November 06, 2018

Nations put their toughest human rights questions to China. Guess what Canada asked them...

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Yesterday I showed you the shocking news of Catherine McKenna serving as the vice chair of a committee of the government of the People’s Republic of China.

I’ve never heard of such a thing, have you? Of a Canadian government minister working for a foreign country’s government? Of course, it just adds to the crazy that Canadian taxpayers give China $1.6 million a year for the privilege.

It all makes sense. After all, China is Trudeau’s favourite country...

But I have some more news for you today. It’s about human rights — something that Trudeau says he cares about, too.

It’s about a human rights oriented NGO called UPR, which stands for Universal Periodic Review. They try to press certain governments to be more humane, by getting other countries to ask them about their human rights records.

Here are some of the questions these countries asked China:

The UK asked about China’s gulags in Xinjiang, where the ethnic minority called Uyghurs are held. They also asked about Tibet, and "the full range of human rights in China... "

I’m not going to go through all the questions, but as you can imagine, Donald Trump’s America just crushes it, with tough, smart, detailed questions:

Asks about the Uyghurs, and Tibetans and the Falun Gong. Asks about how China is undermining Hong Kong. 

So what do you think Canada asked?

Here’s the full Canadian entry:

What steps is China taking to grant equal marriage and family protections to LGBTI couples in its new Civil Code?

Trudeau wants to know when they’re going to pass their gay marriage bill?

So that, what..? A gay couple in a prison for complaining about Mao can finally get married? In prison?

Yeah, Justin Trudeau doesn’t love China, and he doesn’t love the Chinese people. He loves the basic dictatorship of China. And of course he loves himself...

NEXT: I'm joined by the always-insightful Gordon Chang to dig into the details of the US trade war with China.

FINALLY: Your messages to me!

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commented 2018-11-08 02:58:24 -0500
“Soo… How do you make those tasty buckwheat noodles???”…
commented 2018-11-08 01:58:28 -0500
Good One Colin Cramton!… Or, dare I say, “funny socks”???
commented 2018-11-07 14:49:41 -0500
BTW: MAGA outperformed even the late, great Ronald Reagan!
This sets up beautifully the 2020 Presidential Race for the GOP! Our toes are still tapping as Republicans because we now have at a minimum 54 Senate seats!!
The Dems will quite naturally over-play their hand and make re-electing President Trump and re-taking the House in 2020 all but a certainty!!!
commented 2018-11-07 14:43:36 -0500
As an American, I can not believe McKenna actually working for the Chinese Communists! What the heck has happened up in Canada? TRUDEAU!
And by the way Ezra, Canada has NO opposition party! You of all people should know this by now. Canada seems to be in a Quasi-extremist Liberal frame of mind! HOW on earth do average Canadians put up with this?
Are Canadians so MEEK that they will allow their culture and nation to die off????
Robert H. from Florida, USA
commented 2018-11-07 13:27:46 -0500
I’m surprised that Canada’s question had nothing to do with hair products.
commented 2018-11-07 10:23:25 -0500
ALBERTA MAGA commented 6 hours ago.
Keith Barnes they can only call for impeachment………………….

Alberta Maga, I have read your comments and am now breathing a little easier. My information came from ‘Red’ Sky News, a Marxist organization who are experts at spinning a story to fit their own dogma.

I stand corrected.
commented 2018-11-07 08:09:39 -0500
Robert said, “The Chinese likely have more morals than Trudeau and company.”

no doubt there.
commented 2018-11-07 08:08:28 -0500
We really do have to get the current dolt out of PMO.

The only party that has any chance of doing that is the “only-one-degree-to-the-right-of-the-Liberals” CPC party.

Better to have the CPC than the socialist Trudeau and his gang of criminals.
commented 2018-11-07 07:51:06 -0500
The Chinese likely have more morals than Trudeau and company.
commented 2018-11-07 04:17:17 -0500
Man oh man! Wait till Andy 2 percent Scheer hears about this!
commented 2018-11-07 04:09:41 -0500
Justin there was no need to ask, he already decided you were catching.
commented 2018-11-07 04:08:55 -0500
Keith Barnes they also have to have a basis for it in law, they have nothing. Let them grandstand and the people will see they have no interest in the actual country. Too much of the sideshow would hurt the Dems in 2020.
commented 2018-11-07 04:06:20 -0500
Keith Barnes they can only call for impeachment , the trail happens in the senate. Trump is safe from it.
commented 2018-11-07 03:46:54 -0500
Oh God!… How embarrassing to be a Canadian on the word stage these days…
commented 2018-11-07 01:47:00 -0500
The Chinese will take someone they have respect for seriously, the question Canada asked probably has them LOL all day long. Relegating Trudeau to comedy relief time.
commented 2018-11-07 00:53:32 -0500
Trump has won the Senate but the Democrats are set to win the House of Representatives.This means that they will be able to impeach the President, which they probably will, at the first opportunity.

