September 09, 2019

How Rebel News will cover the Canadian election PLUS New book: The Libranos!

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Any day now the Liberals will formally call the election. But who’s kidding whom? It’s been on for months.

In recent weeks, Liberal MPs have been making dozens of spending announcements, totaling billions of dollars. They're doing what Liberals do: diverting taxpayer dollars to electoral districts they're worried about losing and to the few they're hoping to pick up.

And of course the most important Liberal Party hand-out is to the Media Party — Trudeau’s $600 million bail-out. Just to take the Toronto Star alone, they receive $115,000 dollars a week.

It's not just the newspapers themselves who are partisans. Thousands of journalists are part of Unifor, a giant union which has set up a third party campaign group to funnel money into anti-conservative campaigns.

By far the biggest contribution journalists make to Trudeau isn’t their own cash. It’s their embarrassing questions.

These journalists love Trudeau and Elizabeth May, but they're still trying to decide if they hate Andrew Scheer for his rising poll numbers or Maxime Bernier for his candour more.

Right now, the outcome of this volatile election looks like it will be a Trudeau minority. If you flip just one seat per province from the Liberals to the Conservatives, you'll end up with a tie between the Liberals and the Conservatives. 

So what should we do, here at Rebel News? Should we campaign against Trudeau as a registered third party?

We’re not a political party, and we’re not a campaign group. We’re not members of any party; we are independent; we criticize any party when we think they’re wrong; and we praise any party when we think they’re right.

No; our role is not to campaign as a party, or like a lobby group like Unifor. Our role is to report the news, and give you our opinion on the news. That’s what journalism is about.

So what we are going to do during this election? Well, we’ve got a plan. We’re not going to take on the Liberal Party. That’s the job of the other parties.

We’re going to take on something that’s far worse — something that’s going to be much more vicious and much less honest: We’re going to take on the Media Party.

It means we’re going to do actual journalism. In-the-field journalism. On-the-street asking questions, like the time Keean Bexte confronted Anne McGrath about her communist past before losing by just a few hundred votes. We’re going to cover up to 100 different ridings over the course of the next seven weeks.

We’re going to provide in this election the most useful thing you can imagine — balanced coverage. I expect we will make up to 100 flights, from Newfoundland to Vancouver Island, from Whitehorse to Montreal, and everywhere in between to ask politicians the tough questions they've never been asked before. Do you remember when Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen ran away from David Menzies asking questions about the UN Global Compact on Migration? Or when Sheila Gunn Reid followed Chrystia Freeland to London?

Yeah. That’s the stuff.

I want to keep the conversation going, and I want to vet our Prime Minister. And I have. Him and his whole team.

And so I’m pleased to announce to you, my friends, my new book, called:

The Libranos: What the media won’t tell you about Justin Trudeau’s corruption.

It’s a quick read — it’s a paperback of 138 pages, or you can get the e-book too if you prefer. But it has the collected facts about Trudeau and his corrupt team, from Bill Morneau to Gerald Butts to Dominic Leblanc. All the crooks — the Libranos. All the facts that the CBC doesn’t want to tell you, because they’re worried they’ll have their subsidy cut off if they do.

There are a bunch of Trudeau books out there. Mine is the only one not subsidized by Trudeau himself.

I bet we can sell more than the love-letters by the media party.

That’s the Rebel’s campaign plan. Our budget is just over 100,000 dollars — and we’ve quietly raised half of that over the summer from Canadians who want to help us. We still need to raise the other half — for the lawn signs, for the Jumbotron trucks, but mainly to help cover the cost of criss-crossing Canada.

We can’t give you a political party tax receipt — but we can promise you we’ll make more of a difference, dollar for dollar, than any other group out there. Because we’re 100% independent.

If you can voluntarily help us out, I’d be grateful — and in return, I promise you the best journalism in Canada.

NEXT: Edmonton Sun senior political columnist Lorne Gunter joins me to talk about how political correctness is helping to spur the rise of populism.

FINALLY: Your messages to me!

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commented 2019-09-10 02:00:39 -0400
Sean: anyone attending a pride parade should attend by choice and not
by force, political or otherwise both sides of the abortion ballyhoo attempt to force everyone to accept their way of thinking and both fully fail to consider the woman in the middle of their push and shove…..the woman to whom the “right to choose” belongs to

Both Penson and Wick believe that they are the guardians of every other person’s thought process and they must verbally force others to buckle and bend to the tune of political correctness and elitist idelogies. It won’t happen. Not all Canadians have been indoctrinated to worship the left and still possess the ability to think freely and rationally.
commented 2019-09-10 01:47:07 -0400
What is most sickening about the leftist regressive trolls posting here is that they’re indifferent to the corruption by their political hero’s. I would suggest they take the time to wipe the sock boys goo from their chins and watch this clip from Feb of 2015.
The woke people in the world were aware of the corrution that was going on to get these globalist puppets elected.
I would suggest these low information groupies of the LPC watch the whole thing but that’s just to much to ask of the low intellect left.
commented 2019-09-10 01:37:48 -0400
To Bernier non-believers:
After the Stop Mass Immigration Billboards were taken down, a poll was taken and 63% of Canadians agreed with Max, and the sign’s message.
Max is usually a Gentleman, however with all the Liberal dirty tricks and being banned from the debates, he is going to take the gloves off, and apparently he has a few tricks of his own.

