July 01, 2017

How Liberals assassinated Dominion Day: Could free speech be next on kill list?

David MenziesMission Specialist

As we celebrate Canada’s sesquicentennial birthday, let me wish you all a happy Dominion Day — the original name of the holiday —and allow me to remind you of the incredibly sneaky process that was used to eradicate the original name. 

Dominion Day was officially established by statute in 1879 but more than a century later, it was deemed politically-incorrect and so the name was changed in a deed that took place in Parliament on July 9, 1982, back when Trudeau Classic was calling the shots.

Faster than you could say "Fuddle-Duddle" and with very few MPs present, Dominion Day was purged – all part and parcel of the Liberal Party’s ongoing “re-branding” of Canada.

Basically, Dominion Day was given the axe because it was just too "B&B" (biblical and British), two things which don’t resonate all that well with Liberals then or now.

What if in the near future a small cabal of Liberals on the last day of Parliament ram-rod a “Bill 103” through, putting further limits on freedom of speech, without debate?

Given what happened to Dominion Day 35 years ago, I wouldn’t put it past them.

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commented 2017-07-03 18:47:21 -0400
Lawrence O’Byrne, Dominion Day is right, fuck Canada Day.
commented 2017-07-02 16:31:27 -0400
I wasn’t going to even put a flag outside of my house to celebrate Canada, let alone Canada Day…..but I said “NO…..we’re taking it back”
We must take back our country and scream and shout so loud and hard and endlessly so the media and Trudeau know we’re out for them.
We must write our Conservative MPs and tell them to start their campaigning now and support Andrew Scheer.
Rather than Scheer working on ‘the party’, as he stated in the campaign, ALL Conservative MPs had better start supporting him and working on getting Turdo out of there.
commented 2017-07-02 10:16:34 -0400
“…Is the swamp that deep in Canada also?”

commented 2017-07-02 10:00:33 -0400
Save Canada, kill all liberals…
Okay, Save Canada, end the Trudeau blood line now…
Okay, okay, Save Canada kill Justin…
Alright then, lets trade Justin in for Dominion Day…
Okay, kill Justin.
…and save Canada!
N.B. When I say ‘kill Justin’ the preferable method should be a state sanctioned public execution by hanging, for treason and other high crimes and misdemeanors.
commented 2017-07-02 00:25:16 -0400
Only 25,000 people from across the country showed up for this prohibitively expensive faux-pas..
If this is any indication of JT’s support in the greater Ottawa area and considering how close to Quebec the celebration was I think the shine on JT is beginning to fade.
commented 2017-07-01 23:16:43 -0400
Happy birthday to a great country and a great people with a poor government
commented 2017-07-01 20:59:51 -0400
Dick-tater-tot’s latest gaffe reminded me of being quizzed for Canadian citizenship when we were required to identify provinces and territories. I’m now feeling pleasantly validated in the knowledge that the empty-headed nincompoop would fail the Canadian citizenship test.
commented 2017-07-01 20:35:53 -0400
Ron Joseph….I know..That really pisses me off …Is the swamp that deep in Canada also?
commented 2017-07-01 20:28:06 -0400
PM Justin Trudeau doesn’t have to pass laws or make changes on X-Mas Eve or the beginning of the Summer Holidays when no one is there to fight the changes. With the present Opposition, they seem to agree with everything he does anyway. Happy Dominion Day.
commented 2017-07-01 19:06:36 -0400
every time people I know ask me about Canada day I correct them and tell them it is dominion day not that lefty crap turdo shit hole number one called it , I refuse to use the term , it is and always will be dominion day .
commented 2017-07-01 19:04:27 -0400
Calamity Marcy..
Fck them both..
And I hope hell has opened up for senior Trudeau for making all this possible for Junior.!!
commented 2017-07-01 18:39:05 -0400
“It seems Justin Trudeau may need to go back to geography class as the prime minister forgot Alberta was one of the country’s 10 provinces during his Canada Day speech Saturday. … his speech included a monumental gaffe: as he recited the names of the provinces, he omitted Alberta — something not lost on co-host Sandra Oh, who noted the mistake after the prime minister left the stage.
Moments later, he jumped on the front of the stage, called out, “I love you, Alberta,” and blew a kiss, before sitting down and shaking his head.”
commented 2017-07-01 18:13:17 -0400
Free speech is definitely the next target.
commented 2017-07-01 17:43:46 -0400
Happy Dominion Day and I still fly the Canadian Red Ensign. Screw Pearson and f*uck Trudeau the Elder…
commented 2017-07-01 17:13:03 -0400
It’s Ok Zoolander, us Albertan’s don’t think we’re Canadian either (certainly not the eastern kind, right Jean?). On behalf of Albertan’s everywhere, thank you for leaving us out. Us westerner’s since 1981 have been to the Stanley Cup semi-finals 15 times and to the finals 12 times. But hey, keep telling us we’re doing something wrong out here. And I HATE U2, I would rather listen to children screaming as they are dragged away from the toy section at Wal-Mart. Happy Dominion Day everyone!
commented 2017-07-01 16:55:56 -0400
As an immigrant, and as a patriot who loves Canada and Canadians, I’ll still do my best to celebrate this day but honestly, deep down in my heart of hearts, my joy is tainted at the thought of how the little fa5cist dik-tater-tot is ruining this beautiful country.
commented 2017-07-01 16:23:42 -0400
Canadians should be proud we have PM that thinks taxing the shit out of Canada will change the climate . If the best PM come from Quebec we surely got the bottom of the pickle barrow . Like I said yesterday will party down once the clown show is over .
Was it over when the Germans bombed pearl harbour hell no and it’s not over now . Who’s with me ?
Now that’s positive …
commented 2017-07-01 15:55:32 -0400
Keith Barnes..I know it’s hard to stay positive…but positive energy and positive activity’s coming from our side…will beat the living shit out of the liberal goofballs of the World..They start to rat on one another..they start to scatter like cockroaches when the light of truth is placed on them..Remember..they are the bullies of the World..
commented 2017-07-01 15:44:21 -0400
Canada 🇨🇦 day is much better!
commented 2017-07-01 15:25:13 -0400
Happy Dominion Day to All Rebels.

