February 08, 2016

How 'cucked' has Canada become under Justin Trudeau? Let this video show you

StaffRebel Columnist

A new video by The Rebel's own Lauren Southern some of Justin Trudeau's failures as Prime Minister. It's especially concerning because it's only 2016.

So far, the video titled 'Cuckada' has been viewed over 20,000 times. It includes references to Trudeau's gaffes when campaigning last fall, to the recent attempt to change our national anthem, and his constant pandering to Muslims.

Oh, and don't forget his ridiculous dance moves, attacking video games/GamerGate, and his infamous “because it's 2015” statement.

The term 'cucked' has grown in use over the past few years. It no longer strictly refers to a man with an unfaithful wife, but rather someone who is weak and showcases traits of being a beta male.

At least the music Lauren used makes it a fun watch.

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commented 2016-02-19 22:01:25 -0500
“Cuck” is a term that applies to conservative politicians so you can’t really call Trudeau a “cuck”.

We have lots of “conservative” CUCKS in this country. Harper was a CUCK who brought in over half a million Muslim’s during his time in office. His immigration minister – Jason Kenney – is a CUCK who spent every weekend visiting Mosques and temples. The “conservative” party in Ontario are nothing but CUCKS – “conservative” leader Patrick Brown spent three weeks last month travelling around India with his top cabinet people.
commented 2016-02-14 00:52:43 -0500
The more i see this moron the more it becomes how evident he has a selfie obession which show his chronic narcissistic mental disorder .Whom by the way is smoking way too much weed.I think he inherited along with her looks his mothers bipolar disorder also.We are in big trouble.
commented 2016-02-09 12:10:08 -0500
Dirty Harry – I agree!
commented 2016-02-09 11:59:55 -0500
Edith Bunker, Forrest Gump, Mr. Bean all would make a better replacement for this turd. I hate this fetal alcohol baby talking to us like he’s the teacher’s pet and we are all just stupid little followers of his great wisdom. He’s nothing but a retard and couldn’t organize a pee break at a kindergarten.
commented 2016-02-09 10:07:46 -0500
What can one say but OMG!!!
commented 2016-02-09 02:13:05 -0500
we have the start to the problems in germany,and dingbad and his party will do same as the politions in germany that is defend there acts of terror and blame the innocent.
commented 2016-02-08 23:55:40 -0500
The more I see of our Zoolander Prime Minister the more I can’t believe that anyone could possibly vote for this idiot. He is embarrassing Canadians on the world stage and will ruin our economy here at home. Under Harper we were finally getting some respect from the rest of the world and instead of being one of the countries helping out in the fight against Isis we will be reduced to peacekeepers in a place where there is no peace. We will now go back to being an insignificant little country and the laughing stock to the rest of the world.
commented 2016-02-08 18:56:01 -0500
We is in big Doo Doo
commented 2016-02-08 16:19:43 -0500
Happy Birthday Marty!! , Sorry your day was ruined. Suggestions….. if you can swing it, take a trip to Malmo Sweden, from there, Canada still looks pretty good (so-far). If that is not possible, watch the video as though it is titled “Progressives Behaving Badly”.
commented 2016-02-08 16:13:24 -0500
Thank you guys for the Birthday wishes – I did not expect any of that – thank you.
D Mary, I was an avid scotch on the rocks drinker. Nothing I loved better than a glass of good single malt scotch on the rocks after work. So, please enjoy one for me and cheers.
I loved the video Hyacinth, thank you.
Elton Braun you are right, this dope is obsessed with undoing everything that Mr Harper did. He probably thinks he can erase Mr. Harpers memory from our minds. I have news for him.
He is also oblivious to how stupid he sounds, acts and in fact is.
commented 2016-02-08 15:13:48 -0500
Happy Birthday Marty! Trudeau pulls out of the bombing mission. Wouldn’t want to spank them too bad. All I see is an obsession to undo everything Harper did. Why were so many upset about JT breaking promises? If he broke every one of his promises we’d be far better off.
commented 2016-02-08 15:02:23 -0500
Prime Minister Zoolander.
commented 2016-02-08 14:57:32 -0500
Well that was certainly painful to watch. If not for the image of the beaver, I may have been permanently scared by that horror show. What an embarrassing, pathetic excuse for a human being Trudeau is. He severely needs his girly dancing-ass kicked around the block several times and day, to remind him that being the Village Idiot is not PM material. He’s not ready for the part of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, let alone 24 Sussex Dr. Good Gawd!
commented 2016-02-08 14:32:30 -0500
Deborah, it would be an insult to pig bristle dart boards everywhere to contaminate their surfaces with such a disgusting image of Trudeau.
commented 2016-02-08 14:31:18 -0500
Marty Ashfield, happy birthday, sorry about your dilemma. I will hoist a scotch and rock in your stead. If it helps further, just imagine Putin and other world leaders’ amusement at viewing this video. Of course it hurts Canada’s reputation, but hopefully they are smart enough to realize he is not typical of Canada, he is unfortunately our town idiot.
commented 2016-02-08 14:19:07 -0500
I think to relieve stress, the old dart boards need to be update with this honky’s picture on it. And to add to the stress relief, you can picture yourself plucking those locks off his head, one hair at a time. I’m already feeling better, and I’m just thinking about this.
commented 2016-02-08 13:59:49 -0500
Thanks a lot Lauren, thanks a lot! Today is my birthday and what was the first Rebel video that I clicked on? Yeah, asshole jumping around like a demented turkey with his head up his ass. This image of the dope hopping around with his arms flapping will stay with me for a while unless I drown my thoughts in Booze, which I can’t do because I am a Type 2 diabetic.
So now I sit here crying and throwing up and wishing for anything but that awful image and hearing that stuttering school kid voice. I am doomed for the rest of the day.
Thanks a lot.
commented 2016-02-08 13:59:35 -0500
It is time for good men to do something. If this Moron is permitted to continue, he will ruin Canada, beyond help. His agenda, is to cripple Canada and force us all to join the Islamic Death Cult and be controlled by Sharia Law.

