December 09, 2016

How to make Buzzfeed racist? Add a white person

Lauren SouthernArchive

Buzzfeed recently wrote an excellent listicle highlighting some viral classroom presentations that “give zero fucks.” According to buzzfeed, slideshows are the best way to release one's anger, and boy did these students have some justified rage!

The article by Buzzfeeds Hattie Soykan and Rachael Krishna celebrates multiple photos that most people would consider overtly racist. For example a student displaying a picture of a cup holding “white tears” that was described by the buzzfeed ladies as “great ceramic work.”

Or this supremely progressive gem describing whites as a “Plague on the Planet.”

Was buzzfeed criticising this student? Of course not! This edglord had simply had enough of this awful euro-centric culture! Among many more students listed with their beautiful slideshow photos you can check out right here.

I don’t know about you, but I was definitely a fan of the bravery these students had and their willingness to speak up - in fact I was so moved.. that I’ve decided to publish a few photos of my own university presentations!

I truly hope you enjoy these immensely inspirational powerpoint presentations I gave that just “Give Zero F*cks”!

    This investigation into teen crazes!

    This presentation on the reality of an affirmative action society.

    This slide featuring important ceramic work.

    This friendly but brutal opening slide on mainstream diversity.

    This examination of fictional characters

    And this exposure of modern-day myths.

    This mans reflection on the caliphate.

    This presentation on historic events.

    And this slideshow by a student who has simply had enough.

     This succinct analysis

     This concise interpretation of what could have been

     This short list of Islamic imperialism

     This students discussion on the fall of her homeland

     This introduction to a horror story


If you’re offended by this satirical piece but NOT Buzzfeeds serious piece displaying similar messages with different groups of people, you are the problem. You’ve become humorless, and so concerned with popular view of what's “bigoted” that you’ve forgotten what actually is. Hating someone, calling them a plague on society and celebrating their tears simply for their skin colour is something that should be criticized not celebrated by liberal click bait sites.

Go ahead attack culture, attack ideology, and talk about our differences but judge individuals as individuals. And if we’re going to talk about historical acts of violence or genocide committed by groups - fine let's dance. Let's talk about all of them, because every race in history has taken part in atrocities of slavery, genocide and war.

If you’re not okay with discussing that, then once again, you are the problem. Your inherent biases created by the echo-chamber of your universities and liberal listicle websites has numbed your mind to reality.

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commented 2016-12-12 16:02:55 -0500
Actually its a much better trick to replace “white” with (((white))) or whatever variation of that inconvenient fact.
(((russians))) are stealing our election ;)
Or you can be more blatant and say “you mean the jews right”…
commented 2016-12-12 03:05:35 -0500
Pathetic article. It should say how to with a bigoted white person who is a kkk supporter. Ezra don’t paint white people with the same bush. Pathetic article.
commented 2016-12-10 16:00:13 -0500
I see your point Lauren…I just don’t think any of Buzzfeed’s stuff is particularly funny I’d call it bizarre and irrational, and your response points this up.
commented 2016-12-10 06:55:31 -0500
Way to sock it to em Lauren.
Perfect piece of work, shoving their own shit right back in their racist faces.
commented 2016-12-10 06:02:38 -0500
That was just too frigging good Lauren .))))) Right back in their goddamned faces.
commented 2016-12-10 03:10:15 -0500
commented 2016-12-09 21:46:22 -0500
Best comedy piece I’ve seen on this site (sorry Gavin it’s true).

Lauren, these new soc-med terms have me confused, I thought when soc-med Kommie kinder are saying they “give zero fucks” I thought Gen y (why?) was saying they are too intellectually deformed to have sex or that they have created a new sexual gender that is incapable of sexual congress – jus sayin’
commented 2016-12-09 20:53:00 -0500
Liberals, lefties of all kinds, locusts…………..what have they in common?
commented 2016-12-09 18:46:34 -0500
Lauren, I am very triggered and feel unsafe after reading your article. How dare you point out the double standard plaguing our society? I must run and hide to my safe place, close my eyes and pretend that this is all a bad dream! :)

Excellent article. If I can’t laugh at this lunacy, I may as well cry in my cup of white tears.
commented 2016-12-09 17:15:12 -0500
When you speak about the Muslim invasion of Europe, are you talking about the first one or the current one?

The Truth About The Crusades — Stefan Molyneux:
commented 2016-12-09 17:08:35 -0500
Buzzfeed is a bunch of radical mental midgets.
They are beyond anti-Christian (prejudice) and are now targeting the hosts of an HGTV program (The Fixer Upper) because the designer and her contractor husband are Christian and their religion does not accept same-sex marriage.
Satan is working overtime.
CBC has a dope on with Wendy Mazinkowsky/Wesley (whatever her most recent name is) from Buzzfeed and has the intelligence of a 9 year old. My apologies for those 9 year olds who are smart little kids.
commented 2016-12-09 16:43:49 -0500
This will get howls from leftard snowflakes , this will help grow the REBEL

Too funny LAUREN !!!
Shoes on the other foot routine
commented 2016-12-09 13:35:35 -0500
Good one, Lauren!
commented 2016-12-09 13:12:21 -0500
Oh my, some people are going to be rushing to their Adult Coloring books and elaborately framed (and scented!) photos of Trudeau and Che. That was hilarious – reminded me of photos (shopped) of Brian Williams appearing at events like the Crucifixion, or the Normandy landings, (always wearing that trademark, pompous smirk of his, of course). You made your point humorously, but strongly.