February 03, 2017

Why Leftists are the real fascists

Rebel Staff

As we’ve seen all across major College Campuses, every time a conservative commentator like Milo Yiannopoulos or Ben Shapiro are invited to speak, chaos ensues as protestors violently demand these speakers be silenced. 

You might ask yourself, “Why do these violent protests occur? Why is it that in a place of learning by intellectually challenging each other, there are loads of people who want to physically silence others?”

The answer is simple really. They disagree with them.

Watch as I further explore how leftists rationalize and justify this kind of violence and why so many young people are convinced through academia, that some uber white supremacist patriarchal system is responsible for their victimization, even though there’s no evidence that such a thing exists.

The left ought to be ashamed of themselves for breeding so much violence and hatred.

The left totally lost me, a perfectly good liberal, because of it.

Now I call myself a Conservative.

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commented 2017-02-05 15:33:03 -0500
Great commentary and oh so true!
commented 2017-02-04 16:25:12 -0500
I presume that the DOJ under a new Attorney General will commence intelligence gathering to identify who these anarchists are and who is funding them. It isn’t sufficient to just call out names like Soros. They need to follow the money from the protester’s pockets right to the source.
The ability to identify and preempt these violent anarchists and follow and arrest them after the fact is vital to curbing this movement. It’s just the same old Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorn act all over again.
commented 2017-02-04 16:09:08 -0500
Art Vandelay good point, funny how the same people who used to say “don’t like it, don’t watch it” now tell others that they cannot say or produce anything they do not like. And of course the hypocrites go crying about hate when someone dares to fight back. They are dangerous and pathetic.
commented 2017-02-04 10:57:04 -0500
“If you’re not a leftist or socialist before you’re 25, you have no heart; if you are one after 25 you have no head!”
Edmund Burke
commented 2017-02-04 10:07:35 -0500
Jay changed to become a smart conservative, and I think he will bring more young liberalz to our cause, with his logic and intellect and good common sense.
commented 2017-02-04 03:19:15 -0500
Jay, i’m old enough to remember purveyors of filth, smut and perversion attacking Christians and moral people in general, the “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” clowns, that they were free to insult, denigrate and attack and if you didn’t like it, change the channel (thanks MSM). Corky (don’t insult one of my favorite movies) was likely making a point, an old one at that, if you dish it out (radical Marxist, lefists) then be prepared to take it. School yard rules, really.
commented 2017-02-04 03:10:37 -0500
Classical liberalism (my back ground too) lost out to communism. It is sadly that simple. Eastern europe learned the lesson, only to see the west succumb (so far) to the siren call of equality over individual merit. But make no mistake, “equality” is merely a guise for greed for and jealousy over, those who have achieved through hard work, morality and merit. I see enough “equal” people pushing shopping carts around that I never saw 30 years ago, you know, in the age of “disparity” and “racism”. Last point, I grew up being told we had over come discrimination, that all colours were equal. So what the hell happened, oh enlightened one’s? True equality doesn’t pay I suspect.
commented 2017-02-04 02:44:33 -0500
That is what marxism is, and they are never fascists when they are not in huge numbers because that is what cowardice is. They will learn the hard way.
commented 2017-02-04 02:43:34 -0500
Jay Kelly your left wing buddies are silencing everyone and you never speak out.
commented 2017-02-03 22:40:33 -0500
Solid analysis Jay, as usual – however it is not intellectually honest to toss the term "fascist " around like the mouth-breather sophists of the left do. What we are really talking about is extremist radicalism, and it infects both ends of the political and theological spectrum
commented 2017-02-03 18:57:31 -0500
The reality is that one is not left or right, but pro-humanity or pro-ideology.

I used to think I was left leaning, but that was I believed in the blue collar little guy and the thought that third world countries should have the ability to access clean water, secure food sources, be able to aspire to the first world standard. Actually, I still have those exact beliefs; but now I am considered a fascist.

The difference is that I still believe in helping humanity, but I should be supporting an ideology if I am to be progressive. An ideology designed to make adherents rich or richer at the expense of humanity. Hence it is a regressive ideology.

The war is not against right and left. It is against pro-humanist and elitists with idiots in their pocket.
commented 2017-02-03 17:48:18 -0500
These Leftists were never taught to disagree with verbal discussion. They only understand that to silence those they appose is the simplest way to win the debate.
I think some of them are capable of extreme physical violence, to prove that they are right, or should I say Left.
We can only thank the Marxist educational system for this situation.
commented 2017-02-03 16:12:34 -0500
Well Jay, welcome to the “rational” side.

Even though I seldom agreed with classical Liberals, I had respect for them. They were rational people who were typically happy to debate their ideas, but not this generation of Liberals.

I respect you opinions, Jay. And by-and-large I agree with them.