May 21, 2015

How Hollywood hates, and why they hate Rupert Murdoch most of all

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This post is all about hate, specifically the mechanics of how Hollywood hates, and why the people of Hollywood hate certain people, but not other people. To do this I'm going to be using a very specific example to explain the whole damn thing.

If you ask anyone in Hollywood who was the industry equivalent of the anti-Christ, the odds are pretty good that they will answer "Rupert Murdoch." Murdoch, and his family are the dominant shareholders of the News Corporation. In fact, Rupert Murdoch built News Corporation from a small chain of regional newspapers in Australia to the massive international media conglomerate that owns newspapers, including the Wall Street Journal, the 20th Century Fox movie studio, Fox TV network, the Fox News Channel, and that's just what they own in the USA.

Murdoch, his family, and their assets literally employ hundreds, if not thousands, of people in the world of media and entertainment.

Yet the Hollywood community looks at Murdoch & Co. with all the warmth they would show something found on the bottom of their shoe.


Well, there are many reasons.

1. POLITICAL: One of the reasons Rupert Murdoch is loathed by the Hollywood community is because of his political stances, and the perceived stances of his media outlets, with Fox News as the epicentre. In Hollywood the range of permitted political beliefs go from extremely liberal to a brand of radicalism that would make Leon Trotsky say "Whoa, dude, you're pretty out there." You would have an easier time in Hollywood endorsing pedophilia, than you would endorsing any political candidate or stance to the right of Noam Chomsky.


Hollywood actors, filmmakers, writers, and even most producers tend to be politically liberal because they are fundamentally emotional creatures. The liberal notions of communality, sharing, and being one with both the human society and the natural world appeal strongly to the artsy parts of the human brain.

The fact that most Hollywood stars live in isolation, only for themselves and their own comfort and pleasure, with carbon footprints that make Sasquatch's sneakers look like baby booties creates a serious case of cognitive dissonance. To make up for this fundamental hypocrisy they become extremely vocal and militant in a way that they think will atone for their lavish lifestyles, and they will brook no dissent, debate, or even discussion about them.

This fundamentalist tendency was made even more militant after the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) bullied the studios into creating the "blacklist" which politically martyred dozens of actors, writers, and directors. Despite HUAC's bi-partisan membership of Democrats and Republicans, the later Republican dominated McCarthy Hearings, which ironically didn't target Hollywood, forever linked the dreaded blacklist with the Republican Party, at least in Hollywood’s eyes. It didn't matter that Republicans were the ones who tore down McCarthy and the witch hunts, the damage had been done.

Which brings me back to Rupert Murdoch. Murdoch's Fox News Channel has many Republican supporting pundits hosting their opinion/debate shows, and doesn't normally play the sort of games found in what the conservative bloggers like to call the "mainstream media." To the denizens of what I call the Axis of Ego that is akin to running a twenty-four hour channel dedicated to drop-kicking puppies, kittens, and fluffy baby bunnies into a giant wood-chipper, and you must be cast into the outer darkness from whence you surely came.

Yet this wasn't always the case with old Rupert. Back when he first got into the newspaper business in Australia he was criticized for being too left wing. Now some attribute this to his youthful flirtation with the Labour Party during his time at Oxford, but I think it goes to illustrate an element of his character, he likes money.

When he got into the business, most of his Australian media rivals leaned toward the old-school Tory brand of conservatism. That left a segment of the market untended, and he simply took advantage of it. When the rest of the media tacked leftward in the 1960s and 1970s, he tacked rightward. When he came to America, he saw the bulk of the newspapers and TV news organizations leaning towards supporting the Democratic Party and its policies, but a thriving, immensely profitable, and conservative leaning talk radio subculture.

It didn't matter what he thought politically, he saw profits in bringing that massive talk radio audience to television via the Fox News Channel. If there was an under-exploited liberal market capable of delivering the ratings and profits that conservatives deliver, he'd do something to exploit it. Which brings me to another reason why Hollywood hates Rupert Murdoch.

2. ATTITUDE: Rupert Murdoch doesn't give a wombat's buttock about what anyone thinks about him, let alone what the people in Hollywood think of him. That's not true of many other media moguls who live and die over the opinions of their colleagues and how they affect their social standing, especially when it comes to getting invited to the more elite social events. They are also terrified about being criticized in public about anything, mostly because it might be seen as a sign of weakness by their rivals.