May is showing 9% while the PPC is just over 3%. Even the sometimes deep thinking Andrew Stephenson admitted here that well intentioned Green voters get to the voting box and common sense takes over when they think of May having any power at all. Jody and Jane ran away from this Party when they saw what was behind the curtain.
In many cases a voter doesn’t have to be crazy environmentalist to go for the Greens or NDP; sometimes they just want a change. PPC might cash in.

With The Rebel monitoring the words of the BRIBED MSM, The Fraser Institute seeing that the Liberals start giving out honest numbers and the Canadian Taxpayers Federation hiring an independent Journalist to show the voters all the Gov’t waste, this election may have different results than predicted.—investigative-journalist
commented 2019-09-10 01:16:30 -0400
Penson states no one cares about the list of wrong doings committed by Trudeau,can you believe he have dimwits like this casting a vote. And then the classless left wing nazi has the nerve to call a woman’s unborn child a “Thing” Let’s say no to pride parades and yes to family pride!!
Penson: you a coward?
commented 2019-09-10 01:09:35 -0400
Anthony Mathews….If one tracks the posts from the resident trolls, one would be hard pressed to believe that the IQ, collectively, could be anywhere close to 70. Great points by the way, but only the low IQ sycophants would ignore these transgressions committed by this embarrassment of a PM.
For fun, I totaled up the costs you posted……27.64 billion on vanity.
commented 2019-09-10 00:58:45 -0400
You’re on the right track. Covering journalistic subject is what should happen. We only hear the left on the radio and TV. Keep going after the elites who keep saying one thing while doing another.
commented 2019-09-10 00:35:40 -0400
John Wick i hope you are not such a sheep that you will not go to ChicFilA in TO.
commented 2019-09-10 00:33:39 -0400
John Wick thinks web pages are in some position of power over others, well certain web pages. What a joke. Hey John nothing from them about the anti semite Liberal candidate that they ignored and covered for for months until they couldn’t any longer? LMAO!
commented 2019-09-10 00:31:39 -0400
John Wick why should the Rebel care about a bogus complaint meant to censor brought forth by some globalist hate group? You think it actually means anything? LMAO! And once again tell me what they lied about or where they are racist and go support your BIGOTED Liberal party like a good sheep.
commented 2019-09-10 00:29:42 -0400
John Wick who did that ranking? Some left wing group in Canada? LMAO! Maybe ask our vets how they feel rather than well to do elitist pigs.
commented 2019-09-10 00:08:11 -0400
Quick parting thought. I hope the Rebel reporters ask if any of the liberals have heard from the RCMP about Tom Quiggin’s filed complaint. The RCMP accepted it and gave it a file number. It sure names a lot of people.
I think you should ask the cbc if they have even heard of it. Probably not.
commented 2019-09-10 00:00:50 -0400
Okay, if you and pathetic Penson say so it must be true.
Have fun spamming this thread. See ya later.
commented 2019-09-09 23:57:00 -0400
Penson you a coward ?
commented 2019-09-09 23:55:32 -0400
Liz Rosie,

The Rebel will have zero impact on anything, especially with the 7 people left who still work here.

Truth be told – The Rebel wants Trudeau to win. That way they can still complain about him for the next 4 years and get suckers like you to pay for it.
commented 2019-09-09 23:52:26 -0400
Also, Sheldon, calling someone a Pedo is an actionable offence.

Dare say it again? You alt-right types have no class whatsoever. That’s why the so called Laurentian establishment are far better leading us, far better exuding Canadian values
commented 2019-09-09 23:49:44 -0400
Hmmm the lefty trolls all of a sudden got busy-Penson is just a coward.LOL!!
commented 2019-09-09 23:49:28 -0400
Rebel Media will have little impact this election cycle.

Once that Scheer looses votes and seats, and Bernier’s clique get about 0.5% of the votes….

I know, to the alternative right, reality is so demeaning 😂

commented 2019-09-09 23:36:43 -0400
Ditto what Jan said. I can already hear the rustling discomfort and annoyance of the media party and traditional political parties. Should be fun and revealing. A refreshing change for Canadians.
commented 2019-09-09 23:33:19 -0400
It’s the irrelevant Thing Penson LOL!! Hey Pedo how far are you willing to go to defend your beliefs?
commented 2019-09-09 23:32:03 -0400
Re: the new website. Do you need cookies for this? All the articles are strangely formatted. The last time I downloaded theRebel’s cookies, my computer went haywire.
commented 2019-09-09 23:30:06 -0400
Ezra, I like your plan. Especially the trucks and interviewing the locals on the street.
I also like the lawn signs.
My neighbours don’t talk to me as it is, so what’s the dif if I plant a big one right in their face!
The idea of focusing on the media is good. The key is to get their attention and then they will be defending themselves. Sounds kinda like a Pres. Trump strategy where he throws them a bone and then watches them scramble. Keeps them on their toes.
Just have to keep throwing bones for them to run after.
What a great distraction to their [choke choke] journalism [choke choke].
commented 2019-09-09 23:27:51 -0400
Yes, Sheldon. No one really cares about so called lists of wrong doing.

Canada hasn’t fared better than under the loving leadership of Justin.

Why wouldn’t Scheer rebuke Harper’s hidden agenda? Why wouldn’t Scheer appear in any Pride Parade? Why will Scheer let his party reopen the closed abortion debate? Why wouldn’t Scheer condemn the Trump administration?
commented 2019-09-09 23:17:46 -0400
You didn’t answer my question are you saying what Anthony laid out is false in anyway
commented 2019-09-09 23:13:10 -0400
Sheldon Eisler,

It’s not an opinion – it’s a world ride ranking fact.