Ezra, it is time for some ‘STOP TRUDEAU’ Bumper stickers. Large ones.
commented 2016-02-08 13:52:46 -0500
Is it my imagination or is there a lot less left wing crazies commenting lately? It appears it`s even getting a little to much for them to defend .
commented 2016-02-08 13:49:39 -0500
Hyacinth – the only problem is that the bears would likely spit him out due to the bitter taste! I think even the wild animals are on to this clown.
commented 2016-02-08 13:47:04 -0500
Merrill, thanks for that link, it sums up the PM perfectly.
John Wayne once said “Life is hard. It’s even harder if you’re stupid.” Life is incredibly hard for Trudeau and Mannie Gordo Steele.
commented 2016-02-08 13:31:16 -0500
Deborah Graupner commented
“This pansy should be plucked and replanted!”

Dress Junior in a seal costume then place him on an ice floe off the far northern coastline. If we are lucky the polar bears will find him a tasty snack, if unlucky he’ll make it to the shores of Greenland. ʕ·͡ᴥ·ʔ
commented 2016-02-08 13:12:37 -0500
Well done. I loved the picture at the end with the disappearing joint. Those dance scenes will definitely go down in history. What a clown, its too bad his ‘puppeteers’ are so dangerous.
commented 2016-02-08 12:49:05 -0500
I feel physically sick to my stomach. Even more than I usually do when I see or hear him. People wanted a dancing goofball because Harper wasn’t warm and fuzzy enough? He’s so sweet my teeth ache. But do not despair, all you ever need to know about junior in 20 seconds:
commented 2016-02-08 12:46:31 -0500
I love you people. you’re all beautiful…even the stupid ones…
commented 2016-02-08 12:30:52 -0500
He looks stoned out of his stupid face in this picture. How could anyone vote for that?
commented 2016-02-08 12:23:40 -0500
Trudeau is enlightened to these other culture as a heroin addict is enlightened to the effects of the drug, and he revels in it.
commented 2016-02-08 12:16:27 -0500
I see, PM of the [once] most developed & advance country like Canada dancing to the tunes of gimmigrants from undeveloped, third world countries.
commented 2016-02-08 12:07:36 -0500
I don’t get how anyone could have been so stupid to vote for this embarrassing idiot. What a bunch of fucking sheep. All the liberal morons who did are directly responsible for Canada’s downslide and damaged reputation. The problems the USA have with Obama are obvious and he and Trudeau are cut from the same cloth. Except obama is actually educated, apperently. What a waste of skin this guy is thanks a lot liberal jerks. Problem is its only the beginning. We are all in for a long haul.