Rupert Murdoch doesn't appear to care about getting an invite to a Geritol cocktail and key party at Barbara Walters' Hamptons estate. Nor does he seem to fear criticism as being interpreted as a sign of weakness. In fact, he uses the criticism of others to promote his media outlets, and to illustrate both his power and success. Need proof, well, tune into MSNBC or CNN for 24 hours and count how many times someone mentions Fox News, Murdoch, or someone who works for him in a negative manner. When I first got a satellite dish whenever I tuned into MSNBC, someone was on complaining about Fox News. Every. Damn. Time.

To Rupert Murdoch that is not criticism, it's free publicity. Why? Because the more the media people complain about Fox News, the more Mr. and Mrs. Average American will wonder what= all the fuss is about. Then Mr. and Mrs. Average American tune into Fox News, see that it's not the bottomless pit of evil that everyone else in the media claims it is, is actually full of lively debate on many sides of any given issue, and most of them keep watching.

Knowing this, Murdoch goads his critics to even frothier fits of rabid rage by hiring provocateurs like Bill O'Reilly, and he's laughing all the way to the bank. This attitude not only provokes criticism, but also permits it. His permission is important for people to hate him because of that one feeling that hovers over everyone in Hollywood--

3. TERROR: Most people in the media Axis of Ego are scared to criticize anyone in power because basically they're scared of reprisals. They might lose precious work if they say the wrong thing about the wrong person at the wrong time. The only people they are free to hate are executives or stars that are on the way out career-wise, Republican politicians, religious Christians, and anyone else who is without any power within the Hollywood community.

Rupert Murdoch is an anomaly in that he is powerful, and yet allows criticism, and even outright slander from people within the Hollywood/media community. However, this is where his attitude comes in, he doesn't care what they think, or say about him, as long as they can make him money.

That's why you get Seth McFarlane, the creator of Family Guy, a maker of animated comedies whose entire career is built upon slagging almost everything that Murdoch allegedly holds dear. According to Hollywood logic, Murdoch should blacklist him into oblivion, yet McFarlane's makes Murdoch money, and that's all that matters to Murdoch.

So they don't fear Murdoch, because he's not going to hold a grudge against anyone who can make him money, and will gladly take a job with one of his companies, no matter what they think about them, because Murdoch also makes them money. The rest of the Axis of Ego is way too thin-skinned for that sort of attitude, so they tread lightly and make sure to only hate what their "friends" hate.


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commented 2015-05-21 16:04:50 -0400
Pretty lazy writing here.
commented 2015-05-21 14:39:58 -0400
I’m sorry but this is just silly. “Hollywood” doesn’t hate Rupert Murdoch — they’re in business with him and he is a part of the community.

I, on the other hand, am a conservative creative who lives and works around Hollywood. I don’t hate Murdoch personally, but I do hate 2 key parts of his ideology and thus have not made News Corp or Fox News high on my list of collaborators. (I’d rather work with the Counterculture Canadians here at the Rebel and the Counterculture Conservatives in New York City at Liberty Island). Murdoch is not a “Conservative” in the way William F. Buckley Jr. and Ronald Reagan was. Rupert is what I would characterize as a Corporatist NeoConservative. Gigantic corporations do not operate the same way that smaller, more capitalist-centric entrepreneurial businesses do. And foreign policy wise he’s too similar to the Bush administration — he doesn’t take a strong enough stance against Shariah slave states.

I hate the way that Murdoch’s media organs have tolerated the Saudi Arabian government’s totalitarianism and the Bush Administration’s “compassionate conservative” expansions of the welfare state. Tea Party conservatives and classical liberal activists and Counter-Jihad hawks and Pro-Israel advocates have their bones to pick with Murdoch too. He should not be held up as some Conservative Idol or standard to follow.

It is true that conservative/libertarians/right-wingers are discriminated against by some in Hollywood. But it’s really exaggerated by many in order to account for their own failures. (So many of my conservative screenwriter friends have insisted this to me for years as they point out how much work they’re busy dealing with.) Conservatives/libertarians with talent can have great creative careers still living out here and working in the New Media Counterculture Conservative Hollywood that is emerging.