Watch this video and see what is coming down in the UK. It ain’t good news.
commented 2018-11-07 00:18:21 -0500
Just what exactly do you expect Scheer to do Jonathon? Liberal MP Leona Alleslev crossed the floor and Scheer instantly gave her a high portfolio (position), he invited other Liberals to join the party as well. Don’t count on Scheer to do anything aside from drawing a regular paycheque, he is conservative in name only.
commented 2018-11-06 23:55:54 -0500
Gordon Chang is amazing, but I have a theory to put to him.
China needs the USA so its economy thrives. The GDP discrepancy is huge.
My belief is, given the current finacial state of the USA, it has to be able to sell its goods back to China for American survival.
If the USA ostracizes China economically, it will recede on itself then create a sphere of influence some other place else (like Russia) and the USA’s sphere of influence will shrink again dramatically.
Sell back to China to get a foothold.
I think the problem with China is its delicate ego. There are diplomatic routes around that. Trump is too blunt.
Also, the UK made a big mistake being imperialists on the cheap. The Portuguese made the mistake of slavery.
commented 2018-11-06 23:32:49 -0500
That is quite the hypocrisy coming from the UK concerning journalists. After all they have put Tommy Robinson through.
commented 2018-11-06 23:31:29 -0500
Do the CPC have nothing at all to say about this? Do we even have an opposition at all?
Ron J. I agree, the UK are bloody hypocrites.
commented 2018-11-06 23:03:05 -0500
Whenever I watch Ezra’s interviews with intellects like Gordon Chang I always feel smarter. But anytime I watch MSM interviews I’m quite sure that I lose some brain cells.
commented 2018-11-06 22:27:31 -0500
Unbelievable is an understatement. The yellow race will rule the world, thanks to the fallen, Justin. Does this person have remorse? Good show. Careful though, this got infowars banned
commented 2018-11-06 21:32:45 -0500
In China, homosexuality is decriminalized & is no longer considered a mental illness.
Many emperors have been speculated to be gay.
But why Trudeau wants gay couples to be free to impede on regular Chinese traditions in a religious and family sense, I have no idea.
It won’t destabilize the country.
Its a weak question with a half answer.
Get over it Trudeau. China doesn’t love Canada or its freedoms. It doesn’t love Trudeau at all.
It loves the opportunity.
Trump knows better. China loves Trump even if they can’t win.
Peter McCullough- another excellent comment.
But Macau was also absorbed. It didn’t help China, it corrupted China further.
The Taiwanese gov’t otherwise could have come back to power.
commented 2018-11-06 21:28:18 -0500
Ezra pointed out two humorous facts without knowing it:
1. He explained to us that there was no Opposition Party in China; Does Canada have one? Notice Scheer hasn’t said anything about McKenna being on a Chinese Board.
2.Ezra reported that the UK was concerned at the way China imprisons Journalists; Tommy was imprisoned and almost murdered; if one of the HOUSE OF LORDS didn’t intervene and threaten Sajat Javid, the British Home Secretary that he would be held criminally responsible if something happened to Tommy.
commented 2018-11-06 21:15:18 -0500
I hope and pray that one day soon adults will run Canada again.
commented 2018-11-06 21:12:57 -0500
We have a clown running a country of clowns. That’s the image we are now giving to the world.
commented 2018-11-06 21:12:35 -0500 there anyone having extreme difficulty checking out and posting on sites?

I mean seriously stupid slow navigating from page to page?
commented 2018-11-06 21:01:06 -0500
Go pound sand Trudeau you cup cake-what a moron,who hired this fool!!
commented 2018-11-06 20:59:44 -0500
The Trudeau government went easy on China with just one human rights question probably because Trudeau is a wannabe dictator himself and doesn’t want to tarnish his “level of admiration” for China.