiting movement of Climate alarmism is not a small thing. It is the main vehicle. Scheer has just confirmed for those on the fence, that he has bought into it lock, stalk and barrel. He is a disgusting turncoat.

Our standard of living has been in decline since 2015, but its about to take a steep dive for those sucker countries gullible enough to co operate with this UN dystopian nightmare. All the economic numbers are fabricated just like the c02 numbers. Lies, Lies, lies is all they have. If Canadians trust them they are a moron’s.

I agree with you Dave, that the polls are fake, and it has never been so apparent than now. I don’t trust the pollsters any more than I trust the politicians or the media.
commented 2019-09-10 09:41:40 -0400
I detest Michael Moore, but in the clip shown, he was dead on. If 2016 was the biggest fuck you in American political history, here’s hoping that Trudeau gets his well-deserved FU moment in 2019 and the American Left, an encore, in 2020.
commented 2019-09-10 09:32:26 -0400
The plan is that all the left-wingers will back Trudeau in either a coalition government, or when they vote in our parliament. So a vote for Bernier is a vote for Canada. We’ll see whether or not Scheer really has a conservative bone in his body, if we manage to transfer the balance of power back to the right, which only Bernier will be able to pull off.
commented 2019-09-10 09:09:23 -0400
The only thing better than a turdo majority right now would be a turdo minority where he’d have to suck and lick Lizzie and Jagmeet to stay in power.

Then the urban centers that support these champagne socialists would get what they really voted for: all the economic and cultural riches that unchecked immigration apparently brings, the pristine environments brought about by carbon taxes galore, and unimaginable prosperity maintained forever by hyper-fueling the public debt.

I’m so excited that I’m on the edge of my seat!
commented 2019-09-10 09:04:16 -0400
Like the Lenape Tribe sold off Manhatten Island, the Liberal Trudeau and Butts are selling Canada and Canadians off the the Globalist United Nations.
commented 2019-09-10 08:56:08 -0400
Wick:you’ve dried up using the same old talking points,you are truly out of touch. Only a fool would continue to support a corrupt PM such as Trudeau.
commented 2019-09-10 08:46:51 -0400
The trolls must be worried when they are constantly on here spewing nonsense and disparaging other people’s rational and realistic thoughts.
commented 2019-09-10 08:11:55 -0400
Pissing in the wind again “Wick”? You really need new material, time for a new moniker while you are at it, you’ve worn out your current ones as you’ve become far too predictable again, yawn.
commented 2019-09-10 07:52:53 -0400
The very fact that even Ezra is saying that Trudeau is going to be re-elected should say something to you mouth breathers. If he thought Bernier had a chance in hell, he would say so.

It is amazing the fantasy world you all live in.
commented 2019-09-10 07:17:02 -0400
Hey, P.M. jethro, when you sell out our country in the name of political correctness, when you allow people who don’t share our values or give a shit about our laws to invade us, don’t be surprised when we tell you to f*ck off
commented 2019-09-10 06:09:32 -0400
Shrug, scheer-the-steer or turdo la doo – other than the length of time it will take to hit the cesspool, what’s the difference?

Go Max!
commented 2019-09-10 04:49:09 -0400
Ezra, the Polls are Fake, LeftyLite ScheerCPC , Lefty ( Liberals, Ndp Greens ) Corrupted and therefore don’t have any credibility.

I want the cost of living brought down and the standard of living raised up. I’m fed up with the Anti Private Sector / Public Sector Supremacist Attitudes.

Maxime Bernier and our = Fairness and Respect.

#PPC2019 #PPCStrong Maxime Bernier for Prime Minister > Integrity, Principled, Uncompromised ❤️🙏🏼🇨🇦🇮🇱💙
commented 2019-09-10 03:15:14 -0400
Anthony Matthews…..great list of the ongoing hypocrisy of the current regime! I’ve added a few that I didn’t see in the list, there’s so many coming daily it’s difficult to keep up.

He brings a Sikh convicted/jailed for attempted assasination of a politician from India with him to India then blames the Government of India for the terrorist being in his entourage.
He pays Syrian imports $50,000 on top of all other taxpayer paid benefits they receive then attempts to keep this information from Canadian taxpayers. (no Canadian has been provided this benefit).
He can’t/won’t provide the actual cost to taxpayers of housing, feeding, clothing, educating, providing health care etc. to the 10s of thousands of illegal migrants walking over Quebec’s porous border. He also won’t retract his infamous tweet calling all and sundry to enter Canada.
He rents entire hotels to house illegal migrants while Canadian homeless are being replaced in shelters by the overflow of illegals who didn’t get a hotel room complete with concierge services.
He shuttles overflow illegal migrants to other provinces forcing provincial and municipal governments to cover the costs of providing welfare money, housing, schooling, health care etc. Canadian taxpayers are forced to pay for these illegals at Federal, Provincial and Municipal levels.
He called Canada a “post-national state” with no core values or identity then set about making it a reality.
He and his Liberal MPs label Canadians as racists, bigots, un-Canadian, Neanderthals, islamaphobes, homophobic, climate deniers, xenophobes etc. if Liberal policies and ideologies are questioned.
He paid almost $600,000 million taxpayer dollars to buy Canadian media in an election year to ensure favourable reporting.
He told new immigrants to Canada they were better than Canadians born in Canada because they chose this country and weren’t here by default.
He has absolutely no respect for the Rule of Law in Canada. His behaviour is indicative of his contempt for the law and his belief he is above it.
He cannot be trusted to speak the truth as was displayed in his response to the Globe and Mail article about JWR and SNC Lavalin.
He said the story was false when in fact he was false.
He signed the UN Migrant Compact that will allow hundreds of thousands to migrate to Canada to be taken care of and no Canadian citizen has the right to dispute it or stop the invasion. He states the Compact is “not legally binding” but honesty is not a Liberal attribute. (700 plus Palestinians staged a sit in protest in Lebanon demanding their “right” to immigrate to Canada on Aug 3/19).
He and his regime members wanted Stats Canada to have the ability to examine hundreds of thousands of Canadian’s personal bank accounts, credit accounts etc. with no personal data redacted. What was the true reason behind this personal invasion attempt?
He called a senior lady in Quebec a “racist” when she asked when he was going to pay Quebec for their costs associated with illegal migrants, he called her racist more than once. The lady was manhandled by his security staff. The senior is suing him for $95,000.
He agreed with a multi-Million taxpayer dollar biased report on missing/murdered indigenous females that Canada and Canadians have committed genocide in the past, still commit genocide today and will continue to commit genocide in the future against indigenous peoples. He put every Canadian in the same despicable category as actual mass muderers without a blink or tear in his eye then continued on with his day. Why would anyone want this as a leader of their country?

All Canadians should be aware of and very wary of a “leader” and supporting minions that are walking this country to a place we may never return from, hell on earth.
commented 2019-09-10 02:23:16 -0400
Barb Morrison commented “Both Penson and Wick believe that they are the guardians of every other person’s thought process and they must verbally force others to buckle and bend to the tune of political correctness and elitist idelogies. ..”

Add Stephenson to that list too.
That mentality IS the Liberal way. That party really should change their brand name as they truly are the Communist Party of Canada ever since the day that Pierre Trudeau crossed the floor and was elected under the Liberal banner.