July 06, 2015

How the US Supreme Court gutted the Constitution and wrecked states' rights

Sid CamusRebel Blogger

At the end of June, the U.S. Supreme Court - a bunch of unelected justices who unfortunately serve life terms - legalized gay marriage by declaring that it was constitutionally allowed. Gay marriage had already been legal in a majority of states prior to this decision, thanks to numerous instances of judicial tyranny and activism over the years. So in reality, this declaration by the Supreme Court simply legalized gay marriage in the few, remaining, holdover states where there were still democratically implemented bans on the practice.

After this decision, all the usual suspects from the leftist oligarchy - the POTUS, his media cronies and annoying celebrities who wanted to jump on the bandwagon of this newsflash for their own self-promotion - totally went nuts. The White House turned into a joke (a bigger one than it’s been for the last six years) by displaying the LGBT’s colors on its façade.

By the way, what’s up with the LGBT community having its own flag?! It’s not like they’re their own country or anything!

The media, one of the most aggressive pushers of gay marriage besides the entertainment world with its plethora of pro-gay movies and TV shows, published op/ed after op/ed praising the Supreme Court decision, which it disguised as news articles.

Celebs, both gay and straight, showed their immaturity and proclivity for being attention whores by tweeting their support of the decision, simply to get their names beside a hot news item.

Good God - from their overly excited reaction, you’d have thought that peace on Earth finally broke out and that we solved the world’s hunger problem all at the same time!

In reality, of course, there was nothing to celebrate when you consider the completely shameful and tainted way the aggressive, gay-rights zealots (read: liberals) pushed their view of marriage onto American society at large. That’s because gay marriage legalization in the U.S. isn’t the product of democracy and widespread, voter support. It was nothing but an outrageous act of judicial tyranny and activism by five, unelected elites: the Supreme Court justices who formed the bare majority in the decision.

I’m looking at you Anthony Kennedy, Ruth Bader Ginsburg (who opposed prostitution laws, by the way,) Stephen Breyer, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan. These five justices are all gay-rights proponents and ideologues whose personal beliefs were the basis of the majority decision. That’s it. Gay marriage is anything but constitutionally guaranteed, as Chief Justice John Roberts pointed out in one of his more understandable and intelligent opinions on the court.

In fact, when we quickly look at this timeline of the history of creeping gay-marriage rights in the U.S., we easily see that there has been absolutely NO GROUNDSWELL of democratic support for it. What we do see, contemptibly, is that many liberal, activist judges and courts in the U.S. are totally out of control when it comes to legislating from the bench!

In fact, before this well-organized judicial tyranny reversed many state bans on gay marriage, there actually was broad, democratic support for keeping the definition of marriage traditional, as in one man and one woman. You see, in the U.S., federalism is a huge deal, which is why so many states had referendums to ban gay marriage by defining marriage as between one man and one woman at the polls. Perhaps the most famous one was Proposition 8 - from ultra-liberal California, to boot!

Of course, all this democratic groundswell of support for the traditional definition of marriage was annihilated over the past few years by radical, liberal judges, and it culminated in the Supreme Court decision last month.

Gay marriage supporters lazily and predictably point to the 14th Amendment to lie that gay marriage is protected under the U.S. Constitution, specifically the wording involving “liberty.” However, as Justice Samuel Alito insightfully noted, “liberty” doesn’t mean the freedom to marry someone of the same gender, as far as the Constitution’s wording is concerned. In other words, the five justices who authored the majority decision made up the lie that gay marriage is guaranteed by the Constitution…out of whole cloth.

Gay marriage is never, ever mentioned in the Constitution - and that’s an incontrovertible fact. It’s only judicial tyrants, the vast majority of Democrats, liberals, a handful of Republicans and of course the American LGBT community that keep lying that it is.

Thus, the Supreme Court decision wasn’t at all about “equality,” “love” or the supreme law of the land. It was about crushing democracy at the state level in order to steal a victory for the LGBT community.

What a crying shame.


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commented 2015-07-07 12:28:07 -0400
Indeed. They codified gay marriage because “it was the nice thing to do”. There is nothing in the 14th amendment to protect gay marriage. Sexual proclivity is not an identity, and you can’t discriminate against personal choices. An entirely new amendment was required, which would have meant support from the Senate and I believe support from two thirds of all states. Instead the judiciary gave the gay lovers an easy way out. Thanks to the judiciary state rights mean sweet fuck all. The right thing to do was to let the states decide, or past a new amendment, not torture a current amendment to mean whatever the hell you want it to mean.