February 15, 2018

How Trump's new budget puts “America First”

Amanda HeadRebel Contributor

The Trump administration's new budget is finally out. You might be pleased about some programs which got long overdue cuts, and one particular priority that was allocated a nice chunk of change instead: the wall!

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commented 2018-02-16 01:53:18 -0500
A leader that tries to be responsible for their home country, of course the left is upset.
commented 2018-02-15 23:28:50 -0500
PBS and NPR, I thought I could hear screaming from across the border! Oh I wish we could stop having to be forced to pay for our government media channel, the CBC.
Our PM just keeps throwing our money at them. In return all we get is fake news, predigested by our government.

So glad there is money to get that wall started. It has to happen. Next you are going to need a Northern one. I’d like to say maybe Trump can get our PM to pay for it, but then it would coming out of my pocket.

God willing we will have some sanity back in our country in 2019, negating the need for a Northern wall. We will however have some cleaning up to do to have a safe country again. So jealous of the real leadership America has by someone who actually cares about their citizens and holds a love for the country that is unmatched.
Our PM say he loves Canada, but his actions say otherwise.
commented 2018-02-15 19:01:31 -0500