March 24, 2018

How to make Canada’s “foolhardy” Mali mission glorious rather than gruesome

David MenziesMission Specialist


It seems everybody (except the Liberals) thinks sending Canadian peacekeeping troops to Mali is a blood-bath waiting to happen. 

Ostensibly a peacekeeping mission, Mali is a war zone where there’s no peace to keep.

Since 2013, more than 160 UN peacekeepers have been killed and the number creeps upward on a weekly basis.

The only viable options are to either stay the hell out or declare all-out war on the various gangsters, thugs and terrorists who inhabit Mali.

But alas, the Trudeau Liberals are resisting criticism of this foolhardy mission from both left and right, so it is that Canadian soldiers will be Mali-bound come summertime.

There is a Plan B that involves the cosmic coincidence that about 250 "Canadians" are suspected of travelling overseas to engage in terrorist activity — which is the exact number of troops the Liberals want to send to Mali...

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commented 2018-03-30 23:14:38 -0400
Love it David, let’s send those bastard devils on a one way trip to Hell. Good riddens to bad rubish. I for one would dance for joy everytime I heard about a ‘Canadian’ dying in Mali.
commented 2018-03-26 00:39:53 -0400
D.R. Bombay – “Need you ask”???…
commented 2018-03-25 16:00:40 -0400
Brillant idea David! Maybe you can make this suggestion to Andrew Scheer and he can use it to try and look intelligent in parliament. I’m sure many Canadians would like to see this happen! Maybe our Prime Tourist can lead the battle, instead of going on another vacation on the tax payers dime. I don’t think Harper even had a vacation while being PM of Canada!
commented 2018-03-25 11:57:39 -0400
Im sure little turdo will visit our troupes in Mali (by video conference only) . How will he will send Zee and Zer people kind? How will he determine the male/ female ratio for non binary etc.
Maybe he will send our disabled veterans (recalled to active duty) to stop some the money (law suites) he says Canada cant afford to give them.
When and if they return, the coward turdo family of whom none ever served will need to pay the thugs in Mali to compensate them for our misdeeds.
commented 2018-03-25 09:35:06 -0400
Actually not a bad idea. It has my vote.
commented 2018-03-25 00:29:30 -0400
D.R. Bombay maybe in ISIS or a Sikh terrorist group , but i doubt they have any in our military, the Liberal MP parents would disown them.
commented 2018-03-24 23:48:15 -0400
One question for Truetard. How many of the bobbleheads sitting behind him have children or relatives in the military and are any of them being sent?
commented 2018-03-24 22:33:04 -0400
Liza, it’s quite possible the gender confused will find clarity when it comes to Trudeau’s mission!
commented 2018-03-24 19:32:37 -0400
Menzies, an Army like the one you have envisioned needs Reserves. Why not take Trudeau’s Refugees that have been here 2.5 years and are still not working, which is 95 % of them. I hear their women are great cooks; the Army needs many cooks and dishwashers, if they find water.
commented 2018-03-24 16:48:01 -0400
I can’t think of a leader I would trust less than Justin to follow into a ‘peacekeeping’ mission.
Menzies, that is brilliant. We should put Justin’s ISIS butchers, I mean fighters, to work doing what they do best.‘peacekeeping’. Yeah, wink wink. That is a fix that would take care of many problems. I still can’t believe Justin doesn’t know the difference between a law abiding Canadian citizen and an ISIS fighter.
I think Justin has wiped the word “treasonous” from his cabinets vocabulary, for obvious reasons.

Lucky women and gender confused. Put your feet up men, and sit this one out.
commented 2018-03-24 16:40:22 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 35,025 Attacks, 227,360 Killed, 307,233 Injured that we know of.

While we’re at it, why not revert back to battle tactics from the glory days of old, when national leaders, like Alexander the Great, lead the army himself from the front lines? Let’s put Trudeau out front. He wants this fight, let him lead it. Kind a’ like King David did with Uria the Hittite while he was messin’ around with Uria’s wife, Bathsheba. That might not solve Mali’s problems, but it sure would solve one huge Canadian problem.
commented 2018-03-24 15:02:36 -0400
Now that is a solution to multiple problems. Well done Menzoid, well done.
commented 2018-03-24 13:48:10 -0400
David, your solution is spot on!
commented 2018-03-24 11:55:48 -0400
If you are Canadian Military you might want a different job.