September 15, 2017

Chris Wilson: How white liberals are ruining baseball

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

On last night's show, guest host David Menzies and The Rebel's BC Bureau Chief Christopher Wilson discuss the "anti-racism" sign unfurled at Boston's Fenway Park. 

While Americans are uniting after the destruction left behind by two hurricanes, SJWs are attempting to infuse America's pastime with divisive identity politics

WATCH Chris explain why baseball is actually a bastion of diversity, and one of the least "racist" institutions in the U.S.

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commented 2017-09-16 21:09:13 -0400
“Liberals” (AKA closet communists) ruin anything thay focus on. Thir political methodology and agenda is built on deconstruction – tearing down – not building – so this attack on a social institution is no surprise – not many likerals follow sport to begin with, because they see this as “capitalist exploitation” but in typical leftist character they ignore the capitalist media and Hollywood which portray leftist class bigotry as virtue.
commented 2017-09-16 02:13:03 -0400
Well if there were not so many racist blacks and hispanics in America it would not be as racist.