Canada’s darkest day was the day when Trudeau’s Mother lured Fidel Castro into bed, resulting in the disaster that now faces us all.

Canada’s brightest day will be when the demise of what resulted from that lustful intercourse ceases to exist.

Pray for it, or Prey on it.

Sorry for being so gloomy on what should be a Happy Time but like that old Rock Group, Canada is in Dire Straits.
commented 2017-07-01 14:54:52 -0400
Happy 150th Dominion Day Rebels!…Thanks again Rebel Media for getting our voice’s and thoughts out there around the World..We will not be forced into submission and oppression from trudeau and his Goofball liberal Wing NUTS!!!!! Man!!..Thank goodness that Mr. Trump is the President of the USA and not that Goofball clinton…Could you imagine what blazing devastation and corruption that would be spreading throughout Canada and the US at this very moment??!!!
commented 2017-07-01 14:38:49 -0400
@ Evelyn Cooper – everyone living west of the Manitoba / Ontario border are considered racists by that illegitimate PM TruDope – so welcome to the huge crowd of Sewer-Rat Deplorable Racists!!
If those lying Lieberal Libtarded lunatics call me a name – it makes me prouder of who I am and those I associate with! Unlike that rainbow sock POS, it’s us Sewer-Rat, Deplorable Racists that have all the Class.
Happy Dominion Day everyone!!
commented 2017-07-01 13:58:06 -0400
Happy Dominion Day and long may the Canadian Ensign fly.
commented 2017-07-01 13:56:17 -0400
Do not forget boys and girls this PM. is from QUE,
commented 2017-07-01 13:21:33 -0400
Good for you Bill… I fly my
Red Ensign every day and like you I’m proud of it..
I wish more people would do it in protest of Justin Trudeau..
Billy Howard… Very well spoken and absolutely true.!!
commented 2017-07-01 13:06:08 -0400
Happy 150th Dominion Day!!
commented 2017-07-01 12:58:40 -0400
Trudeau often says: “we are strong NOT in spite of our differences, but because of them” I wish the News Media including The Rebel (and also whatever Opposition there still is in Parliament) would ask him for one or two specific examples to explain what he means. I have politely asked 4 Senior Liberals to explain with examples, but they just avoid the question and/or call me a racist.
commented 2017-07-01 12:52:58 -0400
The Liberals of the day hated our real flag and the historical significance it represented and in a similar fashion our real flag was rebranded by Liberal Lester Pearson, and replaced it with the milque-toast symbol of Liberalism we have now. Happy Dominion Day!
commented 2017-07-01 12:49:18 -0400
To me as well – Canada Day will always be DOMINION DAY ❤️🔥

A Trudeau screwed up before and a Trudeau continues to screw up now – BECAUSE of their EVIL Leftist-Globalist Agenda – which WILL NEVER, EVER be tolerated ❤️🔥

commented 2017-07-01 12:48:01 -0400
Regarding the Prime Minister’s statement on Canada Day:
Of course, Trudeau’s official Canada Day statement HAD to include hate speak about Canada’s oppression of natives. Afterall, we all know Justin hates this country until such time as he can change it into the post-national socialist utopia he dreams of.
Justin mentioned “freedom of the individual”, but not freedom of speech or the press…hmm. Preparing us for the M103 laws perhaps?
I am NOT a “settler”. I’m a citizen, born here. My ancestors were settlers. Justin, you have just insulted the majority of Canadians, you a**hole.
Trudeau also said: “we are strong NOT in spite of our differences, but because of them”. WRONG. We are strong “in spite” of our differences. You, Mr. PM, are dividing this country by encouraging differences in Canadians instead of commonalities.
And BTW, “climate change” is NOT a most pressing challenge facing Canada, you f**king c**t.
Sorry for my language folks, but Trudeau’s arrogant, self-righteous, hatred of Canadian pride and identity gets me soooo POed!
But I digress.
Happy Birthday Canada!